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Card Verses in Birthday · Birthday Sister

Happy 50th Birthday by Margaret Mullan

I would like to wish you a very happy Birthday, Not only are you my Sister you are my best friend
Thank you for always being there for me, these wishes are very special for your 50th Birthday



YOU AND I by Hilda Mullinger

Last night I had a dream
Of years gone by when we
Were small and played together
Our love for each other I see

We had such fun together
Playing you and I
And now that we are much older
I am glad we have that same strong tie


DEAR SISTER by Hilda Mullinger

Happy Birthday dear Sister
Don't stay up too late tonight
Enjoy yourself, have fun
So your eyes in the morning are bright


twin sister by Julie McGregor

Wishing a much loved twin sister
The best birthday ever
With love and best wishes


WHEN WE WERE YOUNG by Hilda Mullinger

When we where young
We used to play with our dolls and toys
As we got older we preferred
To play among the boys


Special Times Sister by Margaret Swaby

My sister is one of the most precious
parts of my life.
We share special memories of times spent together
Have a very happy birthday special sister


TO MY LOVELY SISTER by Hilda Mullinger

To my lovely Sister
Who is also my best friend
Have a super birthday
May our friendship never end


ALWAYS ON A DIET by Hilda Mullinger

Let's have a cup of coffee
And maybe a piece of cake
We are always on a diet
And it's something we never make

Let's forget about the diet
And enjoy ourselves again
For once enjoy the flavour
It will help to keep us sane


Heart felt wishes by Janet Horne

This is a special day
For you my sister dear
And with my heart felt wishes
Comes something you should hear.

I want to tell you 'thank you'
Foe all you did and more
I never said these things to you
And you might not know what for.

I've tried to put it into words
How much it means to see
Mum receive such loving care
That came from you not me.

I know you want no praise
You did things no one saw
But I know you did my share as well
Which makes me love you more

Have a wonderful Birthday


Perfect day by Janet Horne

Today's a special day for you
So relax and enjoy whatever you do
For sisters all deserve a day
When all they dream may come true.

So have a perfect Birthday sis
Every second filled with perfect bliss
Making memories galore to keep
To dream sweet dreams when you're asleep

And when your special day does end
Our wishes are that you can spend
Many hours in the days to come
Remembering dreams and reliving some.


Sister by Susan Smith

Happy birthday sister
hope all your dreams come true,
youre someone who is special
there is no sister quite like you


DEAR SISTER by Hilda Mullinger

Dear Sister we have had our differences
But deep down our love is true
We may not always see eye to eye
But dear Sister you know I love you


My sister by Susan Smith

Theres no other sister quite like you
youre wonderful in every way,
in this card ive sent my love
for a very happy birthday.


Love You Sister by Susan Tither

You know I love you sister,
so on your special day
There really is only one thing
that i would like to say.


For you sister by Susan Smith

Birthday wishes for you sister
and lots of love too,
may your day be truly wonderful
not just today, but all year through.


My best friend by Susan Smith

I am so very blessed
to have a sister like you,
youll always be so special
and my best friend too.

Happy Birthday


At the end of the phone by Fran Turner

Whenever I need to call you
You're always at the end of the phone.
Whenever I encounter life's troubles
I know I won't face them alone.

Because you are my wonderful sister
You've seen me through pain and through strife
I want to thank you for the love and dedication
You've given me all through my life.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
with all my love.


Take for granted by Fran Turner

It's too easy to take for granted
something that's always there.
And Sometimes you miss the chance
to say how much you care.

It's simple to forget all they do for you
How they're a sister and a friend
And when times get hard and you're knocked off your feet
They pick you up again.

But I remember all you've done for me
And though I might forget to say
I appreciate so much your love for me
Each and every day.

Happy birthday to my wonderful sister.


Special sister by Fran Turner

It means so much throughout the year
to have a sister just like you,
You're thoughtful, warm and caring,
and understanding too.
That's why this Birthday message comes with thanks and special love,
To wish you all the happiness
you're so deserving of.

Happy Birthday


Sisters and Friends by Janyce Cotterill

Sisters and friends,
Bonded together,
Riding the storms,
Enjoying the weather,
Sisters and friends,
Forever will be,
Celebrating life,
My sister and me.


Happy Birthday to a Very Special Sister by sharon Evans

Although the miles are many and our meetings may be few.
This card is sent to tell you that we miss you all year through.
Our thoughts are always with you and this greeting is so true.

So have a Happy Birthday and we'll see you very soon.


Happy Birthday by sharon Evans

Although the miles are many and our meetings may be few.
This card is sent to tell you that we miss you all year through.
Our thoughts are always with you and this greeting is so true.

So have a Happy Birthday and we'll see you very soon.


Special wishes for a special sister by Diane Vermeer

Special wishes for a special sister
On her Birthday
Where would i be without you,
We are friends and share everything
So on this your Birthday we will spend
some time together
So cheers sister hope you have a great Birthday


let's celebrate by Carmelina Borg Cuschieri

Dancing and laughing
Your troubles away
Come on let?s celebrate
This is your special day

Happy Birthday


To my sister on her Birthday by Diane Vermeer

I am lucky to have a
Sister like you
I know that if i ever need anything
That you are here
Have a wonderful Birthday My Sister


Happy Birthday Sister by Diane Vermeer

A Sister is a special part of my family,
To me she is a friend, my confidant
A joy to spend time with my special Sister who i am lucky to have
So sis have a very Happy Birthday
From me your Sister


Birthday sister by Susan Smith

Youre a sister who is caring
and who is thoughtful too,
so im sending all my love
in this birthday card to you.


My sister by Susan Smith

You are not just my sister
but also my best friend,
i treasure you everday
so with this card i send
love and best wishes on your birthday


sister by Nick Bowley

I am glad you are my sister
hope you have a lovely day
celebrating your birthday


Birthday greetings by Susan Smith

I send these birthday greetings,
with lots of love and wishes too,
because i am so lucky
to have a sister like you


A Sister Like you by Diane Hannah

I'm so happy I have a sister like you,
you mean the world to me too.
So it seem fitting to say,
Hope your birthday is special in every way.
A day full of fun, happy memories too,
and I want you to know I love you.


Special sister by Susan Smith

You are a special sister,
thats why i send this card, to you
to let you know how special
you are, in everything you do,
Love you x
Happy birthday


Best Friend Sister by Diane Hannah

Sister, it?s not easy to pick a best friend,
I count my blessings every day.
With love in my heart, I am here to say
I love you and miss you,
and wish you a Happy Birthday


Loving thoughts by Susan Smith

This card comes with
loving thoughts
and birthday wishes too,
because my world would be so empty
without a sister like you.


Special Sister by Jennifer Swandells

A Birthday Message with Love

Have a very happy Birthday
And a year that is happy too
These are the special wishes
That are sent with lots of love to you

Have a great day


Cup of Love by Diane Hannah

A cup of love
Is what I wish for you
Dear Sister
On your birthday


My Beautiful Sister by Belinda Ellingham

Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sister.

We may not see much of each other and live far apart.
I miss our girlie chats though your always in my heart.
Enjoy yourself, have a great day
Have lots of fun in every way.


Best Sister by Margaret Jones

Roses are red
And sometimes pink
You're the World`s Greatest Sister
That's what I think!

Happy Birthday, Sis


To my sister 41 by Sally McIntyre

to my sister
At 40 you turned the corner,
it seemed like such a big deal,
your birthday was a milestone,
and a mid life crisis was in order.
Now that you are 41
it is all just a memory
and every day one day forward.

Happy birthday
41 today


Happy birthday sister by Sally McIntyre

Sisters are special we want you too know.
just how much we love you
and treasure you so
a wonderful birthday
just wishes for you
enjoy every moment
and think of us too.
Happy birthday for a very
special Sister


Birthday by Angela MacWillson

Only a perfect birthday will do
For a sister
Whos as lovely as you
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest
To come through your way


twin sister by Julie McGregor

Twins yes thats what we are!
The bond we were born with
Gets stronger every year
You mean so much to me
Thats why today
Our special day
I send my love and and
Best wishes for a very
Happy Birthday


Birthday - Sister by Tracy Priddle

To my sister
Whom I love dear
Happy Birthday with plenty of cheer
Have a great day
Its all about you
You deserve it
This is very true

Happy Birthday dear Sister


70 yrs young by Julie McGregor

I remember when we Young
Now I wonder were all the years
Have gone
It just seems
Like yesterday
We were playing
In the garden
having fun!
Now it's time to wish you
A very happy 70th Birthday!
Best wishes have a great day

With love


hello by Angela MacWillson

Start your day with a smile
And a cheery hello
You'll be amazed by the response
As people come and go!
Have a wonderful day


for you by Angela MacWillson

Tinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy bithday
Wishes to you!
Dearest sister


Birthday - sister by Tracy Priddle

Today you are twenty
Hope you'll have plenty
Of friends and family to see
Hope you'll be happy
And be very chatty
Have a day of laughter with me
Happy Birthday to a dear Sister


happy birthday sister by Jan Barcelo

happy birthday sister
i wish you the best
on this you're special day
you're loved above the rest


Sister by Angela MacWillson

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Birthday Sister


Sister by Angela MacWillson

You`re a very special Sister
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through


by Angela MacWillson

You`re a very special Sister
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through


Happy Birthday by Angela MacWillson

To think of all the happiness
That you`ve treasured and known
Of all the warm and happy smiles
And thoughtfulness you've shown
So when you think of me dear Sister
And I know you often do
Just remember that I am and do
Always think of You.


Happy Birthday, Sis by Margaret Jones

If I'd had my choice of sisters
You would have been first on my list.

Happy Birthday, dear Sister


sister by Susan Smith

This card comes with a special love,
and birthday wishes too,
Because it means a whole lot,
to have a sister just like you.
Happy Birthday


Can't Believe you're Fifty by Jan Barcelo

can't believe you're fifty
but just remember this
that its better to be over the hill
than under it my dear sis


Sister by Susan Smith

Enjoy this your special day,
you deserve it through and through,
you are beautiful, bright and dear,
and i wouldnt be without you.

So thank you, for being my sister,
and for all the things you do,
have a Happy Birthday darling,
and have a terrific day to.


happy birthday sister by Sally McIntyre

When you were born,
so cute and beautiful.
My life changed so much,
and time was endless.
We grew up side by side and
played and grew,
I miss you so,just so you know
Happy Birthday Sister


Sister by Susan Smith

This card comes with love,
and birthday wishes too,
because it means alot,
to have a sister like you


My Diva Sister! by Janyce Cotterill

You're never without your lippy,
Fashion handbag at your side,
You really are a Diva,
But only the very best kind!
Despite being a fashion victim,
I just want you to know,
You're a wonderful, caring sister,
And I love you so,
Enjoy your special birthday,
Do whatever you like best,
Which probably means you'll head out that door,
To buy a brand new dress!


Happy Birthday, Sis by Margaret Jones

Dear Sis, I think you?re pretty cool
No-one would take you for a fool
You?d never hear me say out loud
How you can make me feel so proud
So today I?m pleased to tell you this
I love you. Happy Birthday, Sis!


Sweetest Girl 2 by Erica D Philip

A very special greeting
For the sweetest girl
In all the land
May your birthday be
Marvelously happy and grand


Love for a sister by Sally McIntyre

Happy birthday
to my sister,
A birthday is special,
my greeting of love
Enjoy your special day

Love your brother


Special Sister by Joanna Swinton

Its great to wish you Sister
A very exceptional day
With everything thats good in life
To come hurtling your way

You know I really love you
In a caring and special way
I really hope that you have
A brill fun-filled birthday


Sister by Amy Perry

you may be annoying
and boring to
but your a good sister
and i love you


What is a Sister? by Angela Styles

A sister can be many things
A friend and ally too
Someone who shares memories
Of times gone by with you.
Thanks for being my sister
A true and trusted friend.
It's always good to know you're there
For love and support with no end.


A Birthday Wish for My Sister by Margaret Jones

S mart
I ndependent
S ensitive
T houghtful
E xciting
R eliable

These words spell out a name, it's true
Of someone special, (name,) it's you!

Happy Birthday to my Dear Sister


Happy Birthday, Sister by Margaret Jones

Sisters are a special breed
Always near when you're in need
There to help you when you're down
Or join you in a trip to town
Help you find a pair of shoes
Console you when you have the blues
Cheer you with a loving smile
Always go that extra mile
So I'm sending this to say
Dear Sister, on your special day
Here's a card from me to you
To wish you well in all you do.

Have a Wonderful Birthday, Sis!


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