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Card Verses in Birthday · Birthday Son

Son...Happy 18th!!! by Giselle Topper

When you came into our lives you made it all complete,
you rounded out our family - being a boy was just a treat.
You grew and flourished very quickly - can't believe your a young man,
now it seems many moons ago... when it all began.

From the happy little baby and toddler that used to laugh and drool,
no sooner were you on the footy field, as you were at school.
It wasn't until later on, that you thought motorbikes were cool,
Tearing 'round with your cousins - thinking dust and tracks - RULE!!!.

Now it's a lovely girl that shares your heart, with all of us too,
may you be very happy in all the things you anticipate to do.
You're a caring, sensitive and well rounded guy,
who has lovely manners and is just a tad shy.

We wish you every happiness and an life amazing too.
Happy 18th Birthday .....(name).


by Carol Cleworth

My Son, you mean the world to me
No matter what you do
So proud of you I will always be
that's what I want you to know.

Though life's journey may be hard
I will be there for you
I hope success will follow you
in everything you do.

Today is a very special day
and so I want to say
Enjoy - have fun, and celebrate
with lots of laughter all the way.

Happy Birthday, Son.


To a Son who is Loved by Pamela Horton

To a Son who is loved,
And who is a father far above,
The pressures and work load,
That seems to be this Dad's code.
To a man who is admired
For the qualities and skills acquired.
And for all the reasons above
We send our best love,
And our wishes for your Birthday,
To be a Very Happy Day


DEAR SON by Hilda Mullinger

To one who is mad on football
Cricket, tennis or darts
We wish you a fun packed birthday
As you are forever in our hearts


OUR SON by Hilda Mullinger

Son it is your birthday
You have made us proud of you
We have watched you grow into a man
With a wife and children too


Muddy Footprints Long Ago by Janyce Cotterill

Muddy footprints through the house,
Football at the door,
Racing round upon your bike,
Clothes strewn across the floor,
Those simple days have long since gone,
Now a man is who I see,
So I hope this special birthday,
Turns out just perfectly.


YOUR MESSY ROOM by Hilda Mullinger

We go into your bedroom
There are clothes all over the place
Dirty socks and shirts on the floor
Plus smelly trainers that won a race

When will you become tidy
And put all your clothes away?
I guess while you have us to do it
You will wait another day


HAPPY BIRTHDAY SON by Hilda Mullinger

I cuddled you and fed you
When you were just a tot
I helped you walk, to read and write
Some things you might have forgot

And then through all the years at school
Through good years and the bad
And through your teenage traumas
You've grown into a super lad


Happy Birthday Son by Margaret Mullan

to a very special Son
we are very proud of you and to thank you for all you do for us we would like to wish you a wonderful Birthday,

Lots of love From....


Memories Stay With Me by Janyce Cotterill

Memories stay with me,
Of when you were just a boy,
The adventures we had together,
The years playing with your toys,
How quickly time has flown,
Now a man you have become,
And I am so proud of you,
My handsome darling son,
May your birthday be extra special,
A day that's just for you,
For in this card is all my love,
Sent especially to you!



Where have all the years gone
When you were just a kid
When you got up to mischief
And at bedtime when you hid
We always had to find you
Searching high and low
Now that you are grown up
We have to let you go
Out into the wide world
Seeking out your life
We'll always be here for you dear Son
For your children and your wife



When the day is done
There is nothing like a son
Who calls to ask how you are
It's a delight to hear you
Even nicer to see you
Better for me by far


Blessed with a Wonderful Son by Janyce Cotterill

We've been blessed with a wonderful son,
He's head a shoulders above the rest,
He's kind and very thoughtful,
He certainly is the best,
So on your very special day,
May good fortune come your way,
For you deserve the very best,
On your birthday and always.


No other son by Susan Smith

There is no son, quite like you
so we have sent this card to say,
a very happy birthday [name]
on this your special day.


A special son by Diane Greenwood

You've always been a special son
Right from the very start
And your birthday is the perfect time
To say I love you with all my heart


BEING A MUM by Hilda Mullinger

Nobody notices what I do
Except when I don't do it
Where's my shirt or where's my shoe
You never know where to find it


Son by Susan Smith

Youre a wonderful son
who fills our life with cheer,
we are so very proud of you
each day of every year.

Happy Birthday


Sons 3rd birthday by Susan Smith

Happy 3rd birthday
a day planned full of fun,
a day full of memories
for a very special son.


My son by Susan Smith

Happy birthday son
this card is sent today,
to wish you lots of love
each and everyday.


Birthday Wishes Son by Diane Vermeer

Son when you were born
I fell in love,with your Red hair
Cute little face. How proud i was
Still am very proud of all that you do.
Each Birthday is more special and i am Thrilled to be able to see the man you Have grown in to
Husband and Father, a great son you are to me
Have a very Happy Birthday with love


Happy Birthday Cheeky by Diane Vermeer

Getting Older hasn't changed you a bit,
Cheeky grin, cheeky in everyway,
You make everyone laugh,
Your Girls have your cheeky nature,
A happy house you have
My Cheeky little man, all 6 foot of you
Have a wonderful birthday Son


EIGHTEEN TODAY by Hilda Mullinger

Dear son now you are eighteen
A man you have become today
Your working life is ahead of you
Don't let anything get in your way



Gamer (40th)Birthday by JACQUI MILLS

He stands and shouts at a plastic box
then obeys it's every word
to some not "initiated"
it really seems absurd.
Put your hand up
then "take aim"... now
keep that circle still
get a double to win the game
(make of that what you will)
Cricket, tennis, golf and more
any ball that you can hit
jump up...crouch down
right to the floor
(this really keeps you fit!)
Now don't you frown, I could've got
a card..that COULD be naughty
this is MUCH more appropriate
for a BOY that's just turned 40!!


Birthday Wishes Son by Diane Vermeer

A chat on the phone
An e mail or two
If we are lucky a coffee or two
You my son deserve nothing more
Than to have a terrific Birthday
Hope we can chat for your Birthday


Sonny Birthday Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Sonny we wish you a very happy day
As you Celebrate Your Birthday
You Deserve The Best of Everything
And On This Special Day we hope
You Have The Best Birthday Ever


Birthday Wishes Son by Diane Vermeer

How lucky we are to have you in our
ives, a Son so wonderful as you
The son who rings with Cooking questions, The son who looks after me
You deserve the best Birthday ever
Have a wonderful Day


Happy Birthdat Son by Diane Vermeer

Son, we wish you al the very best
For this Birthday
We hope your day is filed with love and Joy, our baby boy is all grown up


Birthday Wishes Son by Diane Vermeer

Son we hope you have a Wonderful Birthday
One that you really deserve
Enjoy every minute of the Day
Happy Birthday


OUR HANDSOME SON by Hilda Mullinger

Our handsome son is a big boy
It is his birthday today
He's growing so fast, so tall, so strong
We just wanted to shout and say



Happy Birthday Son by Diane Vermeer

Wishing you lots of good tidings
On this your special day
A Son as great as you deserves
To celebrate his Birthday in a very
Special Way
Have a very Happy Birthday Son


To a Very Special Son by sharon Evans

Happy Birthday Son are words I love to say.
Though your a year older we grow closer every day.
That's why these birthday wishes are truly sent your way.
So have a happy birthday and many more that way.


Happy Birthday Son by Diane Vermeer

A Special Day for A Special Son
Hope you have a really great day
Lot's of Love For a Happy Birthday


Birthday Wishes Son by Diane Vermeer

Son's are special
That we know
But none so special as you
So all i wish for yoiur Birthday Son
Is good Wishes and loads of fun
Have a very Happy Birthday


My son you have a Birthday by Diane Vermeer

Birthday Wishes for you
My one and only Son
Have the best Birthday Ever


For you son on your Birthday by Diane Vermeer

A son as special as you
Deserves a really Great Birthday
So Here is a Big Birthday wish for you


Although You are Far Away by Janyce Cotterill

As we awaken in the morning,
Our thoughts will be of you,
You're doing a job that's far away,
But its something you wanted to do,
We're proud of you dear son,
Your skills have taken you there,
You're going to make a difference,
You're showing how much you care,
So although you day will be different,
Celebrations will be all new,
I promise you this on your birthday,
All our love will be with you too.


For a Son Far Away by Janyce Cotterill

Today we're very proud of you,
Even though we're far apart,
We're sending thoughts and wishes,
From the bottom of our hearts,
Your work has taken you far away,
And I'm afraid we have to say,
How much we'll miss you,
Our dear son,
Especially today,
We hope you celebrate your birthday,
As best as you can do,
And when you come back safe and sound,
We'll raise a glass or two.


Have a great Birthday Son by Diane Vermeer

Son enjoy,and drink a special Birthday
Toast from your Mum as I cannot be there so
Have a Great Birthday


Accross The Miles by Susan Powell-Barton

Your Birthday has come round again.
We know you will celebrate
One of the crowd-( or your crowd )
Have one on us son
You make us so proud.

Our loving thoughts go accross the miles to wish you
A Happy Birthday


Milestone in Your Life (A requested verse for a soldier) by Janyce Cotterill

This birthday is a celebration,
An occasion to be proud,
To mark a milestone in your life,
And mark the passage of time,
We know it won't be long son,
Before you have to go,
The Army calls you to Afghanistan,
And we want you now to know,
You mean the world to both of us,
We've been blessed with a wonderful son,
You will be in our thoughts every moment,
Until your duty is done,
But before you go we'll mark this day,
In a way that's special for you,
For you deserve the very best,
And all our love goes with you too.


One Today. by Cheryl French

Our little man has just turned one.
You've made our lives so much more fun
The things we do, the things we see
Through your eyes are all new to me
So thou this is a special day
You're loved more and more in every way.
Happy Birthday (Name)


Have a Great Birthday Son by Diane Vermeer

A drink in one hand
A sausage in the other
A gorgeous little child, pulling at your top
A small voice says Happy Birthday Daddy and with a Huge smile on my face i say
Thankyou Son, Have a Wonderful Day and Thanks for the gift you have given me
A loving son is all a Mother can ask for
Have a Wonderful Birthday


Happy Birthday Son by Diane Vermeer

Oh what fun we have
Not knowing what you will sday or do
Laughter is our staple in our house
and you are my funny bone
We laugh at everything you say or do
Happy Birthday Son,
Keep on laughing


My Little Boy by Susan Powell-Barton

May your day be full of pleasure,
May your week be full of joy.
May your year be one to treasure,
My gorgeous Little Boy.


Handsome son by Susan Smith

youre a very special son
who fills ours lives with cheer,
and you ever grow more handsome
with every passing year.
Happy Birthday Son


Happy brithday son by Susan Smith

A very happy birthday son
hope you have a lovely day,
because we care and love you
more than words can say


Best Son by Belinda Ellingham

To the Best Son in all the World
You've made my life complete
You've done so much for your family
No one else can compete.

Your one in a million!



A Wonderful Son by Belinda Ellingham

You were born a beautiful boy
Years of learning for your future,
You've now grown into a wonderful man
And I/We can't be more prouder of you than we are today

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Son


son by Tracey Richardson

My Son
When you were born
My heart missed a beat
I was so proud I got my wish,
As a child
you never did no wrong,
as you grew up
you became a family man,
never have i wished for more
than a son like you that life could bring

But Just one more i wish i ask for
is for you on your birthday
the best ever does it bring

Happy Birthday


Go Out There and Celebrate! by Janyce Cotterill

Today it is your birthday,
And son we want you to know,
How very proud we are of you,
And want to tell you so,
You are warm and kind and generous,
We couldn't ask for anything more,
So go out there and celebrate,
After all that is what birthdays are for!


Birthday wishes by Susan Smith

We send these birthday wishes son
especally for you,
and hope your day is special,
today and all year through


Memories by Susan Smith

Wishing you all happiness,
and memories
and all the very best
on this your birthday son


4 today by Susan Smith

4 years old today,
hope your day is fun
party games, gifts and friends,
Happy Birthday Son


Birthday son by Nick Bowley

Happy Birthday Son
to our special little one
lots of jelly and cakes too
from mum and dad
who both love you!


My Son by Diane Hannah

I love your company and your smile,
for that alone I would walk a mile.
Oh my son you give me such joy,
You will always be my little boy.

Happy Birthday Son


Loving & Proud - Son by Judith Flavel

We're sending loving thoughts your way
On this your very special day.
Those (insert number) years have fast flown by
As in the twinkling of an eye.
In you we have been blessed to see
a son who has grown up to be
someone who has made us proud,
so we just want to say out loud,
with all our love and wishes too
Happy Birthday and good luck to you.


Mother's Pride. by Jean-Marie Penny

My boy, you've grown into a man,
Of which I am so proud,
Your loving ways, your cheeky smile,
You stand out in a crowd.

You made mistakes, from which you've learned,
And hold your head up high,
And as you travel through your life,
You'll succeed, whatever you try.


SON on your birthday by Sally McIntyre

For our SON'
our wish for you today,
Is to have a happy birthday and enjoy your special day,
Birthdays come ,just once a year,
so celebrate with all that are near,
our thoughts are with you,
or wishes dear.
Happy Birthday


Birthday - Son by Tracy Priddle

It's your birthday
Hope it's great from the start
Joy and happiness straight from the heart
A day full of cheer
A day full fun
That's wished for you my Son

Happy Birthday Son


GREAT SON by Helen Gomm

For a great son
Always fun
Smiling laughing
happy face

Always there
in thought and mind

Wishing you the
best Birthday
of its kind.


Happy 50th Son by Sally McIntyre

Fifty who would ever think
You dreaded being fifty,
it really isn't that bad,
nothing is really going to change,
You may wake up tomorrow,
with a few grey hairs or more,
but after that,your eyes will clear
into another day

Happy 50th Son


Son now that you are 41 by Sally McIntyre

Son when you turned
40 you turned the corner,
it seemed like such a big deal,
your birthday was a milestone,
and a mid life crisis was in order.
Now that you are 41
it is all just a memory
and every day one day forward.

Happy birthday
41 today


To our Son Now that you are 11 by Sally McIntyre

To our Son
Now that you are 11
It is easy to see,
Your birthday is special
and you are special too,
So make the most of this year
and don't grow so tall,
Happy birthday from everyone
A kiss from us all


Birthday by Angela MacWillson

Only a perfect birthday will do
For a son
Whos as great as you
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest
To come through your way


to our 15 year old son by Sally McIntyre

To our 15 year old Son
At 15 years old ,your world is your oyster,
your decisions on life are beginning to have meaning,and consequences,
school is a part of a future you see,and life outside seems so far away.
Don't wish your life away,and just be content to be 15 today.
We wish you a birthday that is full of surprises, and love and best wishes

Love from
Dad and mum


non custodial dad to 12 year old son by Sally McIntyre

To my 12 year old Son.
I know i can't always be there with you,
Circumstances prevent that through and through,
It doesn't mean I don't care an less,
It just means our life is such a mess.
I love you more each day we part,and want you to know,straight from my heart.
I love you with all my might,and want your birthday to be just right ,
Happy Birthday to my Son
All my love dad.


hello by Angela MacWillson

Start your day with a smile
And a cheery hello
You'll be amazed by the response
As people come and go!
Have a wonderful day


for you by Angela MacWillson

Tinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy bithday
Wishes to you!
Dear son


best wishes by Julie McGregor

Wishing you the
Best birthday ever!!
With lots of love and
Best wishes


RUGBY by Julie McGregor

Wishing a rugby mad son
A wonderful birthday
Hope you have
A wonderful day

With love and best wishes!


happy birthday son by Jan Barcelo

happy birthday son
you have grown so much this year
and now you have turned one
we are so glad you're here


Son by Angela MacWillson

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Birthday To A Wonderful Son


Happy Birthday by Angela MacWillson

To think of all the happiness
That you`ve treasured and known
Of all the warmand happy smiles
And thoughtfulness you've shown
So when you think of us Son
And we know you often do
Just remember that we are all......
Always thinking of You.


Birthday - Son by Tracy Priddle

You have heard this before
We'll say it again
Happy Birthday, we love you
You deserve a great day
Happy Birthday to our Son!


Happy birthday to a special son, by Sally McIntyre

Happy birthday to a special son,
you grow up every day,
we wish you all the happiness in the world,
and hope for a great year ahead


Birthday - 6 by Tracy Priddle

Six candles on your cake
Six times the fun
Six times the laughter

For you - our Son

You are so special
You are so dear
Lots of hugs
Lots of cheers
Have a fun day
On your 6th Birthday


In or out by Susan Smith

He a wish for a terrific day
indoors or out,
with all that life, surrounds you with,
and with happiness, all about.


son in a million by Nick Bowley

Your a son in a million
and think the world of you
your just so special in
everything you do
that's why were sending you a
card today
to wish you son
a Happy Birthday


Hooray by Amy Perry

Its your birthday
shout hooray
some special wishes
sent your way


happy birthday to our son by Sally McIntyre

When you have a birthday as your parents we get to remember all your previous birthday's,and remember all your spills , falls and your achievments.
We love you
Happy Birthday
mum and Dad


On the day that you were born by Sally McIntyre

On the day that you were born
I knew that we would have a lifetime
Of love and hugs
Happy Birthday Son


Happy Birthday Son! by Janyce Cotterill

Today we are to celebrate your special day dear son,
Just like we've always celebrated every single one,
But it doesn't really matter how many birthdays have come and gone,
To us you'll always be our No.1 Special Son!


Happy birthday to our wonderful Son by Sally McIntyre

S is for someone
O is for one of the gang
N is for Nice

Happy birthday to our wonderful Son


Happy Birthday Son by Sally McIntyre

When we were blessed with you
we had no idea how much joy you would bring
Happy Birthday to a special Son

Mum and dad


How Proud I am by Angela Styles

Dear Son
I just have to let you know how proud I am of you
And everything you do.
You're thoughtful, kind and helpful too.
I am so glad you are my son-its true!


This is your day by Wenona Elie

This is your day
I wish you all the best
go get merry
and just invest in;
having a good time
with all your friends
Happy Birthday (name)
may your day never end.


Hip Hip Horray by Cheryl French

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Our special little boy/girl
Is (age) today


BIRTHDAY WISHES (Mum to son ? humorous) by Margaret McCartney

These wishes sent across the miles
With love my son to you
I hope your day is filled with smiles
And lots of things to do

I think of you so far away
And hope your day is happy
It doesn?t seem that long ago
I had to change your nappy

So raise a glass and drink this toast
On this a day so fine
And celebrate your birthday son
With a glass of fine white wine


BIRTHDAY WISHES (Mum to son ? humorous) by Margaret McCartney

These wishes sent across the miles
With love my son to you
I hope your day is filled with smiles
And lots of things to do

I think of you so far away
And hope your day is happy
It doesn?t seem that long ago
I had to change your nappy

So raise a glass and drink this toast
On this a day so fine
And celebrate your birthday son
With a glass of fine red wine


BIRTHDAY WISHES (Mum to son ? humorous) by Margaret McCartney

These wishes come from me today
With love my son to you
I hope your day is filled with smiles
And lots of things to do

I think of you this special year
And hope your day is happy
It doesn?t seem that long ago
I had to change your nappy

So raise a glass and drink this toast
From me today, to you
And celebrate your birthday son
With a glass of your favourite brew


Sending Love by Susan Powell-Barton

We send you our love
Just so you know
We are thinking of you.
We send you our love
And all our wishes
For your happiness too.

Have a great day son.


A Birthday Wish for My Son by Margaret Jones

G entle
R eliable
E xceptional
A wesome
T errific

S uper
O utstanding
N eat-o

These words spell out a name, it's true
Of someone special, (name,) it's you!

Happy Birthday to my Wonderful Son


Our Dear Son! by Janyce Cotterill

Happy Birthday our dear Son,
Your special day is here,
Hope it's brilliant from the start with everything that cheers,
Take time out, have some fun, celebrate in style,
For birthdays come just once a year so don't let it pass you by!


Dear Son by Cindy Thompson

We may not often say it
and hope you know it's true,
you are really a special son
and we are very proud of you.
To wish you nothing but the best
now that your birthday is here.
And may the finest things in life
be yours throughout the year.
Happy Birthday
Dear Son


Love you, Proud of you by Rob Jackson

My daughter (son)
I 'am so proud of you
You are such a joy
Such a beautiful person
The love I see in your eyes
is so moving and rewarding
And I hope you see and feel
The infinite Love I have for you
Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Always know I am here
in every way for you
I love you

Happy Birthday


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