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Card Verses in Valentines & Romance · Valentines Day Wife

Silver and Gold by Mary Wilkinson

I can't give you silver,
I can't give you gold.
I can't give you diamonds
or rubies to hold.

but one thing I can give
I gave from our start
I give to you gladly
I give you my heart

Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart


Valentine by Rob Jackson

My love for you it grows each day,
It grows for you in a special way,
Your smiles your laughter and everything you do,
Makes me realise just how much I love you.

You are my heart beat, my sole mate, my special girl,
And with you by my side I can conquer the world.


Thank You by Angela Styles

Thank you for sharing
Thank you for caring
and being the centre of my life.
Thank you for being there
for your guidance and support.
Thank you especially for being my wife.


Valentine Wish by Veronica Robertson

kisses and cuddles
laughter and snuggles..
your cherry red lips
stars dance in your eyes
like diamonds of fire..
a valentine's wish
to make you my wife..


Kisses by Veronica Robertson

Laughter and teardrops,
Sunshine and raindrops
a kiss that makes you dream
come closer ...
a sweet hug.
so divine
you are mine
my darling valentine...


Love you by Susan Smith

Days come, days go
years come, years go,
but my darling all this time
ive always loved you, you know


My Wife by Susan Tither

To my wife the apple of my eye
See i didn't forget.


Will you be mine? (for wife) by Judith Flavel

Will you be mine
My sweet Valentine,
And live all your life
With me as my wife,
With you as my friend
Right through to the end,
My one and my only
I'd never be lonely.
We'll spend time together
Through all kinds of weather,
And if we're apart
You'll stay in my heart.
Please, say you'll be mine
My sweet Valentine.


A Valentine by Diane Hannah

You make my heart melt
yes you do....
Here's a Valentine
just for you!


My Darling Wife by Belinda Ellingham

My Darling Wife
You've had some strife
We came through it all
Because of you

Kids have now grown
Our nest they've flown
They have lovely children
Because of you

My love for you is everlasting and neverending



Couldn't Live Life Without You by Janyce Cotterill

My wife you've never faltered,
Your love so strong and true,
You have my love on Valentine's Day,
And also the whole year through,
I couldn't live life without you,
I couldn't face the days,
For you're my friend, lover and partner,
And I will always want it that way.


Simply Beautiful by Sarah Skinner

When you smile the room lights up,
When you laugh the sun comes out,
You are simply beautiful of that there is no doubt.
Words cannot describe in full how much you mean to me,
As you are simply beautiful as everyone can see.
I will always love you from the bottom of my heart,
From the day we vowed to become one, till death us both do part.
You are simply beautiful that I know for sure,
And every day that passes I love you more and more.


Fantastic wife by Susan Smith

You brought sunshine
into my life,
And a marriage
full of love,
so im one lucky guy,
to have such a fantastic wife
Happy Valentines


More than words by Susan Smith

This card is sent with all my love,
on this, this valentines day,
youre my lover, my friend, and my wife
and i do love you more than words can say.


my wife by Nick Bowley

my wife
my love
your forever in my heart
I have loved you,
right from the start
when you came in to
my life
so glad that
you became my wife


turn off the light by Nick Bowley

When i turn off the light
and say goodnight
hope our love lasts
and never part
because i love you
with all my heart


Baby! Baby! Baby! by Nick Bowley

Baby! Baby! Baby!
don't leave me
you'll make me blue.
Love you babes
I always will


Love you too by Nick Bowley

I care for you
I love you too
you are my world
you are my life
so glad that your
my lovely wife


dreams too by Nick Bowley

I Care for you
I love you too
you are my world
your in my dreams too


I Care for you by Nick Bowley

I Care for you
I Love you too
you are my life
my whole world too

To my Darling Wife!


life by Nick Bowley

Where've you been all
my life
so glad now
that your my wife

To My Lovely


A glorious partner by Diane Hannah

The fall's a time with colors of gold,
then winter comes, with lots of cold.
Before you know, it's time for spring,
when all the birds begin to sing.
The sun will shine upon your face,
the days are long for us to embrace.
You are the love of my life,
a glorious partner, a loving wife


I am yours by Diane Hannah

I am yours, you are mine,
like the sun up above, together we shine.
We share a very special dream,
no other two make a better team.
I am your husband, you are my wife,
you are the best thing I've ever had in my life.


Wife by Amy Perry

You mean the world to me
your as lovely as can be
im so glad you became my wife
they day you said i do changed my life


Beautiful by Erica D Philip

Beautiful is my lady
Beautiful is my baby
Beautiful is my love
Beautiful, you have all my love!


Love and happiness by Susan Smith

The love and happiness,
thats in my life,
is because im married
to a fantastic wife,
so because today is valentines,
im so very happy to say,
i love you my darling,
today and everyday.


With Love by Angela MacWillson

I hope that we will never part
Ive loved you since we met
You have a place within my heart
My love, you wont regret


Love by Angela MacWillson

You're more special to me
than a world of wealth
I couldnt be happy
with anyone else
Happy Valentines Day


Love you by Angela MacWillson

You`re a very special wife
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through
Love you and Happy Valentines Day


With Love by Angela MacWillson

No valentine card,
Can hold more love than this
Because it's sent out with a hug
And sealed with a kiss


Special by Amy Perry

You are so special to me
you make me so happy
i couldnt live without you in my life
im so glad you are my wife


Thank God by Susan Smith

Every morning i thank god,
for the day i met you
Happy Valentines my darling wife,
i really do love you


your my life by Nick Bowley

Your my world, your my life
I'm so glad that your my wife
so glad your mine
your my valentine


Darling Valentine by Hilary Hallas

I watch you when you're sleeping,
I watch you all the time,
From that day long ago
When we walked down the aisle,
I knew you would always be mine.
You make me so happy,
And bring me such joy


Hearts by Angela Styles

Hearts all a flutter
Hearts all aglow
Colurful hearts just wanting you to know
How much I love you!


Valentine Wifey by Erica D Philip

Happy valentine's to my ever loving wife,
I won't ever stop loving you.
The love I feel for you,
Words are not enough to explain;
but I will never stop loving you.
It's good to tell someone
"I love you?
and then hear them say
'I love you too?.
But it is even more heartwarming
to feel that love being demonstrated
by the things that they do,
each and every day, just for you.
For all the things you've
done and will ever do -
I fall more and more
in love with you!
I love you baby,
Happy Valentines!


Valentine Wifey by Erica D Philip

For all the things you've
done and will ever do -
I fall more and more
in love with you!


Never Stop Loving You by Erica D Philip

Happy valentine's to my ever loving wife,
I won't ever stop loving you.
The love I feel for you,
Words are not enough to explain;
but I will never stop loving you.


Valentine wife by Nick Bowley

I will always love you
you are my life
so glad I met you
you are my Beautiful Wife

To My Valentine


roses are red by Jan Barcelo

roses are red
grass is green
you're the prettiest girl
i have ever seen.


Be My Valentine by Rob Jackson

For you I'd give up alcohol,
And ice creams and eclairs,
And instead of using escalators,
I'd run up all those stairs,
I'd jog to work each morning,
And keep a fitness chart,
When I'm thin and fit and healthy,
I'll run straight into your heart.


Wife I Love You by Rob Jackson

I do believe that God above
Created you for me to love
He picked you out from all the rest
Because he new I would love you the best.


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