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View Crafter ProfileAngela Green

A Gift

What a wonderful gift from Heaven above
A beautiful baby for you to love

Many Congratulations!

View Crafter ProfileJane Wells

Proud Parents

The washing and the feeding,
Your work has just begun,
Now that you are parents
Of a gorgeous baby son,
The new beginnings of babyhood,
They grow up so very fast,
The endearing, loving baby stage,
Enjoy it while it lasts!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Time for Celebrations!

It's time for celebrations and sharing in your joy,
For you are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy!
It's all so very exciting,
It's all so very new,
There are so many happy years ahead for both of you!

View Crafter ProfileNadege Burness

From Heaven Above .

A new little baby
With a cute button nose
With 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes
Could only be sent from heaven above
To fill your heart and fill your home
With unconditional love

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

A New Baby to Care For

You have a new baby to care for,
You have a new baby to love,
You have a new baby that's special,
He's God given, sent from above,
May he be blessed with a wonderful pathway,
May he always be healthy and strong,
May his years always be happy and carefree,
And may his life be rewarding and long.

View Designer ProfileRob Jackson

Precious Little One

May your precious little one
fill your lives with happy days
in many new
and countless ways.

View Crafter ProfileMargaret Swaby


It's hard to believe that your bump,
That grew and grew and grew,
Turned into not one, not two,
But three beautiful babies.
Just how lucky are you!
Congratulations on the birth of your triplets

View Designer ProfileRob Jackson

Mum and Dad

To the lucky pair who now will share
The love of someone small,
To the "Someone New" a welcome, too,
And Best Wishes to you All!
Precious one, so small,
So sweet dancing in on angel feet
Straight from Heaven's brightest star, what a miracle you are!

View Crafter ProfileErica D Philip

Baby Shower 1

Whether it be girl or boy
I know it will be such a joy.
Just look at how radiant you've become;
To this child you'll be a really great mom!

View Crafter ProfileErica D Philip

New Baby Congrats

Congratulations to you (Name Here),
As we celebrate this child yet to be born,
A gift from the Lord above;
Someone very special, for you to cherish and love.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Your Brand New Daughter!

Your baby girl has just arrived,
How happy you must be,
To have a brand new daughter,
To add to your family,
There'll be lots of pretty things,
Love and laughter too,
But most of all your little girl will bring much joy to you!

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