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Card Verses in Special Days · Mothers Day

Sorry I can?t be there on Mothers Day by Kirsty Green

Happy Mothers Day
Sorry I can't be there
I hope you have
a great day


If I had to pick from a field in Bloom by Pamela Horton

If I had to pick from a field that was in bloom with Mothers, I would have picked you.
I am so lucky to have grown up with your welcoming smile, and the tender kisses on my scraped knees, and the treats that were your specialities
The love and warmth of a happy childhood, the feeling of confidence you bestowed upon me, even when I was not so Good.
Whether the successes were large or small,
I was allowed to be myself and you taught me to understand it all.
When you disapproved of my demeanour,that,
The consequences I then endured,
I never did forge,t and knew no matter WHAT
That you were my Mother and loved me unconditionally.
I love you Mum and cannot begin to tell you how much you are appreciated.
With my love and wishes that this Mothers' day will be a Very Happy Day
Full of fun, laughter and happy memories for you especially

Pamela Horton
Wellington Point Qld


Mum by Laura Nicholls

You're always there when we need you
You always show us you care
You give advice when we need it
And you've a heart that is big enough to share.

We don't just love you today Mum
We love you every second of every day

Thankyou for being a Wonderful Mum


For My Mummy by Monika Hall

Although I'm still a little kid,
I'm an expert on lots of things,
Like how to wish upon a star,
and climb a tree in spring.
And when it comes to mummies,
we little experts all agree,
You are the very best,
Its very plain to see.
Happy Mothers Day


MOTHERS DAY by emma dunne

Mothers day is a day to show,
that my love for you will always grow.
For the times that you were there,
and the hugs to show that you care.
Through all the ups and downs,
through the smiles and frowns.
For the things that you've done,
for the friendship and fun.
I will always be near,
because you are so dear.
Your a wonderful mum and deserve more than a day,
to thank you for all that you do everyday and everyway.
So thank you mum for all that you do,
everyday of my life I am greatfull for you.


love of a mother by emma dunne

A love that grows
A love that shows
A look that shares
A look that cares
A touch that's near
A touch that's dear
The love of a mother
is like no other


MY MUM IS THE BEST by Hilda Mullinger

My dear Mum is the best
So much prettier than the rest
Hair done nice, makeup just fine
I'm pleased to say this lovely Mum is mine


Perfect Mum by Judith Flavel

It takes a certain something
To be a perfect Mum -
Someone who will stand by you
No matter what you've done;
Someone who can understand
And wipe away the tears;
Someone who is there for you
Throughout the passing years.
We know Dad says he's perfect
But Mum, we want to say
We think that you are perfect too, so
Happy Mothers Day!!


To a Special Mum by Margaret Mullan

Have the most wonderful day Mum,
to me you have been the best Mum in the world your are always there for me and nothing is ever any bother.
This day belongs to you Mum Enjoy.


M.O.T.H.E.R.S. by Hilda Mullinger

M is Mother's love
O is One and only
T is Thinks of you
H is Hears what you say
E is Everlasting love
R is Remembers your birthday
S is Smiles and laughter


DEAR MOTHER by Hilda Mullinger

As Mother's Day comes round
I send you all my love
I thank you for all your help
You're my Mother sent from Heaven above


THANKS MUM by Hilda Mullinger

Dear Mum I want to thank you
For all that you have done
I love you, you're the best
From your ever loving Son


Special Mother's Day by Diane Vermeer

Thank you Mummy for choosing me
How lucky could little a girl could be
Your love and care is getting me ready to achieve all that I can in my life.
Have a Happy Birthday Mummy,
I am glad you picked me to love.


Today is Just for Mothers by Janyce Cotterill

Today is just for Mothers,
So that of course is you,
You're someone who is love a lot,
You're thought the world of too,
So sit back and relax,
Let others run around,
For another Mother as sweet as you,
On this Earth will not be found.


Mothers day wishes by Susan Smith

Mothers day wishes are sent
with all my love to you,
youre a very special lady
because of all you do,
so enjoy this day with love
have a nice relaxing day,
you deserve it all and more
that words could ever say


My mum by Susan Smith

My darling mum, youre everything
I cannot begin to say,
you've loved, cared and brought me up
you've made me who I am today,
you've always been there for me
and showered me with concern,
youre my guardian angel
youre my mum and my best friend.


Mothers Day Love by Diane Vermeer

A Mothers Love is special
As special as you Mother
The chats we have, the things we do
Are Special memories i will have forever
Have a Wonderful Mothers Day as you Deserve


Wonderful mother by Susan Smith

Youre a wonderful mother
caring, honest and true,
youre so very precious
thank you for being you.


Thank You Mother by Susan Tither

Thanks for being there for me whenever
i'v been down.

To tell me it will all be fine when there's no one else around .

For always looking out for what ever i may do,

I'll always love you mother that much is always true.


Sit and relax by Susan Smith

Slippers on, tv tuned, sit back and relax
mothers day is finally here,
you deserve the absolute best
enjoy a day of fun, love and cheer.


Special lady by Susan Smith

Mum you are a special lady
all my love is sent your way,
to wish you every happiness
for today on mothers day.


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY by Hilda Mullinger

Thank you Mum for all you've done
All your love and care for me
Now that I'm a Mother too
It's very easy for me to see


HAPPY MUMMY'S DAY by Hilda Mullinger

I would like to send you Champagne
And flowers if I could
But I can only afford a chocolate bar
To give you, 'cause I am really good




Mother dear it's nice to sit
And have a little chat
About all things we like to do
Like shopping for your new hat

We toured the shops for over a mile
And at last we found the one
It was lovely to see your beautiful smile
And our shopping was finally done


TO MY DEAR MOTHER by Hilda Mullinger

Dear Mother
You have been my guide and shining light throught my life.
No Mother could have shown so much love for their child.



MY LOVE AND THANKS by Hilda Mullinger

My thanks to you dear Mum for all the love you have given me throughout my life.
All my love for ever, from your loving daughter.


THANK YOU MUM by Hilda Mullinger

Thank you Mum for all you have done for me
For giving me your love and protection throughout the years
For helping me to grown into a balanced person able to show my love for others


I Love You Mum by Margaret Swaby

It's your special day and I want you to know
That I think of you often and I love you so.


My Mother by Margaret Swaby

Mother you gave me my life.
I will always thank you for that.
I owe you everything you have done so much for me.


You've Been Like A Mother To Me by Janyce Cotterill

You have always been like a mother to me,
You've cared and you've understood,
You've supported me through the rough,
You've delighted in the good,
I've so grateful that I've had you,
In my life you'll always have a part,
And I thank you for all the love you've given,
From the bottom of my heart.


Nan Means Laughter! by Janyce Cotterill

This verse was done as a request from a crafter who needed a verse for a little girl who is sending a card to her Nan on Mother's Day.

Being with my Nan means laughter,
It means fun and games all day,
It means loves and hugs and outings,
With treats along the way,
It means holding hands and whispering,
About exciting things to do,
It means making plans for special days,
Made only just for two,
For being with my Nan,
Is something that I treasure,
As the love for her within my heart,
Will always last forever.


The Love and Joy She Holds by Janyce Cotterill

This verse was done as a request from a crafter who needed a verse for a little girl who is sending a card to her Nan on Mother's Day.

There is something very special,
About the lady that is my Nan,
She's always kind and cheerful,
She helps anyone she can,
Whenever I go and visit her,
She has my favourite things for tea,
She tells me stories, shows me things,
That I have never seen,
She has many hidden treasures,
Behind those cupboard doors,
And if I've very lucky,
I sometimes get to explore,
But there is one thing that is priceless,
That my Nan always gives to me,
It's all the love and joy she holds,
Within her heart for me.


My Nan Is Like A Diamond by Janyce Cotterill

This verse was done as a request from a crafter who needed a verse for a little girl who is sending a card to her Nan on Mother's Day.

My Nan is like a diamond,
She sparkles and she shines,
She adds a very special touch,
Into every day of mine,
She's very kind and caring,
Considerate and thoughtful too,
And on this very special day,
I sent all my love to you!


Being with My Nannie by Janyce Cotterill

This verse was requested by a crafter who needed a verse for little girl who is sending her Nan/Nannie a card on Mother's Day.

I like to stay with Nannie,
She's never in a hurry,
She takes her time to do things,
She never has a worry,
We go on little outings,
To the shops or the park we'll go,
She has spent many hours pushing me,
On the swings going to and fro,
Sometimes we'll get an ice-cream,
Or my favourite kinds of sweets,
But just being with my nannie,
Is very hard to beat!


No Matter How Big I Grow by Janyce Cotterill

This verse was requested by a crafter who needed a verse for little girl who is sending her Nan a card on Mother's Day.

My Nan is always kind to me,
She has a smile upon her face,
She's always bright and cheeful,
No one else could take her place,
She makes me feel important,
By taking time to be with me,
And she listens as I talk to her - ever so patiently,
She's always pleased to see me,
And I do love her so,
I'll always want to spend time with her,
No matter how big I grow


The best mother by Susan Smith

For the best mum in the world
a very happy mothers day,
youre loving, giving and kind
and i love you, each and everyday.


My mum by Susan Smith

A very happy mothers day
love and kisses sent your way,
im so lucky to have a mum like you
i count my blessings everyday.


Something special - Mum by Judith Flavel

Any woman can be a mother
but it takes something very special
to be a Mum.


Lucky daughter by Susan Smith

Im the luckest daughter alive
to have a mum like you,
youre so tender, loving and kind
in everythig you say and do.


Loving greetings by Susan Smith

I send these loving greetings mum
to say i do love you,
youre such a special lady
in everything you say and do

Happy Mothers Day


My Mum by Susan Smith

Youre always thoughtful, loving and caring
with a love you are forever sharing,
so on this mothers day, its great to be told,
you are certinly worth your weight in gold
i love you mum, more than words can say
so have a very happy mothers day.


Mum by Susan Smith

You, Mum are simply the best
youre as special as can be,
theres no other mum in the world
who would do what youre done for me.


by Carolyn Norris

Mother's Day
a special day
set aside for me to say,

All the things
the whole year through,
I wish I had expressed to you.


It's Because of You by Janyce Cotterill

I want to thank you mother,
For all that you do,
For being there every day,
Who I am is because of you,
You're always there to support me,
To advise and guide me through,
I count myself so lucky,
To have a wonderful mother like you.



A Mother's Day bouquet is coming your way
It's sending my love as I want to say
'Thank you for all that you have done for me'
Each flower my love I want you to see


She Has Guided Me Through Life by Janyce Cotterill

I thank God for my dear Mother,
Who has guided me through life,
She is the one that I have turned to,
Any day and through the night,
She has bucket loads of patience,
Her smile brightens the darkest days,
I treasure my marvelous Mother,
And her wonderful caring ways.


Amazing Mum by sandra Wales

Today is Mothers Day
a day for me to tell you
what an amzing Mum you are
you are always there to care
we have so many memories to share
with this in mind
I just want you to find
the love I have sent with you in mind

Happy Mothers Day


To Mother, From the Bottom of my Heart by Janyce Cotterill

You hugged me,
You comforted me,
You taught me right from wrong,
You supported me,
You stood up for me,
You helped to stay strong,
I thank you,
I love you,
From the bottom of my heart,
And everything I ever do,
You will always be a part.


All About Mothers by Janyce Cotterill

This day is all about Mothers,
A day to let them shine,
A day to show appreciation,
For all their love and time,
A day to thank our Mothers,
For all the things they do,
For there's no one else,
In the whole wide world,
That we love as much as you!


I Want To Thank You Mother by Janyce Cotterill

I want to thank you mother,
For all that you have done,
The way you've cared,
The way you've shared,
Your love for everyone,
You're a mother in a million,
You certainly are the best,
And on having you as my light and guide,
I do feel truly blessed.


We Want To Thank You by Janyce Cotterill

Mother we want to thank you,
For all the love you've shown,
For all the years you've cared.
How quickly they have flown,
You gave to all the family,
Your needs you put aside,
You were the family anchor,
You were the family guide,
So as Mother's Day is upon us,
We just want you to know,
How much we will always love you,
As we hope this card will show.

(You could easily just change the 'we' to 'I' if you wish)


Mothers Day Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Mum you are aways there for me
Through the thick and the thin
Our Bond is special
As only Mothers and Daughters
Can be
My Darling Mother have the best
Mothers Day ever


Your Wonderful Darling Mum by Janyce Cotterill

She's there though she's tired and weary,
She's there when the going gets tough,
She's there when you need a shoulder,
When in your world you have had enough,
She's there to hug you tightly,
When everyone else has gone,
There will never be anyone to replace her,
Your wonderful darling Mum!


Love and respect by Susan Smith

This card is sent to tell you
because its mothers day,
you are simply the very best
and i love, respect and admire you
in every single way.


Mother by Susan Smith

No one has a mother
quite like i do,
youre the very best
in everything you say and do.


Happy Mothers Day by Diane Vermeer

A Mothers Love
Is such a Special Bond
I always love our chats
The joy we share
Of Grandchildren being born
Of Special Things our Families
Have Done,
But the most important thing is a chat
and a cuppa with the Best Mother in the world
Have a Wonderful Mothers Day


Mum by Susan Smith

You always filled my world with love
and I thank you from my heart
you always taught me right from wrong
right from the very start
you taught me love, and to be kind
on my life journeys through
you taught me everything mum you're one in a million, and I love you


Wonderful Mum on Mothers Day by Toni Bradshaw

Words will never describe,
what you mean to me.
You are a wonderful Mum,
And everything I'd like to be.

Happy Mothers Day.


Im blessed by Susan Smith

I am so very blessed
to have you for my mum,
youve always been there for me
through thick and thin, happy and glum
Happy mothers day


My Mum by Susan Smith

Youre my mum, a beautiful lady
youre simply the best,
hang up your pinny, and have some fun
today is mothers day, you derserve the rest.


Im so lucky by Susan Smith

Im so lucky to have a mum like you
so in this card i want to say,
how much i love and adore you
and to wish you a happy mothers day.


love you mum by Susan Smith

Mum you have a smile
that lights up a room,
you have a hug
which makes me feel safe,
you have a love
that you never shrug,
youre my mum
and i love you.

Happy Mothers day


MY DEAR MOTHER by Candice Woolfall

An dependable trustworthy lady she always strives to be.
Just ask anybody. I'm sure they will agree.

She's never to busy to hear the thoughts of my mind.
She's always thoughtful and genuinely kind.

A wonderful lady I surely do see.
To be more like her I hope to one day be.

Her loving and comforting words she gives from her heart.
To be a part of her legacy I'm proud to be apart.

Each year of my life I grow to love her more.
My dear Mother. The lady I admire and adore.


Special mum by Susan Smith

You are such a special mum
and today is mothers day
so in this card, comes bags of love
for you today and everyday


Special mum by Susan Smith

Mum you are a very special lady,
and i say this from my heart,
youve always been there for me,
even when we have been apart,
So this card today is sent to you,
on this your special day
to let you know i love you
and to wish you a happy mothers day


Mum by Amy Perry

Thank you for everything you have done
im so proud to call you mum
i thank god i have you every day
your so special mum in each and every way


Mum by Amy Perry

They dont make mums just like you
i love you like paper loves glue
you really are one of a kind
a mum like you is hard to find


Stepmom Love2 by Erica D Philip

You have been
a mother to me
in every way
that counts!
Wishing you
love and blessings
and much happiness.
Happy Mother's Day!


Mothers Day From Us by Amy Perry

Fathers day is a special day
so heres a message just for you
to say we love you today
and the whole year through


Mothers Day From Me by Amy Perry

Mothers day is a special day
so heres a message just for you
to say i love you today
and the whole year through


A Mum is for life - Mothers Day by Judith Flavel

A Mum is for life...
... not just for Mothers Day!


Mother's Helping Hand by Diane Hannah

Mother?s always there with a helping hand,
the person in my life who will understand.
You are always there when I am down,
When I need to talk you?re always around.
You can travel across the sea,
and won?t find anyone who loves you more than me.

Happy Mother?s Day


You are by Bodil Lundahl

Of all that is near
You are the nearest.
Of all that is dear
You are the dearest.


Wonderful Mother by Diane Hannah

You are the most wonderful
Mother in the world
You did such a great job raising me
I love you more than you will ever know.
I owe my life and my happiness to you.

With all my love on Mother?s Day


As Children by Diane Hannah

As children we never appreciate all
the things a Mother does.
Now that I am grown
with children of my own
I realize just how much you gave me.
Not just material things.
You gave me love, attention, and guidance.

Happy Mother?s Day


Thank you mum by Susan Smith

Mum you taught me many things,
all which i would need to know,
you were always there to advise me,
with lifes values, which you were shown,
so i thank you my darling mum,
from the bottom of my heart,
for those things you taught me,
in life, ive had a good start


Wonderful mothers day by Nick Bowley

When it comes
to mums
there's so much more to say
so hope you have
a wonderful,
mothers day


awful lot to say by Nick Bowley

When it comes to mums
there's an awful lot to say
so you know in my heart
I want you to have
a lovely mothers day


by Stefan Apetroae

A Mother is always there for you
No matter time, no matter place...
You?re always learning something new
And trying to do your best...


Mum by Susan Smith

Youre always so very gentle,
in the way youre always cared,
you are my mum and my best friend,
i love the closeness we always share,
youre a mum, whos always sweet and dear,
whos comfort fills my heart,
im always happy when we are near,
and never when we are apart.
Happy Mothers Day


mum by Nick Bowley

All the kind hearted
things you do
mean so much to me
there is no Mum in all the world
hope you love this card
from me


Mum by Susan Hurley

Mum you've always been there to guide me
And show me how never to grow up
Keep up the good work
Happy Mother's Day


Mothers Day by Susan Hurley

A Woman can be many things
A devoted Daughter
A supportive Sister
A loving Wife
A hard working home maker
A comforting Agony Aunt
A fun friend
But what makes a Woman extra special
Is when she is your Mum
Happy Mother's Day
From your loving Daughter


wonderful mum by Nick Bowley

Mum you mean the world to me
It's good to know
that you are there for me
thankyou for all what you have done
you really are a wonderful mum

Happy Mothers Day!


deserve a wonderful day by Nick Bowley

Made this card for you
as your my special Mum
and you deserve a wonderful day
Happy Mothers day!


mothering sunday by Nick Bowley

Mum you are so special
and i love you so
you've always been there for me
whenever i was low
your one in a million
you mean the world to me
so have a lovely day
on Mothering Sunday!


for mum by Nick Bowley

Mum you are so special
your loved in so many ways
have a lovely day
on Mothers Day

For Mum!


MOTHERS by Helen Gomm

Thank you for being
my mum

Thank you for
all you,v done

Thank you for
the laughter and the fun

Our arms around each other
your always be
my speical mum.


Special Auntie by Julie McGregor

Wishing a very
Special auntie
A lovely
Mothers day
With love and
Best wishes


best in the world by Nick Bowley

Mum! your the best in the world
Hope you have a lovely Day
Celebrating Mothers Day

Love you lots!


Women of the World by Sue Cumming

To the Women of the World -
We salute you
For you are all mothers of the earth -
With your love, nurture and nature
It takes six men to fill your worth.


Happy Hero Day by Sue Cumming

You don't have to be a mother
To have a special place in my heart
You've been a friend and a confidant
Right from the very start.
So I'd like to take the time to say
Think of this as 'My Hero Day'!



She Embroiders it with Silk and Gold by Janyce Cotterill

A Mothers love is endless,
Deep as the ocean blue,
She sacrifices many things,
In order to give to you,
Without her life would be poorer,
For she embroiders it with silk and gold,
For with a mothers love in our hearts,
We never do grow old.


Mothers Are So Special by Janyce Cotterill

Mothers are so special,
They give their love to you,
Their sacrifice, devotion, their undying love so true,
They stick by you through thick and thin,
They're there if things turn bad,
For a dear darling Mother,
Is the best friend you've ever had.


What is a Mum? by Angela Styles

A Mum is Marvellous
A Mum is Understanding
A Mum Makes time for you to share your dreams and worries.
Thank you for being my MUM!


To Mother by Margaret Jones

Who taught me how to kneel and pray
There at my bedside every day
Who sat with me to read a book
Who showed such love in every look
Who showed me how to know my worth
This loving angel here on earth
Can't be replaced by any other
My dearest, sweetest, loving Mother


MOTHER by Janice McFarlane

Many times I often ponder
Of the things that you have done
Times when I have wondered
How you have coped with life and won
Everlasting is your love no one ever could replace
Resplendent is your spirit, and amazing grace


Happy Mothers day Mom by Jan Barcelo

Happy Mothers day Mom
i brought you some roses today
to put on your grave
i miss you so much
and love you more everyday


What mother meens to me by Jan Barcelo

What mother meens to me
a woman that gives tender care
who's always there with love
and my best friend
this is what you meen to me


Happy Mothers Day by Jan Barcelo

Happy Mothers Day
if you still have your mom
then tell her how much you love her
don't wait till later
because tomorrow may never come


Just Like Mum by Sue Cumming

A little girls wish is to be like her mum
Who kisses the boo boos and is so much fun.
She chases away the scariest things
And her cuddles are as soft as gossamer wings.


I Love You, Mother by Margaret Jones

If I had had my choice of mothers
I'd choose you first above all others
I love you so, and want to say,
"Have a Wonderful Mother's Day."


Relax by Angela MacWillson

Its the day to sit and do nowt
Its the day to have a rest
Its the day to think about yourself
And do what you like best!
Happy Mothers Day!!!


deserve to be pampered by Nick Bowley

Mum it is your Special day
deserve to be pampered too
because it is Mothers day
to tell you
I love you!


You're the best by Corrine Penhale

Mum, you mean the world to me,
You are my one true friend,
You're always there with good advice,
And loving til the end,
You make me smile, you cheer me up,
You always take the time,
To be the one who cares for me,
And never ever whines,
I hope one day that I will be,
As great a Mum as you,
But for now, I know that I am loved,
And for that I thank you too.
You're the best.
Happy Mother's Day.


Happy Days by Angela MacWillson

You`re a very special Mum
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through
Happy Mother's Day


Mothers Day by Tracy Priddle

Oh Mother , Oh Mother
Your brought us up well
We're granting you a magical spell
All day you'll be happy
All day you'll be free
From ironing, housework and making our tea.
Put your feet up, relax and just chill
With all our love
Cos we think your brill
Happy Mothers Day!


Mothers Day by Tracy Priddle

Mam you mean the world to me
Your special, kind sweet and always as happy as can be
You look after me well
And I want you to know
I love you will all my heart
And I won't ever let go
With love on this special day from your Son!


Happy Days by Angela MacWillson

Because you're someone special
And a great pleasure to know,
This Happy Mother's Day wish
To you brings a warm Hello


Mothers Day Wishes by Angela MacWillson

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day
One thats filled with pleasure,
And a future that's as happy
As all the memories you treasure!


Mother's Day by Margaret Jones

If I had had to choose my mother -
You would have been first on the list

Happy Mother's Day, Mum


Mothers Day by Tracy Priddle

M = Marvellous
A = Angelic
M = Magnificent

These words means so very much
You have always been there for me
I want you to be as happy as can be.
I love You
Happy Mothers Day to a special Mam


My Wonderful Mother by Janice McFarlane

My Dearest Mother
On your special day
I want you to know
I have something to say
I thank you for all you have done for me
The sacrifices you've made especially
I want you to know how thankful I am
To have you in my life, I'll do all that I can
To let you know there is no other
Who is loved as much as
My wonderful Mother.


Number One Mum by Debra Jenkinson

Sometimes in our busy lives, our Mums take second place. We forget,or take for granted, she's our rock,our home,our base. So at this very special time, It's Mother's day for fun. Just take a seat, put up your feet, Today you're Number One

Sheila M.


Mothers Day by Tracy Priddle

M = Marvellous
U = Unbelievable
M = Magnificent

All these words are true
For a really special Mum like you
I love you
Happy Mothers Day


Mothers Day by Tracy Priddle

Mum I love you so much
You're always there for me
No matter what the problem can be

You were there for me

Happy Mothers Day


Mothers Day by Tracy Priddle

Mothers are great
Cos' they your mate
Who are always there for you
They will always look after you through and through
To my Mum I love you
Happy Mothers Day


Being There by Sue Cumming

When I fell you were there
To dry my tears and stroke my hair.
When any victory came my way
You were there to smile and say-
"Well done my dear" so it's clear to see
Just like an angel you watched over me.
I hope one day if you need me too
I'll be there to look after you.


A Mother's Love by Janice McFarlane

A Mother is someone
On whom you can depend
A counsellor, a confidant,
And undoubtedly a friend
Her Love is never failing,
In abundance it freely flows
Encompassing her offspring,
As on life?s journey they go
She is always there for you,
Even when you stumble and fall
A Mother?s Love is eternal and
The greatest gift of all.

J.McFarlane 2012


Happy Mothers Day to You by Jan Barcelo

Happy Mothers Day to You
may you feel loved today
there is nothing like a mother
she is special in every way


She's my day by Jan Barcelo

She's my day
she's my night
she's the one who gave me life
she's my mother
she's my light


You're more than a Mother by Margaret Swaby

You are more than a mother,
You're my best friend,
You mean so much to me.
Through thick and thin you've been there
And I hope that you always will be.
Words cannot express just how much I love you.

On mothers day I wish for you
Everything that you have been to me
Have a truly lovely day mum.


Love you mum by Amy Perry

A mum is special in everyway
they are there for you come what may
so heres a message for you just to say
i love you mum
and happy mothers day


Happy Mother's day in Heaven by Jan Barcelo

happy mothers day in heaven
this is your first year
i really do miss you
and wish you were here


Happy Mothers' Day Mum by Jane Wallace

You filled my days with rainbow lights,
Fairytales and 'sweet dream' nights,
A kiss to wipe away my tears,
Comforting words to ease my fears.
You gave the gift of life to me
And then in love, you set me free.
I thank you for your tender care,
For deep warm hugs and,.....
...just for being there.
Happy Mothers' Day, Mum


Mother by Susan Smith

I talk about you Mother,
with all my love and praise,
you are a beautiful person,
because of your loving ways,
you make me smile,
you wipe my tears,
you make my life worthwhile,
I love you mum, with all my heart,
and i always will.
Happy Mothers Day


Love you by Susan Smith

Happy Mothers day to you,
Happy Mothers day to you,
youre the best mum ever,
and i love you so much too.

Happy Mothers Day


wonderful mum by Susan Smith

Thank you lord for giving me,
a beautiful, and wonderful mother,
shes patient, thoughtful, my best friend,
and there is nobody quite like her,
she makes me laugh when i am down,
she nurses me when im ill,
shes always there, my darling mum
her love is unconditional.
Happy mothers day


Mum by Susan Smith

This day has come around again,
so this card is sent to you,
to wish you a happy mothers day,
and to let you know,
i love you more than words can say
today and everyday.


Mum in a Million by Susan Smith

Mum youre one in a million,
in words ill always say,
How much i love and adore you,
each and every day,
And lots of thanks are sent to you,
in everything in which you do,
so have a perfect mothers day


Special card by Susan Smith

This special card comes to tell you,
on this your special day,
How much youre loved and cherished,
each and every day.

Happy Mothers Day


mothers day by Steve Bowley

You didn't study for this job
Or have to pass an exam
So how come you turned out to be
The World's most expert Mam.

Happy Mothers Day


mothers day by Steve Bowley

I know how often I took you for granted
When I was growing up back then.
I always assumed you'd be there
... I needed you

And you always were.

Happy Mothers Day


mothers day by Steve Bowley

Have a really lovely Mother's Day
And may all your cards be beauties
Have a nice long rest before resuming
Your childminding duties

Happy Mothers Day


Special Mum by Debra Jenkinson

All Mothers are special in various ways, their love is constant and true.
They give and forgive and nothing will faze their courage and strength for you.
My Mother to me is priceless,made from God's special mould.
A Jewel among Mothers, what more can I say, For she has a heart of gold.

Sheila M.


Special Mum by Debra Jenkinson

All Mothers are special in various ways, their love is constant and true.
They give and forgive and nothing will faze their courage and strength for you.
My Mother to me is priceless,made from God's special mould.
A Jewel among Mothers, what more can I say, For she has a heart of gold.


Special mum by Susan Smith

This card comes especally for you,
Because youre as wonderful as they come,
Youre a very special lady,
and im so happy youre my mum.

Happy mothers day


Beautiful Mum by Susan Smith

For my beautiful mum,
On Mothers Day,
Hope your dreams come true
Because there is nobody,
As wonderful and special as you.


Hugs & kisses by Jean King

On Mother's day I have to say
"I love you each and every day"

Hugs & kisses sent to your way on

Mother's Day!


Special Mum by Carol Sear

A special mum is your closest friend, confidante, and always there to help,

Someone to rely on who will understand,

Someone full of good advice who does not claim to know it all,

Someone who will love you no matter what you have done,

Someone who is always there, that is what makes a mum.

With love and thanks
for everything you do
and all that you are, Mum.

Love you lots on this your day,
Happy Mother's Day.


My Mum by Carol Sear

What is a very special Mum?-
someone who always wants the best for her family -
someone who understands your thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams,
someone you can always count on
to love and protect you -
someone very special, Mum
Like you!

Have a Wonderful
Mother's Day


When I Look Back by Janyce Cotterill

When I look back upon the years,
You mother I do see,
Making our home happy
As you gathered us round your knee,
You'd tell us stories,
Make us laugh and take away our fears,
And if we ever got upset,
You'd help us dry all our tears,
One day a year doesn't seem enough,
To thank a mother like you,
But we will be forever in your debt for everything you still do.


Mom, Thank You by Erica D Philip

For all of the kind,
Caring things
That you do each
And every day ?
Thank you!


mothers day hearts and flowers by Nick Bowley

Mothers Day
is a special day
so I decided to make you a card
with heart and flowers
and sparkly things
I love you with all my Heart

Have a wonderful day


Mother's Day by Steve Bowley

You were always there as I grew up
And I'm very proud, I am
In the lottery of life, I'm a winner
I got the bestest Mam


Mother's Day by Steve Bowley

Mum, (Mam,) you are my everything
This card is sent to say
Relax, and put your feet up
On your very special day


Mother's Day by Steve Bowley

You were always there as I grew up
You're as lovely as they come
In the lottery of life, I got the best
I'm so proud that you're my Mum


My mom by Diana Parton

Thank you mom for being you
And always being there
For warming hands on cold winter days
And showing me that you care

Thank you mom for being you
For teaching me wrong from right
for telling me stories when I was sad
And holding me oh so tight

Now I am older and I understand
how patient you've been all these years
Thank you mom for just being you
And for wiping away all my tears


To a mother from her daughter. by Cheryl French

If I walk in your footsteps
I know I'll never falter.
Because you're the greatest Mother
And I'm proud to be your daughter.


What is a Mum by Margaret Jones

A chauffeur when you need a ride
A friend who's always by your side
A nurse to tend you when you fall
A secretary who will take a call
A banker when you need a loan
A shoulder when you feel alone
A seamstress when you need repair
A stylist to help you fix your hair
She's all these things, and all for free
Dear Mum, Thank you, Love from Me


Mothers Mean So Much by Janyce Cotterill

Sometimes in this busy life we simply do forget,
The people who mean the most to us and will be forever in their debt,
So on this special Mother's Day,
A days that's all your own,
We/I thank you for all the time you gave and all the love you've shown,
May your day be filled with all good things,
With joy and laughter too,
For no one else in the whole wide world deserves it more than you!


Mum like you by Cindy Thompson

It means so much
throughout the year
To have a mum like you
you're loving, warm and caring
very understanding too.
That's why this message
comes with thanks
and special love.
To wish you all the happiness
you're so deserving of.
Happy Mothers Day


Mum by Carol Sear

Love brings a special strong emotion
and it is what I feel for you
I love you for the things you do
and the fact that you are you
I Do Love You, Mum

With love to you today

Your Special Day


Day of Rest for you on Mothers Day by Rob Jackson

Mum I might not show it,
But I really think you are great,
Its time to put your feet up,
The ironing can wait.


Fun & Laughter on Mothersday Day by Rob Jackson

Mum, I saw this....
And thought of you
"I watched you run in the park today
I heard you laugh, I helped you play
I had a million things, I wanted to say
....So I hugged you"
Mum, I've got a million things I want to say
....but for now .....Happy Mothers Day


All the things you do by Rob Jackson

Sending this, Mum, especially to say
Wishing you a happy
And wonderful day...
And to tell you this day will always be one
For remembering the many
Sweet things you have done!


My Wonderful Mother by Rob Jackson

The heart of a home is a mother
Whose love is warm and true,
And home has always been "sweet home"
With a wonderful mother like you!


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