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View Designer ProfileSally McIntyre

Just Happy Birthday a Card and a Cake

Just Happy Birthday
What else can We say,
you hate fuss and kisses,
but we wont go away,
a card and a cake
everyone has,
so just breathe out easily
and ask us to stay

View Designer ProfileJoanna Swinton

Birthday Boy

Hello birthday boy
Have a happy day
I hope that it's wonderful
In a special kinda way

Birthdays are unique
Especially one for you
I hope that you celebrate
and enjoy yourself too

Happy birthday

View Crafter ProfileTracy Priddle

Birthday Boy

A birthday boy
Lots of toys
Lots of joy to you
You shall have a special time
To last the whole day through

View Crafter ProfileAngela Styles

Birthday Boy

Birthday boy ,your day is here,
May you have fun and health all year!

View Crafter ProfileMarilyn Willson

Birthday Boy

A Birthday wish is in this card
wrapped with love and joy
Hoping that your day will be
enjoyed by you, Birthday boy.

View Designer ProfileSally McIntyre

Happy Birthday to You

A man when a birthday comes,
sometimes parties and goodwishes shuns,
For you I wish the finest things,
and enjoy your gifts ,good wishes and gifts,
Enjoy eveery birthday, like it could be your last

Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Football Season

It's that time of year again
For many football games
When men begin to act like boys
And yell footballer's names

They shout and chant and bang on drums
Why do they act like boys?
I guess they've never grown up
They just like to make a noise

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Need for Speed (verse 2)

It's the roar of the engine,
It's the turn of the wheel,
It's the way the car speeds round the track,
That gives it man appeal,
So hope you spend your birthday,
Doing what you like best,
Living life in the fast lane,
Making this the best year yet!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

The Pub, a Drink, Some Mates

The pub, a drink, some mates,
Football, sports, celebrate,
Music, cars, good food,
Get yourself in birthday mood,
Presents, cards, night on town,
All friends coming down,
Snooker, pool, darts and more,
Finish night on dance floor!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Cars Cars Cars

Cars Cars Cars,
They are your passion and your pride,
On weekends you'll be tinkering,
The bonnet open wide,
You'll polish the body 'til it's gleaming,
Then in the car you'll go,
You're speeding down the highway,
Your life is the open road,
And as today's your birthday,
I hope you rev it up in style,
May the birthday celebrations go on the extra mile!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Tinkering with Your Car

There's nothing you like better,
Than tinkering with your car,
Checking that the breaks are fine,
That the four wheels will go far,
You know your spark plugs inside out,
Your carburettor too,
And messing with your engine,
Is an easy job for you,
But I hope as it's your birthday,
You'll put the oil can down,
And go and have a pint or two,
With the lads out on the town!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Treasure Forever

May today bring much pleasure,
With moments to treasure,
For birthdays only come once a year,
So do things that make you smile,
Celebrate in the best of style,
And make the memories to treasure forever.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Good Luck on Your Birthday

I am sending you a horseshoe
It is said to bring Good Luck
I've given it a bit of a polish
And cleaned off the horse's muck

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

A Drink for Birthday Boy

Oh dear me
You opened this up on false expectations
I meant we hope you have a Happy Birthday Drink later on today
Have a fantastic Day

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Out of This World

Hope your birthday is out of this world,
With nothing to compare,
A day that's extra special,
A day that's free of care,
A day of celebrations,
With friends and family too,
For you deserve the very best,
Today and all year through.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

You Do So Much for Others

Sit back and relax,
Let us make your day,
You do so much for others,
Now it's our turn to repay,
You deserve a day that's special,
A day that's just for you,
So take time out on your birthday,
Let's all celebrate along with you!

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

A Farmer's Birthday

To the farmer who drives a tractor
Wake up, it is your birthday
The cows will need to be milked
And then you must get some hay

The horses must be mucked out
Also round up the sheep, and then
Feed the pigs with a bucket of swill
Collect the eggs from the big fat hen

Very soon you can have a sit down
And enjoy a birthday treat
Relax with a cup of tea
And take the weight off your aching feet


View Crafter ProfileTina Wood

Garden Shed

A man in his shed,
The hoe and the rake,
Don't stand on the prongs,
For goodness sake.

Sewing seeds for flowers,
You grow them all,
Watching them bloom,
So colourful and tall.

Your gardening coat,
Hangs on the door,
Just like an old friend,
Who can ask for more.

Happy Birthday

View Designer ProfileJoanna Swinton

Football Fan

I?ve heard you are a football fan
That strange game with a ball
They say you?re also a beer man
And after a few you like to crawl

So hear we are on your birthday
With a match on and a few beers
There really is no better way
Enjoy the match and cheers

View Crafter ProfilePamela Horton

A Very Happy Birthday

A Very Happy Birthday
With our Wishes for many ,many more.
A Neighbour is so much more to us
When we are able to count them as our friends.
Today with family and friends, for you will be,
A day of joy and laughter to remember
Have a wonderful day
Happy Birthday

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Working 9 to 5

We work each day,
To earn our pay,
The hours are nine to five,
We toil and sweat,
We can't give up,
It what we always say,
But midst the hurly burly,
A day comes passing by,
To relieve some of the pressure,
Of working nine to five,
For today it is your birthday,
So take the brakes off now,
Have some fun - reduce your hours,
And only work nine to one!

View Designer ProfileDiane Hannah

Brother's Special Day

Brother, this is the perfect day to tell you
I say a prayer for you each and every day,
I will love you always,
I miss you so much, and
I care for you deeply.
This is your special day, enjoy.

Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Birthday Fun

I know you love your football
Because you are the type
Who loves the atmosphere
The chanting and the hype

So I hope you enjoy your birthday
And your team will get to score
Then of to celebrate the goals
With pint or two or more
Have A Great Day

View Crafter ProfileAngela Styles

Nifty at Fifty!

May you be nifty at Fifty
And thrifty as well!
We know that you have many stories to tell
Of your bicycle exploits both at home and abroad
And we know you can go faster than any old Ford!
May this Birthday not be so bad as you feard.
It will only just add a few more grey hairs to your beard!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

An Unwritten Rule

There's an unwritten rule for a birthday,
That you should be left always wanting more,
That friends and all your family,
Have a brilliant day in store,
For you deserve a birthday,
That is awesome from beginning to end,
And in this card are all good wishes,
That I am going to send!

View Crafter ProfileMargaret Swaby


May your birthday "Score" with you
And may all of your birthday wishes come true
May your day be filled with fun and laughter
And may it continue the whole year after.

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

A Son, Great New's

I Hear you had a son today
How happy you must be
An Heir to carry on your name
A Handsome young Babe
Is he, and lucky to have
You as Parents
Congratulations to you all

View Designer ProfileSteve Bowley

Birthday Male

Birthday's are like beers
It's hard to work out exactly how many you've had
but it must be quite a few!!!!

View Designer ProfileSharon Martin

King of Clubs

If birthday wishes could come true
a winning hand I?d wish for you
And in the cards the ace is high
My heart tells me and it won?t lie
My king of clubs dressed all in black
You are the diamond in my pack.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

It Was August

It was the month of August
The day that you were born
The flowers had bright blooms
And there were golden ears of corn
The long days of summer
Were just starting to fade
But as you were born in August
For you this card I've made

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Happy Birthday

Have a Wonderful Birthday Friend
A Man like you
Deserves to have a very nice Birthday
So we will have a drink or two for you
Have a very Happy Birthday

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

One of a Kind!

May today be the start of a wonderful year,
Where all your dreams come true,
A year of joy and happiness, in everything you do,
For you are a special person,
Unique - you're one of a kind,
So today we wish you a great birthday,
And may the next 365 days be kind!

View Crafter ProfileAnnette Shreeve

Happy Birthday Brother

A special brother like you
Means theres a special sister like me

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

24 Hours That's All Your Own

Now it is your birthday,
I hope that it will bring,
Lots of joy and happiness
And the best of everything,
For today is very special,
24 hours that's all our own,
So enjoy every second,
Hope it's the best day you've ever known.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Happy Birthday Mate

To my mate throughout the years
My drinking pal, my buddy
I wish you luck on your birthday
Don't ever turn into a fuddy duddy

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Get Down the Pub!

Get your mates,
Get down the pub,
Raise a pint or two,
Let's celebrate your birthday,
It's something you have to do!
For you deserve a birthday,
That's a cut above the rest,
And may the year ahead of you,
Turn out to be the best!

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Teeing Off

Playing golf on your birthday
I know it's your favourite game
Your wish is for a hole in one
And a trophy of your aim

View Crafter ProfileMargaret Tobin

Bright and Happy Year

May your day
be very pleasant
every moment that it's here
And leave you
with the promise
of a bright and happy year!

View Crafter ProfileSusan Tither


Another year older
Another year slower.
Just don't loose your memory when it
comes to your round.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

A Day at the Races

A day at the races is so much fun
There is shouting and laughter from everyone
The horses are galloping neck and neck
One horse has fallen, they'll call out the vet
My horse is winning, will it be first past the post?
It's galloping much faster, much faster than most
Other horses are racing faster behind
Oh No, Lady Luck please, please be kind
I can see the jockey is urging it on
I put on a bet before it begun
And now that I see it is first past the post
I think I have won, Oh Yes, much more than most
Have A Drink On Me
Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileSusan Smith

Birthday Cheers

All best wishes birthday boy,
hope your day is fun,
enjoy your cake,
enjoy your beer,
party on, with birthday cheer.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Done Roaming

Oh how you love your 'Boys Toys'
Your iPad and your phone
Your laptop and your Kindle books
You don't have time to roam

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Happy Birthday

I know you like your sport
Your hobbies and your beer
This cards show just some of them
With birthday greetings right here

View Crafter Profileann cunningham

How Old - Lol

29 AGAIN?!?!?
Talk about recycling!

Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileAngela Styles

The Wolf

The majestic wolf glides through the snow
He has so many miles to go!
He is fearless and true
Just like you!
Have a great Birthday !

View Crafter ProfileTina Wood

Toolbox for a Friend

This is your Birthday Toolbox,
full of Special things
As each one has a purpose
and it's happiness it brings

A CHISEL to shave off the rough edges and a PLANE to smooth your troubles away
A HAMMER to knock in some sense because today is your Birthday

A SAW to give you the cutting edge and a SPANNER to tighten our friendship mate
A PAINT BRUSH so you can get spruced up and a SCREW DRIVER a drink to celebrate

And last but not lease a TAPE
to measure your Joy and Happiness
Have a great day

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

For the Guitar Man

Happy Birthday Music Man,
Guitar never out of hand,
He plucks those string and strums along,
Solo or in the band,
He lives and breathes his music,
His day is not complete,
Without a plectrum in his hand,
Or a pedal at his feet!

View Designer ProfileDiane Hannah

Treasure Chest of Love

If I had to choose between
a treasure chest from the sea
or my brother's love,
I would choose
my brother's love.
There's nothing in this world
that I would rather have
than the love of my brother.

I wish for you, a very Happy Birthday.

View Crafter ProfileTina Wood

Darts Player

A game of Darts,
A Pint or two,
A Special Day,
Is what's wished for you.

So play your game,
Add up the score,
Enjoy the fun,
Who could ask for more.

Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileTina Wood

Heavy Rock

For a man that likes his music,
Although we thought it was a shock,
That you don't play the normal,
But are into Heavy Rock.

You sit with your ipod
And listen so we've heard,
To your Heavy Rock Music,
And watch the little birds.

Happy Birthday

View Crafter Profilesamantha newton

It's a Big Old World Out There

There are seven seas.... or are there eight?
maybe no one has found it just yet.
Aegean, Mediterranean, Baltic and Baring,
seas all waiting for the bold and daring.

A big old world lies beyond this state,
adventure is calling, don't be late.
Sail the seas, climb the mountains,
ski the slopes and pee in the fountains. (just kidding)

This life is yours; don't let it waste,
Every country and city has its taste.
Drink wine in Italy, eat snails in France
as life passes by, take more than a glance....

View Designer ProfileSharon Martin

Birthday Lament

What's another birthday
when you've seen it all before
You stuff yourself with Birthday Cake
Till your belly scrapes the floor
You can't count all the candles
So you have another drink
You start to feel quite sozzled
And your brain's too drunk to think
But raise your glass
Enjoy yourself and don't get
too depressed
cos all I really meant to say
was all the very best!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Mr. Mend It Man

A splash of paint,
A plank of wood,
Some nails and hammer too,
Are just the thing for Mr. DIY,
And that of course is you,
For you like nothing better,
Than painting a wall or two,
Putting some furniture together,
Or fixing a leaky loo,
But as it is your birthday,
I hope you'll take a rest,
For even Mr. Mend It Man,
Needs celebrations to impress

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Something About Steam Trains

You have the option of adding the extra lines to this verse after the asterisks.

There is something about steam trains,
That evokes memories of days gone by,
It brings back feelings of nostalgia,
And helps us swell with pride,
For steam trains are all about our heritage,
About history and preserving the past,
And as today's your birthday,
I hope your memories do last.
For I know your favourite pastime,
Is to ride a train or two,
So we wish you all the very best,
With this special card for you!

View Designer ProfileDiane Hannah

Steampunk Top Hat

A top hat with gadgets to make your day
You are so special in every way.
With each new year you reach a new peak.
One of a kind, you are so unique.

Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileAngela Styles

Wheels and Cogs

Wheels and cogs turn round and round
They help machines to move on the ground
Its clever the way they work together
Making things work whatever the weather!
Hoping you have a day full of fun
With a chance to tinker -under the sun.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

A Milestone Birthday

Just beginning are celebrations,
Of the happiest kind,
A day when good wishes,
And congratulations come to mind,
For milestone birthdays,
Mark our live in so many ways,
We appreciate friends and family,
On these special kind of days,
So we send all our love,
And wish you all the best,
For you have always been one of the good guys,
Head n shoulders above the rest!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

For the Drummer

Drumming is your passion,
You live your life to the beat,
You lose yourself in the music,
The rhythm starts as you take the seat,
Behind the drum kit you're another person,
As you let the drum sticks take control,
And now it is your birthday,
Let's have a massive, loud drum roll.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Sent Especially to You!

To help you celebrate,
This card is sent to say,
May good luck and good fortune,
Always with you stay,
May you find much joy and happiness,
In everything you do,
And in this card is all our love,
Sent especially to you!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Before Your Duty (a Requested Verse for a Soldier)

This is a very special birthday,
As soon you will be on your way,
To serve your country in Afghanistan,
How proud we are of you today,
We will miss your face, your laugh, your smile,
But we know it's what you have to do,
But before your duty has started,
We want to celebrate with you,
You're one son in a million,
You really are the best,
So we hope this special birthday,
Is better than all the rest.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Fishing for Dinner

The fish are not hungry
I haven't had a bite
I've been here all day
And most of the night
It doesn't look that I will
Be getting fish for dinner
Unless the fish begin to feed
Then I might be a winner

View Designer ProfileMargaret Jones

What a Hunk

You really are
Such a handsome dish
YOU blow out the candles
And I'LL make a wish

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Need for Speed (verse 1)

Engines revving,
You're going up a gear,
Today it is your birthday,
Time to mark another year,
No time for any pit stops,
False starts, there will be none,
So go out there and celebrate,
Before your birthday's gone!

View Designer ProfileSally McIntyre

Male Birthday

When your birthday comes around
I think of you and all that you
mean to me.
You go well beyond my needs
Happy birthday to my man

View Designer ProfileAlison Roots

Gift for a Man

I would love to give you fast cars
and buy you such a lot.
To send you the latest i-phone
and the lightest laptop.
But these things I cannot give you,
my gifts are only small.
This card is filled with love though,
which is bigger than them all.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Show the World Your Wild Side

It's time to throw a party,
It's time to have some fun,
It's time to let your hair down,
Your birthday has begun,
So show the world your wild side,
Take a risk - let it all hang out,
For today should be thoroughly celebrated,
With a drink or two - there's no doubt!

View Crafter ProfileTracy Priddle

Birthday - Male

Let yourself be spoilt
Let this be clear
Have a great birthday
With plenty of beer

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Monday Morning Blues

I know you hate Monday mornings
I know you get Monday Blues
You get out of bed bleary eyed
You can't even find your shoes

You've had a great weekend
You didn't have to work
And now it's back to the old routine
Something you would rather shirk

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

For the Decorater/DIY Man

Get some ladders,
A tin of paint,
A trusty paintbrush too,
Let's do some decorating,
Let's change a wall or two,
There's nothing quite like a lick of paint,
To brighten any room,
Move a picture, buy a rug,
Let's get rid of all this gloom,
For there's nothing you like better,
Than decorating or DIY,
A bit of drilling here and there,
The hours, the days, fly by,
However before you start all that my love,
There's something we have to do,
We have to celebrate your birthday,
With a glass of wine or two!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Weekends Are for Relaxing

You take your weekends seriously,
They are the days you do indulge,
It could be at the footie match,
Or a pint down at the pub,
For weekends are for relaxing,
For catching up with mates,
And as it is your birthday,
I hope you celebrate!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

A Day That Makes You Happy

Good fortune and good health,
Is what I wish for you,
A day that makes you happy,
For that is what you're due,
So bring on celebrations,
Some drinks with all your friends,
May the day that's just beginning,
Be perfect from start to end.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

A Sportsman

How you love your sport
Swimming, Athletics, Football
But an armchair sportsman is who you are
Not taking part at all

View Designer ProfileSharon Martin

Royal Flush

If birthday wishes could come true,
Royal Flush or just a pair,
I hope you have a winning hand,
From now throughout the year!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Raise a Glass

Let's raise a glass to birthdays,
For it's always an excuse,
To throw a little party,
To let it all hang loose,
For we all need to let our hair down,
To celebrate and have some fun,
So cheers to all the good times,
And another year begun!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

A Birthday is an Excuse

A birthday is an excuse,
To spend a day doing what you like best,
Indulging yourself in a pastime,
Or maybe just having a rest,
For today is about celebrations,
It's about enjoying a day just for you,
So in this card are many good wishes,
And all our love is sent with it too.

View Crafter ProfileSusan Smith


Many happy returns of the day
its your birthday have some fun,
with lots of love and wishes,
and the kisses, they are to come

Happy Birthday Boyfriend.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

A Gift for a Man

What do you give to a man
Who has everything he needs
Well you could give him a fork and hoe
So he can clear the garden of weeds

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Happy Birthday Old Chap

How dare they say you are getting old
Your temper is starting to simmer
Don't let them get away with it
Hit them with your Zimmer

View Crafter ProfileCindy Thompson

Getting Older Humerous

Time to do the gardening
and to decorate the den,
Time is passing quickly
and then before you know it
Oh No! that day is here again.
Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

An Ode to a Gardener

Using a spade, a fork and a hoe
You dig your flower bed
Using flower pots with seeds to sow
You sit waiting inside your shed

It's time to prick those seedlings out
As they begin to grow
You will have a beautiful garden soon
Every flower name you will know
Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Armchair Sport

Watching sport on TV
Is not the same as going
To watch a match or taking part
Unless it's raining or it's snowing

View Crafter ProfileMary Wilkinson

All Things Bright and Beautiful

May all things bright and beautiful
forever come your way
and may luck and joy and happiness
be with you every day.
Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileTina Wood

Have a Drink

Have a Day that you enjoy,
And maybe a drink or two,
We are sending best of wishes,
No matter what you do.

Happy Birthday

View Crafter ProfileTracy Priddle

Football Mad Birthday

Football mad, football cheer
Have a glass full of beer
Hope your day is merry
Hope your day is bright
All through the day and all through the night.
Happy Birthday!

View Crafter ProfileSue Cumming

A Dog's Life

Another birthday's here
And you're holding back the tears
So I've found a solution for you
Start counting them in dog years!

View Crafter ProfileJane Wells

Computer Frolics

I have just pressed that important button,
While I surfed my online page,
To wish you a Happy Birthday,
That crazy coming of age!
This computer lark is fun,
It keeps you up to date,
We have no excuse to forget birthdays,
It makes sure you are never late!!

Happy Birthday!

View Designer ProfileDiane Hannah

Fishing Birthday

To celebrate your birthday
get your rod and reel
honey please don't forget your creel
shout hooray and be on your way
I hope you have a very special day

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