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Card Verses in Christmas · Christmas Friend

Friends at Christmas time by rebecca polding

Christmas time is here

its the happiest time of year,

were friends are so close and near

sharing presents with love and cheer.

may all your wishes come true

and don't forget to have a few,

Seasons Greetings dear friend

Feel the Christmas spirit all around.


Christmas wishes by Susan Smith

Christmas wishes are sent to you
for a season full of cheer,
and lots of love and happiness
for a very happy new year


To my Friend and all her Family by Janyce Cotterill

To my friend and all her family,
Christmas wishes are sent to you,
That the joy of this merry season,
And it's meaning still ring true,
For it's time like this we remember,
Our loved ones far and near,
So we wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a very Happy New Year!


Special friend by Susan Smith

Christmas is a magical time
we hope it never ends,
youre wished the best of everything
youre a very special friend


Friendly Christmas Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Friendly Christmas Wishes are coming to you
Friends we have been for many a year
Christmas Cheer we have spent many A Year, but not this Year
We are sending you Friendly Christmas
Cheer and good wishes


Dear friend by Susan Smith

Happy Christmas my dear friend
this card ive sent to you,
to wish you joy and blessings
which last the whole year through



From our house to your house
We send you this greeting
With love and best wishes
Until our next meeting


Christmas wish by Susan Smith

This Christmas wish is sent to you
for a season full of pleasure,
may it be full of fun and love
with memories made to treasure.


Our friends by Susan Smith

Heres wishing you friends
a Christmas of good cheer,
and all our warmest wishes
for the coming new year.


Christmas is the Perfect Time by Janyce Cotterill

Christmas is the perfect time,
To wish friends far and near,
A very happy Christmas,
And a wonderful New Year,
May your festive day be brighter,
More merry than the past,
And may the joy you feel this day,
In your heart will always last.


Dear Friend across the miles by Sheryl Anne Reed

Dear Friend this comes across the miles
Especially for you
Lot's of joy and happiness
Now and all year through


Special Friends by Sheryl Anne Reed

We wish you a Merry Christmas
and happiness that never ends
Today and all year through
You are our special friends


Magic at Christmas Friend by Sheryl Anne Reed

May the magic of Christmas
never end
Wishing you my warmest wishes
My very best friend


Friends Christmas wishes by Diane Vermeer

Friends are special People
As are you
So here is a very special
Friendly Christmas Wish
Especialy for you


Christmas Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Friends are Special, no more so than at
Christmas Time
We are are so lucky to have you as Friends
So my Dear Friends we Hope you have an extra Special Christmas


Merry Christmas by sharon Evans

Although the miles are many and our meetings may be few.
This card is sent to tell you that we miss you all year through.
Our thoughts are always with you and this greeting is so true.
So have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


As the Snow is Falling by Janyce Cotterill

As the snow is falling,
And Carols fill the air,
We think of special people,
And Christmas joys we want to share,
So to my friend this Christmas,
I send my love to you,
Not only for this festive season,
But for the New Year too.


Friends for Christmas by Diane Vermeer

We hope you will come for a
Christmas Friends Dinner
We are having Egg Nog, Mistletoe
Lots of Plum Pud, and fun
Wishing you all a very Friendly Christmas
Looking forward to seeing you


Merry Christmas my Friend by Diane Vermeer

My dear Friend i wish for you a very
Happy Birthday and that all your
Dreams come true includiing a Husband and Children.
Wishing you much love on your Birthday from your Friend


To my Friend at Christmas by Diane Vermeer

My Friend, My confidant, My Rock
How lucky I am to have such a friend
I know if I need to talk, I know you are at the other end of the phone, or at my door if you think I need a Hug
So my dear friend, I hope you Have a really special Birthday, with lots of Hugs


Friendly Christmas Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Friendly Christmas Wishes
For a very special person
Thank You for your Friendship
It means so much to me


Best Wishes at Christmas My Friend by Diane Vermeer

We have known each other for many a year
More like Sisters than Friends are we
I wish more than anything, that you have a very Happy Christmas


For a Friend at Christmas by Diane Vermeer

My Friend you are wished a very
Happy Christmas
One that you Deserve
Wishing you all the very best for the Festive Season


Christmas wish for a great Friend by Diane Vermeer

At Christmas you think of all the special
Friends in your life
And you are always on the Top
Have a Wonderful Christmas
And a Happy New Year


Christmas Cheer by Diane Vermeer

Christmas Cheer and Ginger Beer
That is why we are here
Whistsles Blowing
Ginger Beer and Christmas Cheer
That is why we are here
Have a Very Merry Christmas


For my Special Friend at Christmas by Diane Vermeer

My Friend i hope you have a wonderful
Christmas, with all your family around,
I am lucky to be able to call you my friend. Our Friendship is like the lights on the Christmas tree
It just gets Brighter by the day
Hope you have a Wonderful Christmas'
My Dear Friend


Many Years We Have Shared by Janyce Cotterill

Many years we have shared,
Around the Christmas tree,
Many years you have shared,
A festive time with me,
We've decorated our houses,
We've hung up pretty lights,
We've sang so many Christmas carols,
Well into the night,
But we never tire of Christmas,
The season of good cheer,
For spending it with friends like you,
Leaves memories so dear.


Friends like you by Susan Smith

You our friends, we wish for you
good health, good luck, good cheer,
theres no better time than christmas
to wish you well, and a happy new year.


Dear friends by Susan Smith

This card is sent to you dear friends
a time for happiness and cheer,
we send our warmest wishes
for a merry christmas,
and a happy new year.


Special gift by Susan Smith

You are a friend to treasure
not just at this time of year,
friendship is a special gift
which fills our lifes with love and cheer.


Dear friend by Susan Smith

We wish you happy christmas
my dear friend
with lots of laughter and cheer
and lots of joy and peace,
and happiness in the new year.


A Special Christmas Wish by Jennifer Swandells

You are so very special
thought of with love and care,
Christmas wouldn't be complete
if you weren't there.

Christmas Wishes


Christmas is coming, by Sally McIntyre

Christmas is coming,
I just want to say,
give Rudolf a kiss,
when pulling the sleigh,
will Santa to hurry and get finished soon,
so all of the children,
can come out of their room

Merry Christmas


Christmas by Angela MacWillson

Only a perfect christmas will do
For a friend
Whos as lovely as you
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest
To come through your way


Merry Christmas by Angela MacWillson

You`re a very special friend
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through
Merry Christmas


Best Wishes by Susan Wellhausen

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Christmas and a New Year full of Joy and Happiness.


Happy Holiday Season by Susan Wellhausen

Wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and a New Year full of Peace and Joy.


Time to say thank you by Susan Wellhausen

The Holidays are a time to say Thank You to our Friends and to send our Best Wishes for a Great New Year.


Christmas and New Year by Susan Wellhausen

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a bright New Year.


Happiness of the Season by Susan Wellhausen

Wishing you all the happiness of the Christmas Season.


Happy Christms friends by Margaret Swaby

Christmas is the time of year
To remember friends whho are so dear
Sending wishes, hugs and kisses
For Christmas and the new year.


Christmas Cheer by Angela Styles

Wishing you bountiful Christmas cheer
And health and happiness for those you hold dear.


Special Wishes by Carol Sear

These special wishes come
"just for you" to say
"you're thought about
with love, the whole year through"

Happy Christmas
With Warmest Thoughts


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to a special Friend by Sally McIntyre

When Christmas comes
good wishes abound,
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to a special Friend


I pray that your christmas by Jan Barcelo

I pray that your christmas
is filled with great things
like love of your family
and all that it brings


Merry Christmas Friend by Sally McIntyre

Christmas is here once more
our friends are special
and we think of them fondly at this time
we don't need to see you all the time
but friendship is a bridge that is always there.
We will be thinking of you on Christmas day
Merry Christmas friend


What did one friend say to the other friend? by Julie Bailey

Wishing you a
Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Year.


Across the Miles by Carol Sear

Just for You
Wishing you all the very best for
this festive season filled with happy memories and joy.

Let the bells ring out on Christmas Day making joy and laughter come your way.


Special Friend by Wendy Harris

If I could make a Christmas wish
And know it would come true,
I guess I'd wish for everyone
To have a friend like you.

Happy Christmas


Merry Christmas my Special Friend by Janyce Cotterill

Merry Christmas to my special friend,
I wish you all the best,
May this season both be happy and better than all the rest,
May peace and joy live with you while Carols fill the air,
And may your family surround you with wonderful gifts to share.


Happy Christmas - Dear Friend by ann cunningham

At Christmas you're a part
of so many thoughts and wishes-
thoughts that are dearer,
wishes that are warmer-
because they're especially for you,
Dear Friend.


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