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Card Verses in Birthday · Birthday Mum

Mum by Carol Cleworth

You are always there for me
No matter what I do
Everyone can see
There is no-one quite like you.

So, Mum on this special day
I would like you to know
Although I very rarely say
I really love you so.

Have a very special Birthday Mum


Flowers for Mum by Shelagh E Osborn Wright

The plants are glad to see the Sun.
They turn their faces
to enjoy the fun!
When clouds bring down
a refreshing shower,
their leaves turn green
to embellish the flowers.

Sun or showers,
Whatever may come,
those gorgeous flowers
sing "Happy Birthday,Mum"!


Dear Mum by Laura Nicholls

Dear Mum
The time is here again to wish you
Happy Birthday.

We also want to let you know,
Something we probably don't always show,
how much we appreciate all that you do
so thank you for being you

We don't always see eye to eye
or do what you want us to do
but deep down we hope you know
that we love you, that's true

Have a lovely day


A mother like you by Margaret Swaby

With a mother like you
It has to be true
That my love is unbounded
And it's all for you


a birthday wish for mother by Diane Hannah

You are a mother who is very dear
With a heart full of love and so sincere
With special wishes on the way
just for you on your special day
You are so thoughtful kind and sharing
Always warm and oh so caring

happy birthday mother



Mum I miss your cooking
I miss your apple pies
I miss your good advice
And the look of love in your eyes


ON YOUR BIRTHDAY MUM by Hilda Mullinger

Let us imagine we are strolling
Along a leafy glade
We can chat and laugh together
Perhaps sit in a patch of shade

We would enjoy our own company
And the nearness of each other
I miss you Mum on your special day
You are a one in a million Mother


MY MUM by Hilda Mullinger

What a lovely Mum you are
So sweet and gentle and kind
A favour asked is always done
You never seem to mind


MY LOVELY MUM by Hilda Mullinger

Wishing you a birthday
That is filled with love and fun
My dream is for your peace of mind
Because you are the nicest Mum


Happy Birthday Mum by Diane Vermeer

Birthday's come and
Birthday's go
Mum I will remember every one for
The rest of my life.
Have a Wonderful Birthday Mum


Mum's Birthday Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Mum, you have been there for us Through all the Hassles in our Lives,
We really appreciate all you have done
We hope this is your best Birthday ever.


Special mum by Susan Smith

Everything you've done for me
ive appreciated through and through,
you are a special mum
because of everything you say and do.


Stepmother It Is Your Birthday by Janyce Cotterill

Stepmother it is your birthday,
A day to call your own,
I hope it's full of special things,
The best birthday you've ever known,
For you do so much for others,
So now today is just for you,
And I'm sending you all my special love,
With all good wishes too.


An Angel from Heaven by Janyce Cotterill

I thank God that he blessed my life,
With a wonderful mother like you,
A mother so kind and thoughtful,
So understanding too,
You've always been there to support me,
Through the good times and the bad,
You are truly and angel from heaven,
And you're my mother -
For that I am glad.


to a special mum by laura jones

to my dear mother the best in the world
sending you love and many wishes
to have the best year ahead of you
with all my love and hugs to you
from the child you gave life to


FOR MY MUM by Hilda Mullinger

This is a special birthday card
Sent with love for you dear Mum
To wish you Happy Birthday
And hope you have some fun

Have a lovely day


MUM by Susan Smith

Mum with this card
comes lots of love,
and lots of wishes too
that you have a day of fun,
because nobody deserves it ore than you.


Simply the best by Susan Smith

Happy birthday mum,
you are simply the best,
have a day of simply
relaxing and having a rest


Happy Birthday Mum by Diane Vermeer

A laugh, a hug, or a cup of tea
You always have plenty to spare
Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday
We hope we can still have cuppa's and Laughs for many more Birthdays
Happy Birthday Mum


Mother by Susan Smith

Happy birthday mother
this card is sent to say,
to tell you that i love you
youre a special as this day


When God was Making Mothers by Janyce Cotterill

When God was making mothers,
It took him lots of days,
He had to give them many gifts,
That they could use along their way,
For the job of being a mother,
Is often a thankless task,
They so much for others,
But for themselves they do not ask,
They will often go without,
So the family can have the best,
They are up first in the morning,
And are last to take a rest,
They are often taken for granted,
Yet they do it all for love,
And I thank God for my wonderful mother,
Sent down from up above.


To Mum by Iris Harborne

Your smile lights my life,
Your love makes whole,
Your encouragement has helped me
to reach out and became all that I
long to be.

Thank you for everything.

Have a truly Happy Birthday.


MY BOUQUET FOR YOU by Hilda Mullinger

I send you a bouquet of flowers
All fresh and sparkling with dew
Their vibrant colours and perfume
Help to remind me of you


Happy Birthday Mother by Diane Vermeer

Mother, you have always been there for me,
A shoulder to cry on, someone to laugh with,
Someone to ask advice from,
Help to become a Mother like you are
Always ready to assist
No one derserves to have a nicer Birthday than you.
Happy Birthday Mother


Thank you by Nikola Middlemast

To my loving mother
I thank you everyday
For being there when I've need you
and brightening up my day.


Happy Birthday Mum by sandra Wales

Sending this
Birthday message
to my Special Mum
to let you know
you are loved so much
and thought about
each and every day
Happy Birthday


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM by Hilda Mullinger

To my lovely Mum
On her birthday
I wouldn't want you
Any other way


Amazing Mum by sandra Wales

Today is you Birthday
A day for mr to say
What an amazing Mum you are
You are always there to care
We have so many memories to share
with this in mind
I just want you to find
the love I have sent with you in mind
Happy Birthday


From Your Son by Janyce Cotterill

I have a special mother,
Who stands out from all the rest,
Who always puts her family first,
And always knows what's best,
She's one mum in a million,
I'm proud to be her son,
And I'm hoping on your birthday,
You get wishes from everyone!


Happy Birthday Mum by Diane Vermeer

Mum we hope you enjoy today
As a Special Mum, you
Deserve the very best Birthday ever.
Have a very happy Birthday Mum


Mothers Birthday Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Birthday Wishes For a Mother
Who Knows Unconditional Love
Mother You Have been Always Been There For Me
I wish for you a Great Birthday
Given with much love


Happy Birthday Mummy by Diane Vermeer

Mummy we hope you have a really nice day and a very Happy Birthday
We Love You


Happy Birthday Mum by Diane Vermeer

Todays the Day
We send this card
To wish our Special Mother
A ver Happy Birthday
Enjoy your Special Mum


Happy Birthday Mother by Diane Vermeer

A Mother as lovely as you
Deserves to have the best you can
Loving and caring sums you up
So Mother dear have a lovely
Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday Mum by Diane Vermeer

Missing you like crazy
Until forever
Mum's are great, wish you were
Here this Year
For your Birthday
Have a great one


Happy Birthday Mother by Diane Vermeer

Mother i am just getting this card
Because you are my Mother
And Always there for me whenever
I need Help
Have a fantastic Birthday
You deserve it
All my Love to you


For You Mum by Diane Vermeer

Thanks for always being there Mum
I have always enjoyed our chats and the Pearls of Wisdom you have given me over the years
I always remember them when i least expect it, especially in regards to the
Children and the Grandchildren
Have a very Happy Birthday


Mum's Birthday Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Mum you taught me how to cook
Taught me how to be true to myself
How to be a Mother myself
All these things come rushing back to me on special days like this one
Have a wonderful Birthday and many more
Thanks for everything Mum


Happy Birthday by Carmelina Borg Cuschieri

It is your birthday
A precious delight
A time to celebrate
From morning till night

You're truly special
And deserve all the best
So on this lovely day
Put up your feet and rest

Happy Birthday!


I love you so much, no matter... by Anne Lever

I love you so much, no matter what happens, or what we say.
I will love you forever and ever with all my heart


mother by Tracey Richardson

A Mother is a special person
she is
someone who takes care of you
A friend when you need a one
she will hold your hand in dark days
Protect you when you need it
My mother is the best mother
i wish her all the Best
Happy Birthday


Wonderful Mum On Your Birthday. by Toni Bradshaw

Words cannot descibe,
what you mean to me.
You are a wonderful Mum,
And all I'd hope to be.

Happy Birthday.


Today is Special by Janyce Cotterill

Today is very special,
And I just want you to know,
How much I really appreciate you,
Even though it may not show,
The love I have within my heart,
Is especially for you,
For there's no mother in the whole wide world,
Who is loved as much as you!


Lovely mum by Sarah Skinner

The grass is growing longer,
the tree's are growing tall,
but you don't ever seem to change or
look your age at all.

You always look so lovely
for everyone to see,
So have a wonderful birthday
with lots of love from me.

Happy Birthday Mum.


We love you Mum by Shirley Elliott

We want to wish you Happy Birthday
We want you to know how much we care.
We'd like to spend a fortune on you but we wouldn't dare!

So we made you this card
We put all our love in it.
We love you Mum
That's it!


Happy Birthday Mum by Mandy Russell

Mum, sending all my love today and everyday. Hoping your day is special in every way, Happy Birthday Mum


Global Mum by Sue Cumming

To the world you're someone.
To your family - you're the WORLD


Special lady by Susan Smith

Youre such a special lady
i hope your day is fun
and full of love and laughter
Happy Birthday Mum


for mum by Nick Bowley

Flowers, Glass and
Hope you have
a lovely Birthday day!

Mum You deserve it!


Best Mum Of All by Claire Bridgman

Some Mums are big
Some Mums are small
But to us Mum
You're simply the best Mum of all


Happy Mother's Day by Carol Sear

Mum, you are the best in the world,

and this card is being sent to you to show,

That you are loved much more than you will ever know....
........... it's also
sent to make sure you know
how wonder you are,

You're really great in every way,
the very best by far!

Have a Fantastic Mother's Day


Today is Special by Noni O'Neil

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Today is so special
And so are you!


Mum by Amy Perry

You're such a special mum
your also my chum
please dont ever change
because a mum like you id never exchange


Stepmom Love by Erica D Philip

You have been a mother to me in every way that counts! Lots of love and blessings to you on your birthday!


Darling mum by Susan Smith

Happy birthday my darling mum,
this is your special day,
i love you more than anything
much more than words can say


A Mum is for life - birthday by Judith Flavel

A Mum is for life...
... not just for Birthdays!


Adore Mother by Diane Hannah

Here is a card
to brighten you day
there are so many things
I want to say.
As my mother,
I want you to know
I adore the love
you always show.

Happy Birthday


Mum by Amy Perry

Hope you have a special day,
because your one of a kind
so put your feet up mum,
relax and unwind.


Mom's Special Day by Diane Hannah

You have gone from being my mother,
to being my mother and my best friend.
You taught me to laugh and appreciate life,
You are the best mom in the entire world.

With love on your special day.


Fortunate am I by Diane Hannah

You've touched my life and guided me,
thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have helped me to learn, and to grow.
How fortunate I am,
to have you as my mother and as a friend.

Happy birthday with all my love.


I learned from Mom by Diane Hannah

The best things I learned,
I learned from watching you.
You take such care in all you do.
By touching my life with love,
and nurturing me every step of the way.
There are no words to adequately say,
You are like an angel sent from above.

Happy Birthday Mom


Birthday Mother by Diane Hannah

Happy Birthday
With Love
You are the Greatest


warmth and love by Nick Bowley

Mum you give such
warmth and love
the whole year through
hoping on your Birthday
it's all returned to you!



mum by Nick Bowley

One little word
can fill your heart with
so much warmth
and love
always there for you


Today is for my Mum by Natalie Cooper

Today is a day for you,
Today is a day to be spoilt,
Today is a day you won't forget.
Today is trully deserved.

Happy Birthday Mum,
Put your feet up,
Today is for you.


A son loves his Mum by Natalie Cooper

You are my Mum,
I am your Son,
You make me happy,
Never glum.
We have a bond that never fades,
You're my inspiration,
shining, even in the shade.

Happy Birthday Mum


Mum by Angela MacWillson

Happy birthday,
to you my friend.
These birthday wishes,
to you I send.


Spring Is In The Air by Sandra Carlse

Spring is in the air
The sun is breaking through
The rays are shinning down
For a wonderful day for you.

This birthday wish is special
With all that will come true
It's sent with love and wishes
For a birthday just for you.

Happy Birthday Mum


I never say it often enough, by Sally McIntyre

I never say it often enough,
how much I love you so.
Today is such a special day,
your birthday time is here,
so just sit back and take a rest,
and so enjoy yourself,
and leave the chores and cooking,
and celebrate with us


The Best by Dawn Shoots

A special wish for Mother
Caring, sharing, guiding me
Always loving and forgiving
Making sure that I'm happy
Well now it's time for you dear Mum
All of your hard work is done
So get your feet up, have a rest
'Cos in all the world, you are the best!

Happy Mother's day or Happy Birthday


by Di Simpson

To a special mum,
You are The best,
Put your feet up today
and have yourself a well
deserved rest.
Happy Birthday


Mums are so special by Sally McIntyre

Mums are so special
we want you too know.
just how much we love you
and treasure you so
a wonderful birthday
just wishes for you
enjoy every moment
and think of us too.
Happy birthday for a special mum


Birthday by Angela MacWillson

Only a perfect birthday will do
For a mum
Whos as lovely as you
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest
To come through your way


this bouquet is for you by Nick Bowley

Mum i know that you like flowers
and you like your gardening to
so i bought this bouquet special
so i can give to you
as this is your special day
to celebrate your birthday

Have a wonderful day


hello by Angela MacWillson

Start your day with a smile
And a cheery hello
You'll be amazed by the response
As people come and go!
Have a wonderful day


for you by Angela MacWillson

Tinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy bithday
Wishes to you!


Mum by Angela MacWillson

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Birthday Mum


Happy Birthday by Angela MacWillson

To think of all the happiness
That you`ve treasured and known
Of all the warmand happy smiles
And thoughtfulness you've shown
So when you think of us Mum
And we know you often do
Just remember that we are all......
Always thinking of You.


For you Mum by Angela MacWillson

There is nothing any nicer
Than to send this wish to you...
To hope your Birthday's happy
And the following year is too


If I could choose ... by Margaret Jones

If I could have chosen my mother -
You would be first on the list

Happy Birthday, Mum


A Mother like you by Helen Williams

A Mother as wonderful as you
deserves the beauty of flowers
for the whole year through


Happy Birthday, Mum by Margaret Jones

Mum, you taught me how to pray
You always listened to what I'd say
Even when I told you I'm gay
You were there for me, all the way
That's why I'm sending this wish today
Have a wonderful, happy Birthday

I love you, Mum


Just for being there by Jane Wallace

You filled my days with rainbow lights,
Fairytales and 'sweet dream' nights,
A kiss to wipe away my tears,
Comforting words to ease my fears.
You gave the gift of life to me
And then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care,
For deep warm hugs and,.....
...just for being there.
Happy Birthday, Mum


Always there by Jane Wells

Mum - you are always there for me,
Supporting when times are hard.
So just to let you know I care,
Which is why I have sent this card.

Picking me up when I felt down,
Cheering me with your smiles,
The hugs, the love, I couldn't ask for more,
You are the best by miles.

Happy Birthday


You're so very special by Carol Sear

You're oh so special as always.

I wanted to take time out today
to remind you that you are very important to me in my life.

For as long as I can remember,
you have always given to me the best gift of all - the gift of love.
And on this special day - I just wanted to tell you -

I Love You To.

Happy Birthday, MUM


An angel by Diana Parton

Two strong arms that held me tight
A love that kept me safe at night
A hand that softly brushed away
Tears that fell most every day
A shoulder that was soft and deep
To lay my head as I fell asleep
An Angel that appears to be
A mum that means the world to me.


Wonderful Mum by Anna Babajanyan

Wishing A Very Happy Birthday To The World's Most Wonderful & Amazing Woman!
I Love You, Mum!


Happy Birthday to a special mum by Sally McIntyre

Hoping your day
Is all that you wish
Happy Birthday to a special mum


Special Mum by Amy Perry

mums are special in everyway
they help you get through the day
so heres a message to say
i love you more in more than one way


My Special Mum by Margaret Jones

My Mum is something special
She really is The Best
She's nicer than all other mums
She's better than the rest

When others talk about their mums
My face lights up with smiles
'Cos I know my mum has them beat
By a thousand million miles


Mums special day by Nick Bowley

Mum it is your Birthday
wanted to make you a card,
with hearts, flowers and
pretty things,
love you with all my heart

To a special mum
Have a wonderful


Mums Birthday by Nick Bowley

Mums Birthday
Is a special day
I Love you with all my Heart

Have a lovely day
With lots of love


special mums birthday by Sally McIntyre

A mum is a special person
and your birthday is a special day
So here is hoping that your special day
is wonderful in every way
happy Birthday mum


A special Lady mum by Sally McIntyre

for a very special mum,
Out thoughts and best wishes,
May every moment bring you cheer,
On your special day
Happy Birthday


Special Mum by Amy Perry

To a very special mum
Hope you have a day full of fun
Just incase you didn't know
You're number one


Happy Birthday to you by Wenona Elie

Happy Birthday to you
there is so much to do,
lots of surprises to come
lots of hours of fun.
May this day bring you treats,
may your day be so sweet
happy birthday to you
there is so much to do.


mother from son by Sally McIntyre

A Mothers love can never
be re payed,
A son's love,
often enough not displayed,
today I send to you my love
Happy Birthday mum


MOTHER by Sally McIntyre

A Mothers love can never
be re payed,
A daughters love,
often enough not displayed,
today I send to you my love
Happy Birthday mum


The Ties That Bind by Susan Ward

The ties that bind us can't be seen
But they grow from day to day,
And for all you've done, my darling Mum,
I never could repay,
So I send you all my deepest love
And wish you the Happiest Birthday.


my mum by Diane Sixsmith

my mum is there when i need her
my mum makes me smile when i' feeling low
my mum is my shoulder to cry on
my mum is the best friend i know

love you mum


A Birthday Wish for My Mother by Margaret Jones

M aternal
O utstanding
T errific
H elpful
E xceptional
R eliable

These words spell out a name, it's true
Of someone special, Mum, it's you!

Happy Birthday to my Dear Mum


For Mummy on her Birthday by Cheryl French

I make you laugh
I make you cry
I make you really mad
But as today's your Birthday Mummy
I will try not to be bad.


Happy Birthday MUM by Cindy Thompson

A birthday message
just to say,
You are very special
in every way
So with lots of hugs
and lots of kisses
These are your
Birthday Wishes.
Happy Birthday
Dear Mum


Happy Brthday - Mummy by ann cunningham

Mummy I think your
Lots of fun
And as nice as
You can be,
So here?s a
Happy Birthday wish
With lots of love
From me!!!


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