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Sewing is a fantastic skill to master and is great for altering and mending old clothes and for making new items. This category contains lots of free videos that show you various crafts that you can make by sewing. We have tutorials that include how to make a make up bag, a silk bridal flower, a pet bed, corsage type flowers, a tote bag and loads more. There are lots of ideas for various skill levels.

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Easy, Cute Rabbit Plush - PolkadottiePie Felt Craft Tutorial

Video by: PolkadottiePie

DIY Pencil Case & Makeup Bag {No Sew & Sew} by ANNEORSHINE

Video by: Ann Le {Anneorshine}

Sewing Help : How to Sew a Simple Decorative Pillow

Video by: eHowArtsAndCrafts

Sewing Help : Tutorial for Sewing a Place Mat

Video by: eHowArtsAndCrafts

Tutorial: Plastic Canvas Pixel Art

Video by: Retro Faerie Craft Tutorials

Elegant Flower Filler Tutorial - jennings644

Video by: Jennings644

D.I.Y. Handmade Satin Rose - Tutorial

Video by: MyInDulzens

Ribbon Leaves Tutorial, Part 2 - jennings644

Video by: Jennings644

Spider Ribbon Rose Tutorial, Part 1 - jennings644

Video by: Jennings644

DIY: Ribbon Flower ((Accessory, Hair Bow, Jewelry Pendant...))

Video by: SoCraftastic

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