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Jo Gethin · Craftsuprint Designer

Status Silver
Items Listed342
Items Sold2,661
FromMid Wales

How long have you been making digital crafts sheets?
5 years
What type of sheets do you like making?
all sorts
What is the sheet you are most proud of?
well i do have a love for fonts so i'd probably say i love the alphabets the most
What is/was your profession?
Slave to dozens of kune kune pigs,
Other Hobbies
making jewellery and cooking.

Wine or Wine Gums?neither
Silicone Glue or Sticky Pads?sticky pads
Caravan or Cottage?cottage
Chocolate or Cream Cake?chocolate
Cinema or Pub?cinema
Beatles or Beethoven?neither
Toppers or Pyramids?toppers
Cats or Dogs?dogs
Book or Newspaper?book
Garden or Beach?garden
Bacon Butty or Sausage Sandwich?neither
Meal In or Meal Out?In
Craft Knife or Scissors?scissors
Cheese or Cheesecake?cheesecake
Coronation St or Eastenders?neither

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