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Card Verses in Religious Celebration · Easter

IT'S EASTER by Hilda Mullinger

It's Easter time
Time to have some fun
Go find those hidden Easter Eggs
And eat a Hot Cross Bun


His Spirit by Sandra Carlse

For He has risen upon this Earth
His spirit is around us all
This Easter time is time to pause
for the glorious one - Our Lord.
Easter Blessings


Happy Easter by Sandra Carlse

May all the joys of
this glorious season
be with you for the
rest of the year to come.
Happy Easter


Bunny Rabbits by Sandra Carlse

Bunny rabbits & Easter eggs
a sign that Spring is here
We celebrate this special time
with all that we hold dear.
Easter Wishes


Blessings of Easter by Pennyann Mahoney

With the Blessings of Easter
Comes the promise of spring.
Flowers arrive in a cluster
And the birds sweetly sing.

The lambs in the fields dance
All life reborn a-new.
Is summer on it's way perchance?
With the hours of darkness but a few..


Easter Blessing by Margaret Mullan

May you and your family have an easter filled with love and happiness
and enjoy the joys of spring,


May it Fill Your Heart with Hope by Janyce Cotterill

May the knowledge that Christ died,
But rose again,
Fill your heart with hope and joy -
Today and Forever.


Easter Blessings by Margaret Swaby

May the blessings of Easter be with you
Today & all year through



Easter eggs and bunnies
Children think is the Easter story
But the true story of Easter
Is of Jesus rising to Glory


The Peace that Remains by Janyce Cotterill

It's a time of special reflection,
Of when Christ died on the cross,
To save the world of sinners,
The skies darkened - all felt lost,
Yet three days later,
The stone rolled back,
And Jesus lived again,
That joy will live in many hearts,
As the peace of it remains.


Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns by Janyce Cotterill

Easter eggs and hot cross buns,
Chocolate bunnies too,
Remind us that it's Springtime,
As daffodils come into view,
So special wishes are in this card,
That's made especially for you,
May your Easter time be joyful,
With lots of things to do.


The Story Often Told by Janyce Cotterill

It's the story very often told,
Of Christ dying on the cross,
The disciples left behind,
Were devastated at their loss,
Yet three days later he arose again,
A joyous day for all,
And that is why we celebrate,
The story often told,
So midst the chocolate Easter eggs,
The bunnies and daffodils tall,
Just spare a thought for the Easter message,
And how Christ died to save us all.


AN EASTER BLESSING by Hilda Mullinger

May God grant you peace and tranquillity this Easter.
My prayers are for you and your family at this special time.


EASTER EGG HUNT by Hilda Mullinger

The children are all hunting
For chocolate Easter eggs
They are hoping to find at least one
As they rush on tired legs

Maybe they'll find a Bunny
Made of chocolate as well
They search around the house
Will they find then?, time will tell


Easter greeting by Susan Smith

We send this easter greeting
especially for you,
hope you have a special time
with lots of chocolate too.


Easter time by Susan Smith

Easter time is here again
ive sent this card to say,
have a locely weekend
and a happy easter sunday.


The Season of Expectation by Janyce Cotterill

Easter eggs and chocolate,
Bunnies and daffodils,
It's the time for pretty bonnets,
We're free from winter chills,
It's the season of expectation,
When everything is new,
And at this special time of year,
I send all my love to you!


The Signs of Spring! by Janyce Cotterill

The signs of Spring are all around,
For everyone to see,
The tiny buds,
The nesting birds,
Are high up in the trees,
The sun is shining brightly,
The lambs gambol up the hill,
And as we look across the fields,
We see a host of daffodils.


The End of Winter Chills! by Janyce Cotterill

Easter eggs and daffodils,
Lambs gamboling on the hills,
The scene is set for springtime,
The end of winter chills,
It's the time of birds and building nests,
Easter bonnets and all things new,
So at this very special season,
I send Easter wishes to you!


Easter is a Joyful Time by Janyce Cotterill

Easter is a joyful time,
A time of all things new,
Little lambs, daffodils,
And chocolate eggs for you,
It's the time when birds are singing,
And building all their nests,
It's time when upon God's earth,
We do feel truly blessed,
So do enjoy this season,
Celebrate our changing Earth,
As we look with awe and wonder,
At nature's wonderful rebirth.


AT EASTER TIME by Hilda Mullinger

The Easter chicks and bunnies
Will soon be out to play
Hot cross buns and simnel cake
Will be eaten on Easter Day

Easter eggs made of chocoate
Will be eaten by the score
Everyone will enjoy the feast
But their tummies will feel very sore


Easter is Here Once More by Janyce Cotterill

Birds are building nests,
Buds are upon the trees,
Easter time is here once more,
For everyone to see,
The gamboling of the lambs,
Daffodils nodding in the breeze,
Giving the promise of all things wonderful,
As the sun comes out to please.


Choc egg by Amy Perry

A little brown bunny
with a little chocolate treat
yummy and soft for you to eat


Hot Cross Buns by Nick Bowley

Chocolate eggs
Hot cross buns
easter is a lot of fun!


Easter jesus rose by Nick Bowley

Jesus rose for us this day
he came back to life
on Easter day
we also celebrate with chocolate too
remembering what he had to do


chocolate eggs by Nick Bowley

Chocolate eggs
there yummy too!
so please can
I just have a few!


Easter Things by Cherie Bell

Bunnies and children are hopping along.
Laughing and smiling and singing a song.
We have chocolates and eggs bring cheer.
You can tell it's Easter time again this year!


He is Risen by Nick Bowley

He is risen
on this special day
to celebrate his life
on Easter Day


by Stefan Apetroae

All I wish for Easter
Is to have a great feaster!


Together At Easter by Belinda Ellingham

Easter is for getting together
Family, Friends even better.
Sharing time with each other.



A Kid's Dream by Belinda Ellingham

Easter Eggs are such a delight
Wrapped in paper colours so bright.
Oh! so tempting once they're open

Wrappers opened all in haste
All the Kids love the sweet taste.
So very tasty and delicious

Yummy, gooey, reluctant to share
Chocolate on their face, in their hair.
Having a good time does anyone care!


Little Bunny! by Belinda Ellingham

Oh! Little Bunny on my card
To let me know Easter's arrived.
Easter Eggs for the Children
Some for Adults, not surprised!
So much chocolate at this time
If I had my way it'll all be mine.



Easter Cheer by Sally McIntyre

Easter comes but once a year,
so we send you best wishes
and cheer,
Have a wonderful family time
and think of us this Easter time


Easter Blessings by Margaret Swaby

Hoping that this easter you are blessed
with lots f joy and happiness.
May God bless you too.


this easter lets by Jan Barcelo

this easter lets
turn our eyes on Jesus
and what he did for us
with his life he paid our debts


happy easter by Jan Barcelo

happy easter
remember what the day is about
and glory in the cross
for God loves us all no doubt


bunnies by Nick Bowley

Hippity, Hoppity
the bunnies are out to play
to celebrate
Easter Day!


Thinking of you at Easter by Sally McIntyre

Thinking of you at Easter
and it comes but comes but once a year
that time is almost here,
so we send our thoughts
and special wishes
for a time of celebration and cheer

Happy Easter


Easter Bunny by Dawn Shoots

The Easter Bunny is on his way
His basket full of eggs, just for you
Hip Hip Hooray! It's Easter Day!


Easter Fun by Angela Styles

Easter is a time of fun
With eggs and surprises for everyone.
Time for families to get together
And say "hello" whatever the weather!


Easter by Steve Bowley

Hello yellow
For chicks and daffodils
Playing, swaying in the Springtime breeze
Howdi brown,( not for trees)
But for Chocolate,chocolate...and more chocolate

Happy Spring
Happy Easter


Easter by Steve Bowley

May all of you share an Easter
That's bright and sunny, too-
Filled with love and happiness
In every way for you.

Happy Easter


Easter by Steve Bowley

Have a very happy Easter
And may you find
Spring has left
The Winter behind


Easter by Steve Bowley

Easter duck and Easter chick,
Easter eggs with chocolate thick,
Easter hats for one and all,
Easter bunny makes a call!
Happy Easter always brings
Such a lot of pleasant things!


Easter by Steve Bowley

This is a special hand made Easter card
With a message to impart
May you enjoy some Springtime magic
These words are from the heart

Happy Easter


Easter by Steve Bowley

Have the happiest of Easters
And the springiest of Springs

easter spring poem verse

verses for easter cards

It's Eastertime, once again
This hand-made card's to say
Have a basketful of Springtime Smiles
And a happy Easter Day


Easter by Steve Bowley

The tiny bunny
Is working all day long
Decorating Easter eggs
While humming a song
He is having so much fun
Making eggs for you and me
And small chocolate bunnies
That he gives away free
But when he is finished
He'll bring them your way
In a big coloured basket
Upon Easter day

Happy Easter


Easter by Steve Bowley

Guess who's hop, hop, hopping your way?
To wish you a hap, hap, happy Holiday.
Loaded with goodies made just for you.
It's the Easter Bunny
That's who.

Happy Easter


Easter by Steve Bowley

Easter brings the best surprises,
Baby chicks and buds in bloom
And Spring sunshine
That fills your room.

Happy Easter


May you have a blessed Easter by Jan Barcelo

May you have a blessed Easter
we will all pose
in our sunday go to meeting clothes
and on that day forget our woes


Have a wonderful Easter by Jan Barcelo

Have a wonderful Easter
but let's remember what
this day is about
that Jesus die for all of us
so that our sins would
be forgiven for evermore


The Angels have Said by Jan Barcelo

The Angels have Said
Jesus is gone !
his tomb is empty
and he lives forever,amen


Jesus is risen by Jan Barcelo

Jesus is risen
the stone of his tomb
has been moved
not for him to get out
but for us to get in


Happy Easter he is risen by Jan Barcelo

Happy Easter he is risen
his body isn't here anymore
he sits at the Father's side
to one day come for us all


Happy Easter by Jan Barcelo

Happy Easter
when they went to the tomb
of our Lord Jesus
he was gone te tomb was empty
Jesus lives forever more


Easter Blessings by Linda Battrick

~May the resurrection of our lord
continue giving you blessings
today and always.
God bless


for you by Angela MacWillson

Tinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy easter
Wishes to you!


This easter think about this by Jan Barcelo

This easter think about this
Jesus not here he's gone
the tomb is empty
he is now sitting beside his father in heaven


Greetings by Angela MacWillson

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Easter Greetings


Easter by Margaret Jones

Each flower and tree
that somes to life again
each Spring
Is a reminder to us
that we will be reborn
if we just believe.


Easter by Margaret Jones

Easter is a time for reflection...
Remember the one who made
the ultimate sacrifice
and was born again
So that we too might be born again


May you have a blessed Easter by Jan Barcelo

May you have a blessed Easter
let us rejoice
because of what
Jesus did for you and me
on this very day


wishing you a hoppy easter by Jan Barcelo

wishing you a hoppy easter
may you get lots of candy
to fill your basket
and all of that will be just dandy


i've hopped and i've hopped by Jan Barcelo

i've hopped and i've hopped
till i'm about to drop
i've hide eggs all over the place
but don't get chocolate all over your face


Time for Fun! by Angela Styles

Easter comes when it is Spring
Animals new and young run in the fields and are a joy to see.
The brightly coloured Chocolate eggs can be fun to find.
This all makes it a special time for you and me.


Happy Easter by Susan Smith

Happy Easter to you,
Happy Easter to you,
We wish you gods blessings,
Enjoy your eggs too.


Easter Time by Sandra Carlse

Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies
Yellow tulips and baby lambs
Easter comes with lots of fun
We hope this joy will be with you.

Happy Easter


Jesus rose by Nick Bowley

Children all excited
lots of chocolate eggs
with lots of lovely colours too
because it's a special day
a time when we celebrate
when Jesus rose,
here on Easter Day


Easter Wishes by Sandra Carlse

Easter wishes are sent to you
At this special time of year
With the sun now shining
And the flowers growing
It's not long now for
Summer to show.

Happy Easter Wishes


Spring has come! by Julie McGregor

Spring has come!
And easter is here
Lets remember why
we celebrate
Christ the lord
Died to save us all

Have a happy easter


The Easter Bunny by Jane Wells

Easter Bunny loves to hop,
His basket full of treats,
Over the fence and behind the tree,
He loves to hide his sweets.

Sticky, chewy yummy and tasty,
Jellybeans big and small,
But it's always the chocolate that we love best,
The favourite of them all!

Happy Easter!


yummy eggs by Nick Bowley

Easter time has arrived
Oh! yummy
there's lots of chocolate eggs
especialy for my tummy

Have a yummy Easter


yummy eggs by Nick Bowley

Easter time has arrived
Oh! yummy
there's lots of chocolate eggs
especialy for my tummy

Have a yummy Easter


Easter Wishes by Margaret Jones

As the Mummy Rabbit said to the Daddy Rabbit,
?Have a very HOPPY Easter.?


Egg-cited by Susan Powell-Barton

Getting Egg-cited?
It is Easter time.
From one chirpy Chick to another.
Happy Easter.


The Symbol of the Cross by Janyce Cotterill

To many Christians Easter signifies the symbol of the cross,
It was the time Christ was crucified,
The disciples felt his loss,
Yet joy was around the corner,
As on the Third Day he rose again,
And the hope of the Easter story,
Forever with us will remain.

May the message of Easter season,
Bring much hope and peace to you,
And the promise that the Spring will bring,
Much joy in all you do.


Easter - The Sign of Spring by Janyce Cotterill

Easter is the sign of Spring,
The time of all things new,
It speaks of bunnies, lambs and chicks,
And yellow daffodils too,
So on this special season,
When Spring is all around,
May love and hope and joy,
In your heart always be found.


Hopping along by Sally McIntyre

easter bunny,
hopping along,
just to see you ,
with chocolate and foil,
hoping that you will enjoy
your easter


Easter time by Nick Bowley

At Easter we have eggs, Bunnies ,and chicks
Basket of flowers, with
little white Lambs, playing in the sun
celebrating Eater can be fun!

Happy Easter


easter is not about by Jan Barcelo

Easter is not about
Bunnies,candy and eggs to dye
But about our lord on a old cross
So rejoice and lift your voices on high


Signs of Spring! by Janyce Cotterill

When the signs of Spring are here,
When the birds sing loud and clear,
When the daffodils with their bobbing heads poke their shoots up from their garden beds,
When the lambs gambol in the grass then we know the winter has past.
This is Easter with its special joy bringing chocolate eggs to girls and boys.
May the hope and brightness that his season brings fill your heart with all good things.


Bunny Rabbit Hops by Karen Wyeth

Bunny Rabbits love to hop
A joyful bounce this time of year.
They bound with joy
And leap with pride
To spread the Happy Easter Cheer.

With warmest Easter thoughts
for a Wonderful Easter.



happy Easter Day by Margaret Tobin

Lots of special wishes
Are being sent your way
To wish you all the pleasures
Of a Happy Easter Day


Happy Easter Wishes by Margaret Jones

Chocolate eggs and bunnies too
Lots of goodies, all for you
Here's a little card to say
Happy, Happy Easter Day


The Message of Easter by Alison Roots

Chocolate eggs are given and eaten,
but cannot compare with the message of Easter.
The Lord has risen,
New life He has given.
Give thanks for salvation
and live in His light.


Easter i sHere by Alison Roots

Chicks are hatching
and bunnies are hopping.
Spring is coming
and Easter is here.


Happy Easter by Rob Jackson

An Easter time wish
For each wonderful thing
This happy and joyful
Season can bring.


Distant Easter Wishes by Rob Jackson

This special Easter greeting
comes across the miles today
To let you know you're thought of
In the very warmest way.


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