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Card Verses in Congratulations · Retirement

TO MY RETIRED HUSBAND by Hilda Mullinger

Now that you have retired
And getting all your pension
Will you be able to buy me roses
Also the diamonds I forgot to mention?


A snapshot of your career (midwife) by Julie Teszke

As this is your last working year
Here's a snapshot of your career
You took care of and gave advice to Mum's
Looked after babies and palpated tums
You helped with feeding babies too You even helped to clean up babies poo
Delivering babies was part of your role
To give good care was always your goal
You've achieved so much in your life
As a good caring and proficient midwife
So as you look back on the life you had
Remember all you did for each Mum and Dad.

Happy Retirement


Time has come by Susan Smith

So now the day has come
as you now retire
we wish you all the very best,
as you relax and enjoy
these days which you've been waiting for.


RETIRING SOON by Hilda Mullinger

I hear you are retiring soon
Good Luck and Good Health for the future
I know you love gardening and walking the paths
And getting back to nature


A Day When There's No Work To Do! by Janyce Cotterill

It's time to enjoy a birthday,
On a day when there's no work to do,
You're enjoying a celebration,
And a retirement that's especially for you,
For now is the time to sit back,
Let others take up the reins,
So relax and enjoy a quieter life,
Take everything in the slow lane.


golf by Julie McGregor

Wishing you a
Wonderful retirement
On the Golf course !!
With best wishes



So you are about to retire
Well enjoy the rest you have earned
Stay late in bed if you feel inclined
I know this day you have yearned
Happy Retirement


No Way by Susan Tither

Who ever said your past it didn't know
you all that well,

You may be retiring but will you slow
down.........uuuh, nooo way ,like hell.


Slippers by Susan Tither

Slippers waiting by the fire,
Cross word waiting to

Sod that lets all go down the pub
No more work lets down a few.


The Heap by Susan Tither

So you've reached that age

your on the heap,

no more the daily grind.

Just sit back relax and ponder

and never look behind.


Enjoy the days ahead by sandra Wales

Coffee mugs you have aplenty
but these are special ones you see
for they are filled
with wishes well
for health and happiness
for both of you
so now to rest upon your laurels
its time to smell the roses
to stand and stare
but not for long
for future years are beckoning
now to enjoy the days ahead
with family and friends
Good Luck on your retirement


HAPPY RETIREMENT by Hilda Mullinger

You have reached that certain age when at last you can do what you want to do.

You can take up new hobbies, make new friends, go for walks or get up late.

Retirement means not having to go to work, just deciding what you will do to fill that day.



Congratulations on your Retirement by Diane Vermeer

Retirement, what does that mean?
Fun and trouble free life,
Plan it well and you will enjoy every Minute of reaping what you have sown over the years.
I hope each day is fun filled, with Joy and Learning new tricks and making new friends
Congratuations on reaching the Senior years. Enjoy


You earned it by Karen Faulds

You earned it, now enjoy it!


65 TODAY by Hilda Mullinger

65 is retirement age
Or so the story goes
Staying on is all the rage
To see if your pension grows


STARTING LIFE AGAIN by Hilda Mullinger

Now your retirement has come around
You only look half your age
I really think that you have found
That age is a number and only a stage


RETIREMENT by Hilda Mullinger

Enjoying life to the full
Is what it's all about
Playing bowls, going for walks
Or knitting a ball of wool


Shut Up Shop! by Janyce Cotterill

I never thought I'd see the day,
When you finally retired,
Shut up shop, downed tools,
Pipe and slippers by the fire,
You've finally found the time,
To enjoy life at a slower pace,
At last you are the spectator,
Not running in the race,
So enjoy the world of retirement,
It holds many things in store,
And as the days go rolling on,
You'll be doing so much more!


ENJOY YOUR DAYS by Hilda Mullinger

Become a lady of leisure
Enjoy the retirement you have worked for
It really can be such a pleasure
To browse round the shops by the score


LADY OF LEISURE by Hilda Mullinger

You retire from work very soon
You will relax and feel just fine
You'll enjoy a good lunch
And I have a hunch
You won't have to be watching the time


RETIRING by Hilda Mullinger

I hear you are about to leave work
I hear you're about to retire
You can get up quite late
Have a pint with your mate
Dressed up in your non working attire


Retirement Has Come Early by Janyce Cotterill

Your retirement has come early,
I know it's not without regret,
But sometimes in life the hand that we're dealt,
Isn't where we placed our bet,
But I'm sure as time passes,
You'll find much to fill your day,
And you'll soon begin to wonder,
That maybe life IS better this way!


RELAX by Hilda Mullinger

At last you are retiring
Put your feet up and relax
Don't worry about your work now
Just think of paying less tax

You could enjoy some gardening
Maybe a spot of DIY
Who knows you may even have time
To play the game I SPY



Happy Retirement by Diane Vermeer

Got the Boat
The fishing rods too
Of you go exploring
Everyday, life is a new experience
Enjoy your new Adventures
Retirement can be fun


Retirement by Diane Vermeer

Enjoy your Retirement
Get stuck into
The Bucket List right from the start
Forget leaving money for the kids
Just get out there and follow your dreams
So lots of love and anticipation
of hearing stories of your travels
in your retirement


Time to Down Tools! by Janyce Cotterill

It's time to down tools,
It's time to take things slow,
It's time to move out the fast lane,
It's time to pass the load,
You've worked hard for many years,
Now it's time to rest,
Raise a glass and celebrate,
The next years are the best!


Retirement How Great by Diane Vermeer

Now that you have retired,
What fun you can have
The list the wife has ready for you to do
Will keep you busy
You should have thought of this before
you took the plunge, and left wotk
So good luck and much Joy on this your Retirement Day


Happy Retiremant by Diane Vermeer

Now that you have retired, it does not mean you lay in bed,
Watch TV or laze around
I have waited for this time and the list of jobs i have abound,
So now you got your way and retired
Please start on the list of jobs, or i will call in the nice young handy man down the road to attend to my needs.
The list is on the kitchen table
From your Loving Wife


Congratulations by Susan Smith

Congratulations on your retirement
you can now sleep in late,
no more of those early mornings,
isn't your life just great.


Happy Retirement by Carmelina Borg Cuschieri

A colleague...
You're more than that
Helping when it's needed
Working for a job well done
And guiding to complete it

Now it's time for you to rest
And share with friends around you
The joy of doing what you love
Health and happiness surround you

Happy Retirement!


Put your Feet up! by Janyce Cotterill

It's time to put your feet up,
It's time to take a rest,
It's time to be an expert,
In knowing that retirement is best,
For doing all the things,
You've never had time to do,
Brings a sense of much fulfilment,
And many joys to you!


Its arrived by Susan Smith

Your retirement day has arrived darling,
its now your turn to rest
you deserve this time for yourself,
to do the things you like best.


New life by Susan Smith

Good luck and good wishes
in your new retirement life,
a new chapter is starting for you,
im sure your days will be filled with odd jobs,
if its anything to do with your wife.


Going to miss you by Susan Smith

All of us are gonna miss you,
so we send this card to say,
we wish you all the very best
on this your retirement day.


Retirement for the Teacher! by Janyce Cotterill

Your school days now are over,
The fun has just begun!
So throw away the rule book,
It's time to break every one!
No more meeting deadlines,
Risk assessments and more,
It's time to put those files down,
And head right out that door!
You'll miss your students and staff,
And the buzz of the busy day,
But you will have so much to look forward to,
As you retire today!


Retirement starts by Susan Smith

As your retirement starts,
and this new life starts for you,
i hope you do all those things,
youve dreamed, and looked foward to.


Retirement date by Susan Smith

Your retirement date is here,
a time to do those special things,
youve never had time to do,
so enjoy this time you have,
and take things really slow,
youve worked so hard all your life,
now this time is just for you.


Retirement day by Susan Smith

Your retirement day is here,
we will miss you everyday,
you will have the time for all those jobs,
that you keep on putting at bay.

Theres no more clocking in
no more clocking out,
the only thing you'll have to do,
is relax and laze about


Happy Retirement! by Jo Trimgym

Over 20 Years in this job you?ve grown.
For 20 Years you?ve made this job your own.
Although we will all miss you,
I?m sure we all want to wish you:

A Very Happy Retirement!

(NB: the number of years can be changed to suit)


congrates on your retirement by Jan Barcelo

congrates on your retirement
you have worked so hard
so now it's time to take it easy
and play you some cards


Relax by Angela MacWillson

Its time to sit and do nowt
Its time to have a rest
Its time to think about yourself
And do what you like best!
Happy Retirement!!!


Retirement means ... by Sue Way

Tomorrow is the day
you start all of the things
you never had time for
Retirement means ...
"time for fun!"


Glad to hear that you have Retired by Jan Barcelo

Glad to hear that you have retired
you can do anything you desire
like fishing & golfing and a lot more
and i hope you will never be bored


Congradulations on Your Retirement by Jan Barcelo

congradulations on your retirement
you have worked hard for it


As i look out my window by Jan Barcelo

As i look out my window
down at our pond
i'm so glad that you are retired
because now you can mow the lawn


Happy Retirement by Margaret Jones

Have a Happy Retirement
We are certainly going to miss you
Have fun doing all things you WANT to do
Rather than all the things you HAVE to do


Happy Retirement by Margaret Jones

All the gang wishes you a Happy Retirement
We?re going to miss your smiling face around the office
The closer it was to payday, the bigger the smile became!

Best Wishes on your Retirement


We Miss You by Margaret Jones

All the gang wanted to me write and let you know
How much we miss you
And your smiling face
(And your chocolate chip cookies too!)

(Drop in for a visit anytime)


Remember by Susan Powell-Barton

A time to remember the good and the bad.
A time to remember the succes you have had.
A time to sit back and reminisce and be glad.
A time to take things easy and not go mad.

Happy Retirement.


Enjoy your retirement by Sally McIntyre

You have earn't your retirement
and I am sure that you have plans in mind
Make the most of your retirement
Well Done


Best Wishes on your Retirement by Margaret Jones

Now you'll be twice as busy!

(But at least you'll be doing what you want - not what the boss wants)


Retirement humour by Steve Bowley

You're retired
Goodbye tension,
Hello pension!

Enjoy your retirement years


Retirement by Steve Bowley

As one chapter ends
Another begins for you
Enjoy all the things
You've been looking forward to

A very happy retirement to you


Humour by Steve Bowley

Over the lips and past the gums
Look out dentures
Here I come


limes are green by Jan Barcelo

Limes are green
Bananas are yellow
You deserve your retirement
Because you are a wonderful fellow.


A New Lease of Life by Angela Styles

Well done you have made it Retirement is fun!
Make the most of each new option
Like most others have done.
New friends and activities
Challenges and skills.
A new lease of life is ahead of you now
Enjoy it !


Good Luck on your Retirement by Susan Powell-Barton

As you retire, look back and be
proud of all the work you have done.
Look forward to friends andpleasures
that await you.
Enjoy every day. Good Luck


Good Luck on Your Retirement by Margaret Jones

Now you can tell the boss
all those things you wanted to say
but were afraid of getting fired
It's OK to say them now
'cos tomorrow you'll be retired!


Time to Take it Easy! by Janyce Cotterill

It's time to take it easy,
It's time to take a rest,
It's time for you to do the things you like to do the best,
So switch of that alarm clock,
No more rushing out the door,
It's time to turn over in your bed and have an extra snore!


Good Luck by Rob Jackson

Those lazy, hazy, crazy,
Retirement days
You dreamed off,
Are now as real as laughter.
Time to take up amateur dramatics
And win yourself a Bafta.


At last - Happy Retirement by Rob Jackson

Time for you to do what you want to do,
And not what other people say.


A whole New World - Enjoy by Rob Jackson

Retirement opens the door,
To a whole new world
Of enjoyment, adventure and happiness.
May it bring you everything
You are looking for.


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