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View Crafter ProfileErica D Philip

Special Times3

Snow crunching underfoot
Snowmen building everywhere you look
Inside the windows people huddle
Sharing a meal, good company, a chuckle
Then everyone gathers around the tree
To sing songs in celebration of the
One sent to save you and me.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

The Presents Are All Wrapped

The presents are all wrapped,
Underneath the Christmas tree,
The house is looking festive,
Carols ring out so merrily,
The family are all gathering,
As the snow begins to fall,
And the children wait expectantly,
For Santa Claus to call.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Bells Are Ringing!

Bells are ringing,
Choirs singing,
Snow is all around,
Stories tell of the Wise Men,
When at last the babe was found,
Excited children,
Hold their parcels,
Faces all aglow,
The season of great joy's upon us,
How we love it so.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Hold Your Loved Ever So Near

As the snow falls gently,
And the landscape turns to white,
May peace and goodwill surround you,
On a crisp, dark moonlit night,
May the Carols still hold their meaning,
As the choirs sing loud and clear,
Then as you reflect on the season of Christmas,
Hold your loved ever so near.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

It Won't Be Long

It won't be long 'til Christmas Eve,
'Til Santa comes to call,
To leave some presents by the fire,
Some big ones and some small.
I'll leave some cookies and some milk,
A carrot for Ruldolph too,
They have a long night ahead of them,
A snack is what they're due,
So as I wait for Christmas Eve,
I'll enjoy things merry and bright
Knowing that on Christmas day,
I'll find gifts that will delight!

View Designer ProfileMargaret Jones

Snow Scene

Gentle horses pull the sleigh
O'er the fields on Christmas Day
Soft white snow comes falling down
Covering the silent town
How I love this time of year
'Tis the day that I hold dear

View Designer ProfileMargaret Jones

Snow Scene

Snow is falling all around
Falling soft without a sound
Children's laughter fills the air
See the snowman over there
How we love this time of year
As the Special Day comes near

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Christmas Day

Fragrant logs are blazing in the hearth
The smell of turkey roasting for dinner
Plum pudding and brandy butter being prepared
I think we are on to a winner

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Sing a Song of Christmas

Sing a song of Christmas,
Joy for girls and boys,
Sing a song for Christmas,
As Santa leaves his toys,
Sing a song for Christmas,
As Carols fill the air,
Spreading warmth and harmony,
As snow falls everywhere,
Sing a song of Christmas,
As families gather near,
And we share our love to everyone,
At this special time of year.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

The Meaning of the Season

May we take a moment to reflect,
At this special time of year,
Of the meaning of this season,
May it always be bright and clear,
For Christmas is a time of joy,
It's the season of goodwill,
And as the years they come and go,
May Christmas memories linger still.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

A Winters Day

Father Christmas arrived today
Sitting on his sleigh
The carol singers sang their songs
On a cold and wintery day

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Fir Trees Covered in Snow

Fir trees covered in snow,
The fire in the kitchen sets the scene
for another wonderful Christmas
Excitement when you find the right tree
Decorating with family and friends
Egg nog and Gingerbread fill the room
with a feeling of belonging
Mistletoe hanging in the strategic position for a stolen kiss or two
Have a very Merry Christmas

View Crafter ProfileErica D Philip

Special Times2

Spending time together
With family and friends
Enjoying our time together,
Wishing it would never end!

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Christmas Dinner Thoughts

Have a Merry Christmas
With turkey, plum pudding and wine
I shall be thinking of all of you
When I am tucking into mine

View Designer ProfileKaren Arensbach

Christmas Time Fun

Magical Crisp evenings and fun filled days
Theatre, panto's and Children's plays.

Mince pies and pudding to fill up our tum
Waiting for father christmas to come.

View Crafter ProfileSusan Wellhausen

Warm Wishes

Wishing you a warm and happy Holiday Season.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Christmas Time

Christmas comes but once a year
Bringing gluwein and snow
Turkey, mince pies and ice cold beer
And reindeer with Santa in tow

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

See the Stockings There. (written to Go with Cup357819_1035)

We look upon the fireplace,
And see the stockings there,
We look upon the Santa's hat,
Placed upon the chair,
We see the cat is sleeping,
Next to the Christmas tree,
And then we do remember,
Where we want to be,
For home is where the heart is,
Especially at Christmas time,
And we send you all our our love,
As Christmas bells start to chime.

View Crafter ProfileJulie McGregor

A Christmas Wish

A Chrismas Wish
Is Sent Your Way
To Wish You
A Wonderful
Christmas Day!

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

Snowy Wonder

Snowy wonder,
Fields of white,
We look in awe,
At this wonderful sight,
Sledges out wearing our hats and scarves,
It's down those hills,
With a whoop and a laugh,
Then with the snowman built,
We're all rosy cheeked,
We hope this snow will last for weeks.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

The Christmas Fair

There was a Christmas fair today
With lots of stalls and rides
Lots of fun and things to see
And loads to buy besides

View Crafter ProfileSusan Smith


Snow is glistening all around
carols are being sung,
Christmas trees are glowing
must mean Christmas has begun

View Crafter Profileann cunningham

Wishing You a Happy Christmas

Christmas is a time for sending
Wishes warm and true...
These wishes are for happiness
At Christmas time for you.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

All Our Love at Christmas Time

Snow is falling,
Children singing,
As we gather near,
Trees are decorated,
Stockings hung,
Christmas bells ring loud and clear,
It's Christmas time,
A special time,
When our hearts remember the past,
Yet we always want this Christmas,
To be better than the last,
But no matter how we spend it,
No matter what we do,
This Christmas will always be special,
Because we send all our love to you.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Let It Snow

The Christmas tree is lit
The candles are all aglow
Sitting snug by the fireside
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

Christmas Has Begun

Footsteps in the snow
Carols being sung
Church bells let you know
Christmas has begun

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

The First Fall of Snow

As she spreads her dress of white
Over pastures of dark green
Nature's glistening cover of snow
Makes the prettiest landscape to be seen

View Crafter ProfileSusan Wellhausen

Warm Winter Wishes

Warm winter wishes
for a wonderful holiday
and a joyous new year

View Crafter ProfileHelen Gomm

Glittery Night.

Dark winters night
Glittery light.
Sparkly moon.
Smooth white snow.
Light up the sky.
Must be christmas night.
Be merry and bright.

View Crafter ProfileBelinda Ellingham

Everyone Loves a White Christmas

Everyone loves a white Christmas
Cold, bright crisp snow
Crunching beneath your feet
Children playing, making snowmen
Large, small, thin or wide
Throwing snowballs everywhere
Having a great time
So who needs presents?
We love them anyway!

Merry Christmas

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill

The Fire is Burning Brightly (written for Cup357819_1035)

The fire is burning brightly,
Spreading its warmth and cheer,
The lights upon the Christmas tree,
Are twinkling bright and clear,
The decorated fireplace brings us so much joy,
And there are special presents,
For the girls and boy,
So as we muse upon this scene,
So merry and so bright,
We wish you a very Merry Christmas,
And a New Year that will delight.

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

At Christmas Time

Stars are a twinkling
Candles aglow
Santa brings presents
On reindeers in snow
Turkey and mince pies
Christmas cake too
Church bells are ringing
Their welcome to you

View Crafter ProfileSusan Tither

Snuggle Up

Snow is falling
Wind is blowing
Time to snuggle up.

Wait for morning
bright and early
cheering us all up.

View Designer ProfileJanyce Cotterill


Swirling, whirling all around,
Soft and silently it settles on the ground,
Footprints and paw prints,
Make their mark upon it,
Children with their sledges,
Enjoy a ride upon it,
Gently and carefully,
It dresses scenes in white,
The rolling hills, the countryside,
Are such a beautiful sight,
The trees, the fields, the quiet lanes,
Take on a whole new face,
As we are firmly locked,
In winter's cold and magnificent embrace.

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Aussie Christmas

The sun beats down,
The traditional Roast, Vegetables and Plum Pudding
The searing heat, is forgotten as family
Gather and enjoy each others company.
Have a very Happy Aussie Christmas

View Crafter ProfileBelinda Ellingham

Christmas Day Family Scene

Christmas dreams, fresh fallen snow
A warm lit log fire with a lovely glow
Sister and brother having fun outside
Throwing snowballs at the slide
Mother in the kitchen cooking dinner
Getting hot, rushing, getting thinner
Father, reading newspaper, feet up
Relaxed, reaching for his teacup
Oh! what a family scene that was

Merry Christmas To Everyone

View Crafter ProfileDiane Vermeer

Christmas Scenes

The Home is ready for Christmas
With the tree and fancy lights
The Nativity Set is nestled in it's special Place
With baby Jesus in his crib and His parents, Angels and Wise men around him
Christmas is a specail time and the blending of the tree and the Manger means more to me
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas

View Designer ProfileAmy Perry

As the children begin to wake
listen to all the noise they make
so full of smile
toys from across the miles
arrived at the house on christmas day

View Crafter ProfileBelinda Ellingham

Take a Little Time to Think

Christmas day we all want fun
Though just take a little thought
For those who are unable to
The Sick and less fortunate than us
People with all different problems

Have a great day, enjoy yourselves
We may not always be able to
So live each day as happy as you can
Have a wonderful time

Merry Christmas
And A Happy New Year

View Crafter ProfileSusan Wellhausen

Warmest Thoughts

Warmest thoughts and best wishes
for a holiday filled with joy

Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year

View Crafter ProfileHilda Mullinger

A Christmas Wish

C is for Children eyes shining bright
H is for Holly amid the snow white
R is for Reindeer pulling the sleigh
I is for Icicles gone by next day
S is for Santa who comes in the night
T is for Turkey, oh what a sight
M is for Mistletoe shades white & green
A is for All family and friends to be seen
S is for Stories of goodwill and fun
Which spread joy and happiness
To everyone

View Designer ProfileKaren Arensbach

Wonderful Time of Year!

Glitter, Sparkle and snowy scenes
Tis the season full of dreams.

As logs crackle on the open fire
We laugh and sing to our hearts desire.

Family and friends visit from far and near
Oh what a wonderful time of year.

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