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Card Verses in Christmas · Christmas Decorations

CHRISTMAS TIME by Hilda Mullinger

Christmas is the time of year
When we decorate our tree
And put beneath it presents for
Friends, family, you and me


Make it Merry, Make it Bright by Janyce Cotterill

Make it merry,
Make it bright,
Make it a Christmas that will delight,
A tree,
Some baubles,
Some twinkling lights,
Let's make our home so festive and bright,
A pile of presents all wrapped with care,
A family Christmas for us all to share.


Christmas Tree and Sparkling Lights by Janyce Cotterill

Christmas trees and sparkling lights,
Snow filled skies and star lit nights,
Baubles, stockings, presents that wait,
Children excited for that special date,
It's the time when Carols ring out through the air,
It's the time we remember,
It's the time that we share,
It's the time we think of those we hold dear,
So have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


A Sparkling Christmas by Janyce Cotterill

Have a sparkling Christmas,
Let it all be shiny and bright,
May the gifts and decorations,
Fill your heart with special delights,
Then when family and friends start to gather,
As the Christmas bells do chime,
May the love and warmth of this season,
Build memories to last a lifetime.


Raise a Glass to Christmas Time! by Janyce Cotterill

Baubles, candles, pretty lights,
Trees and tinsel too,
I hope this jolly season,
A delightful one for you,
For it's only really once a year,
When the Carols ring out so clear,
So raise a glass to Christmas time,
May it always bring good cheer!


Christmas Time for You and Me by Janyce Cotterill

Christmas time for you and me,
Means putting up the Christmas tree,
It means fairy lights and lots of snow,
It means presents, toys and candle glow,
It means carols, cards, family and friends,
It's the most joyful season,
So Christmas wishes we send.


Christmas eve night by Susan Smith

Christmas trees are sparkling
filling the room with warmth and light,
presents wrapped and under the tree
all waiting for Christmas eve night


THE END OF CHRISTMAS by Hilda Mullinger

Soon the decorations
Will all be taken down
Stored safely for another year
In houses around the town


DECORATING THE TREE by Hilda Mullinger

I found some tinsel and bells
Now I'm up to my eyes brows in bits
'Deck the Halls' so the carol tells
But the Christmas tree only just fits

The Christmas tree still looks so bare
More baubles and lights we do need
I stand back, smile and declare
'It now looks really good, yes indeed'


The Christmas House by Angela Styles

The Christmas House lays waiting
To welcome you right in!
Its warm inside and the outside's bright
To share with you true Christmas light!
What a great place to be- with friends or kin!


Mistletoe for Christmas by Diane Vermeer

The House is Shining
With all the Christmas lights aglow
Hanging in the doorway is the Mistletoe
Ready for a stolen kiss or two
The Christmas tree respelant in the corner of the Lounge, Presents laying underneath ready to be opened
Merry Mistletoe Christmas to all and may you sneak a kiss or two



We started to paint some stars
My Granddaughter and I
We were making decorations for her room
But now I have to sigh why?

First thing is paint everywhere
Then comes the pot of glue
Sparkling glitter is all over our clothes
And I seem to be painted in blue


baubles by Amy Perry

As you put out the baubles all colourful and bright
put out the napkins all crisp and white
you lay out the presents under the tree
and the childrens face's smile with glee


My Mum's Christmas Cake by Janyce Cotterill

My mum has made her Christmas cake,
I can smell it round the house,
All cinnamon and spicy,
With icing on the top,
It has a red frill around the middle,
And on the top stood there,
Is a tiny Santa and his reindeer,
And a sprig of holly placed with care,
For what would Christmas be like,
Without my mum's home baked Christmas cake,
Carefully made with love,
Stirred until her arm ached,
So after presents are opened,
And dinner has gone down a treat,
We'll still have mum's wonderful Christmas cake,
We'll cut a huge slice and eat!


The Lights upon the Christmas Tree by Janyce Cotterill

The lights upon the Christmas tree,
The wreath upon the door,
The stockings hung on the fireplace,
It's Christmas time once more,
So as we sing the Carols,
The ancient and the new,
May your Christmas be extra special,
For all your family and you!


Stockings on the Mantle by Diane Vermeer

Stockings ready on the Mantle
Tree in the corner
Tinsel and Baubles and the Angel
All in the box in the corner waiting
To be Decorated
The Smell from the Kitchen of Gingerbread and giggles sounding
From the Children who are helping
Soon it will be time to Decorate the Tree
Then bed so Santa can fill the Stockings on the Mantle


Baubles and Tinsel by Diane Vermeer

Christmas Eve is a wonderful time
Trim the tree with lots of Love
Baubles and Tinsel
Family and Eggnog,
Laughter and Joy
Family spending time together
Baubles and Tinsel,and an Angel too
Have a Wonderful Christmas
Love from Me


The Baubles on the Tree! by Janyce Cotterill

We see the baubles on the tree
So bright and glistening there
We see the garland in the hall
Winding down the stair
We light up every room
With pretty sparkling lights
Reminds us that it's Christmas
So merry and so bright
So how can you not love Christmas
It has a festive glow
And if we're very lucky
We might even have some snow!


Merry Christmas by Jan Barcelo

Merry Christmas
the decorations so beautiful
the lights or too
may we keep the memories
of christmas all the year though


Christmas Tree by Amy Perry

As you put the lights on your tree,
the carolers sing with glee
the passers by can see
so merry christmas from me


The Christmas Tree by Margaret Jones

Standing in the fallen snow
Surrounded by a wondrous glow
It's a symbol of the season
It reminds us of the reason
Years ago, upon this morn
Christ, the Son of God was born
So remember when you see
And decorate the Christmas Tree


The Christmas Tree by Margaret Jones

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
Do you know what you mean to me?
Soon it will be Christmas Morn
The day the Son of God was born
Remember Him each time you see
The beauty of a Christmas Tree


The Christmas Tree by Margaret Jones

Tinsel covered branches green
Prettiest sight you've ever seen
Silver baubles hanging there
You will want to stop and stare
What's the reason for this sight?
It's because it's Christmas Night


Christmas Decorations by Margaret Jones

Go and cut the Christmas Tree
Set it up for all to see
Add the tinsel, stars and balls
Quick,before Saint Nicholas calls
It's the festive time of year
Christmas Day will soon be here


Christmas Decorations by Margaret Jones

Golden stars and silver bells
You know this decoration tells
That the time is drawing near
Christmas Day will soon be here


Christmas Decorations by Margaret Jones

Paper chains and silver balls
Decorate the rooms and halls
It's my favourite time of year
I'm so happy that it's here


Ornaments by Margaret Jones

See the ornaments on the tree
Hanging there for all to see
Shiny baubles, red and blue
Green and gold and silver too
Oh, how pretty they all are
And on the top, a shining star!


Decorate for Christmas by Margaret Jones

Silver tinsel on the tree
Shining bright for all to see
Paper chains and ornaments gleaming
Children's little faces beaming
None could fail to feel the cheer
Now that Christmas time is here.


WOW! by Angela Styles

Something magical happens at Christmas time
When decorations brighten the house
Baubles ,tinsel, garlands and all
Can transform a room so no one can grouse!
Have a sparkling Christmas!


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