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View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Grandparents at Last

Your dreams have been realized,
Grandparents like you have yearned ,
Many years of hard work raising your kids, and now it's your turn to Spoil, love and hand back, when nappies need changing, screaming to much
Best of all is the unconditional love and Joy, you get everytime you hold their little hands or see the smiles,
Grandparents are members of a special Club
Enjoy every minute

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

A New Baby Grandson

I put this together to welcome my friend's new grandson, Ross to the world. I thought I'd share it here with you, someone might find it useful.

A new little grandson,
All dressed in blue,
A new little grandson,
How wonderful for you,
He'll steal your heart,
With his little boy charm,
You'll treasure, you'll love him,
You'll keep him from harm,
May his pathway through life,
Be blessed with good things,
May your life be enhanced,
By the joy that he brings,
Then as the years pass,
And you watch how he grows,
From a babe to a man,
There's one thing he'll know,
How much he is loved,
By grandparents like you,
Who will be there to support him,
To help him get through,
But for now just relax,
Enjoy this little man,
Who will brighten your days,
The best way he can!

View Crafter Profileann cunningham

Grandparents Your So Special

Someone Special
Someone Dear, Someone New to Love is Here, Just for the Grandparents in the World

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

You Have a Brand New Grandchild

You have a brand new grandchild,
What a wonderful time for you,
You don't have all the responsibility,
Yet you can share in the caring too,
You'll have so much fun with your grandchild,
Enjoying their life as they grow,
It's a special and unique relationship,
That only grandparents like you are to know.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

A Special Grandson! (or Granddaughter)

You have a special Grandson to treasure and to love,
I know you'll be excited he's sent down from Heaven above,
You'll be there to hold him close,
Give cuddles by the score,
A beautiful, gorgeous, Grandson to worship and adore.

Easily changed to 'Granddaughter' and 'she' instead of 'he'

View Crafter ProfileJan Barcelo

Congradulations on Being Grandparents

Congradulations on being grandparents
it's better the second time around
all you have to do is love them
then go home where there's no sound

View Crafter ProfileCaroline Durnell

Twin Grandchildren

A baby girl
A baby boy
New twin grandchildren
Such a joy
Special little treasures
Sent from above
Double the fun
Double the love

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Grandparents at Last

Excitement in your voice
As you tell me you are Grandparents
You have been looking forward to
Joining the exclusive club
The Grandparents Club
I am a proud member
And we are pleased you have joined as well
Congratulations to you all

View Crafter ProfileBelinda Ellingham

Fantastic News

Congratulations on such Fantastic News.
You deserve great joy in your lives and must feel so proud.
Grandparents are so important in a child's future, there aren't any better than you.

Enjoy the Wonderful time you will have together.

View Designer ProfileAmy Perry


A grandchild so small and sweet
a little person you cant wait to meet
with little fingers and little toes
you will be proud grandparents
where ever you go

View Designer ProfileSally McIntyre

Congratulations Nana and Pa

Congratulations on becoming Grandparents, may you have years and years of happiness and closeness with your grand child

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

What a Blessing for You Two

Congratulations grandparents,
How lovely it is for you,
To have a brand new grandchild,
What a blessing for you two,
She'll keep you on your toes,
With fun and laughter too,
It's all so very exciting,
You'll have lots of things to do!

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Baby Joy for Oma and Opa

A baby boy
Oh what a joy
Oma and Opa filled with love
Waiting for their very first hug
Congratulations to you all

View Designer ProfileSally McIntyre

Congratulations Grand Ma and Grand Pa

Congratulations on attaining the
position of grandparents.
May your grand child bring you much joy and happiness

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

She'll Make Your Heart Sing!

A brand new grandchild,
To love and adore,
A brand new grandchild,
Who could ask for anything more?
She'll have so much love,
From both of you,
You'll have so many outings,
The three of you,
So enjoy all the pleasures,
That being a grandparent brings,
She'll brighten your days,
And make your heart sing.

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Congratulations Grandparents

Grandparents are very lucky and special
The gift given to you by your children is fantastic and payback for the hassles they gave you growing up
Now you can love and spoil your beautiful new grandchild, knowing you can hand them back.
May you have lots of fun and joy watching this little person grow, learn to speak and say Grandma, or Grandpa it is a joy to behold

View Designer ProfileSally McIntyre

What is a Grandparent

When you become a grandparent, you are given the right to make decisions
for your grand child that their parents won't like,give them things you would never have given your own children, and generally have fun and hand them back to their parents.
love every minute of it

View Designer ProfileJulie Hassall

A New Baby Grandson-how Wonderful

A new baby Grandson/Granddaughter - how wonderful!
We are sure that she will bring you much pleasure

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Grandparents at Last

How much fun you will have now you have a Grandchild
Special Times are ahead for you
With cuddles and Games
So much Fun
Enjoy being Grandparents

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