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Card Verses in Birthday · Birthday Daughter

Daughter by Carol Cleworth

You're a very special Daughter
and everyone can see
How much you are thought of and
How much you mean to me.

You have grown up before my eyes
From baby, to child, teenager, young lady
I can't believe how quickly time flies
and you have reached where you are today.

Have a special day, as you are very special.
Happy Birthday dear Daughter


AN APRIL BABY by Hilda Mullinger

Happy Birthday dearest daughter
Once a Springtime baby girl
Now that you are grown up
Your beauty does unfurl

We are proud to call you daughter
And have loved you from your birth
Our darling April Birthday Girl
The sweetest girl on earth



I always find it pleasant
When it is your birthday
To shop and find a present
Which I know you will love and cherish


Happy Birthday Daughter! by Janyce Cotterill

Happy birthday daughter,
Hope your birthday proves to be,
The very best of birthdays,
That you will ever see,
May joy and happiness surround you,
As friends and family stop by to say,
May your life be richly blessed,
On this your special day.


It seems like yesterday by Janet Horne

It seems like only yesterday
a little girl was born -
The centre of attention
who took our hearts by storm
And even now you're all grown up
there is a sense somehow
That the way things were back then
is still as they are right now.
For every thought about you
creates such warmth in side
And you're still the shining centre
of a world of love and pride.


Frills and Lace by Janyce Cotterill

With frills and lace and all things pink,
The years just rolled on by,
My little charming daughter,
You were always by my side,
A beautiful woman you have become,
With a family of your own,
How proud I am to have watched you,
And loved you as you've grown,
So now your special day is here,
I wish a happy one for you,
Then may the year that lies ahead,
Be perfect for you too.


To A Special Daughter by Sandra Carlse

To our very special daughter
on her very special day
You mean so much to both of us
In each and every way.

The love & care you give to others
We send to you today
For in our hearts we are so proud
To have you in our lives.

Happy Birthday


A SPECIAL CARD FOR YOU by Hilda Mullinger

I made this birthday card
Especially for you
To show our love and affection
Plus sending good wishes too


TO OUR DAUGHTER by Hilda Mullinger

We were very happy when you were born
The best of all our days
A beautiful little daughter
To cherish and love always

A now that you are grown up
Your smile lights up our days
You have made our lives complete
With your kind and loving ways


Blessed with a Wonderful Daughter by Janyce Cotterill

I've been blessed with a wonderful daughter,
Who has a kind and generous soul,
Who thinks of others before herself,
Making people happy is her goal,
But today is very special,
Dear daughter it's just for you,
So we're wishing you a wonderful birthday,
Because that's exactly what you're due.


DEAR DAUGHTER by Hilda Mullinger

Lilies, roses, forget me nots too
Are colourful flowers that remind me of you
As straight as a lily, as delicate as a rose
In your beautiful complexion your happiness shows


Happy Birthday by Patricia Butler

"Happy Birthday" means much more than
"Have a Happy Day"
Within these words lie lots of things
We never get to say.
It means we love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do,
It means you mean the world to us,
And that we're very proud of you


TO MY DAUGHTER by Hilda Mullinger

This card shows a bouquet of flowers
Their beauty reminds me of you
Of the day you were born
And the person you are
Of your beautiful character too


Wonderful daughter by Susan Smith

Youre such a wonderful daughter
and we send this card to say,
a very happy birthday dear
on this your special day.


Attached to your phone by Alison Rowlands

Happy birthday to our daughter dear
Whose behaviour is often quite queer?
She is never very alone
As she is surgically attached to her phone
So check it today for your birthday greetings too
And try not to drop it down the loo!
Happy Birthday Shannon
Hope your birthday is lots of fun!



We wish you all the love in the world dear daughter on your birthday.

Your smile lights up the room when you come home to visit us.

All our love on your special day.


by sandra Wales

Your Birthday is a time
for sending
wishes warm and true
these wishes I am sending
are especially for you
because you are
such a Special Daughter


Special daughter by sandra Wales

I am sending this card to
my Special Daughter
Just to let you know
you are loved so much
and thought about
every day.
Happy Birthday


Special Daughter by sandra Wales

You are my Special daughter
I have watched you grow
You have made me laugh
you have made me cry
but most of all
you have made me proud

Happy Birthday


Now you are 5 by Gillian Jenner

You,be been counting the days for
Your birthday to arrive
You,ve been waiting so long for
The day you turn 5
Well (name) we,d just like to say
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you on your
your special day


Birthday Wishes Daughter by Diane Vermeer

Daughters are special
More so on their Birthday
You my daughter grow sweeter by the day
The joy you give me is one of happiness
and knowing that you care
My daring daughter have a wonderful Birthday


A Note From Daddy by Janyce Cotterill

It seems like only yesterday,
I bounced you on my knee,
We'd go and feed the ducks some bread,
Those times meant so much to me,
We'd play simple games like hide and seek,
You'd disappear behind every tree,
Oh how those years so quickly passed,
For my little girl and me,
Now a young lady stands before my eyes,
So beautiful a vision to see,
But you will always be in my eyes,
The little girl I bounced on my knee.


Happy Birthday Wishes daughter by Diane Vermeer

Today is a Special Day as a
Specia Daughter is having a Birthday
We Hope You Have the Best Day Ever
And Get Lots of Presents and Spoiling
Have A Wonderful Day
Happy Birthday


Birthday wishes Daughter by Diane Vermeer

Thirty Seven years of pure Joy
Is how i feel about you
The Day you were born
A special Light came to me
You have a beautiful Spirit
And so easy to Love
Have a wonderful Birthday my Darling Daughter



Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter
Happy Birthday to my little girl
Happy Birthday, it makes me happy
To send love to my little girl


Happy Birthday Daughter by Diane Vermeer

Hope this wish will make you smile
As we let you know how loved you are
We are lucky to have a Daughter as
Nice as you
Have a wonderful Birthday Daughter and and enjoy every minute of your Special day


Happy Birthday Daughter by Diane Vermeer

Lucky we are to have a daughter as sweet as you
You give your love easily and
Animals are your Family
Have a wonderful Birthday Daughter
You Deserve It
Have a wonderful Birthday


To a very special daughter by sharon Evans

Happy Birthday Daughter are words I love to say.
Though we're a year older we grow closer every day.
That's why these birthday wishes are truly sent to say,
A Special happy, joyous day and many more that way.


Happy Birthday Daughter by Diane Vermeer

A Daughter and Step Daughter as nice as you deserves the very best
Today of all days is the one we like best
Have a very Wonderful and very
Happy Birthday


With Love on Your Birthday Daughter by Diane Vermeer

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday
Especially to a Daughter as nice as you
We will enjoy our time together
And have some wine to make
Your Birthday extra Special


Birthday Wishes for my Daughter by Diane Vermeer

A Daughter as sweet as you
Deserves to have a Great Birthday Too
So enjoy your special day
Happy Birthday Special One


Birthday Wishes Daughter by Diane Vermeer

A Daughter as sweet as you
Deserves a Birthday Wish
As Big as You
So here is that wish
Have a very Happy Day


Birthday Wishes for My Daughter by Diane Vermeer

Wishing you all the very best of Wishes
For your Birthday Daughter


Daughter it is your Birthday by Diane Vermeer

Delightful in every way
Always with a smile
Ugly not you, beautiful you are
Giggly all the time
Happy go lucky
Tall much taller than I
Everyone loves you
Ready for a great Birthday Party

Have a Very happy Birthday my darling Daughter


Happy Birthday Daughter by Diane Vermeer

A Sweet little wish
For a Daughter as sweet as you
Have a very Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday My Daughter by Diane Vermeer

A Daughters Love is so special
Especially the bond that grows
with every year
To see you grow from a tiny Babe, to a tantrum compelled 2 year old,
Teenage Years were interesting
The Woman and friend you are Now
Makers it all worth while so on this your Special Day, i want you to Know how proud you make me
Happy Birthday my Darling Daughter


Happy 40th Daughter. by Susan Powell-Barton

Thankyou daughter for our 40 years
Of happiness, suprises and sometimes, tears.
Your 40 years have been a delight and pleasure.
You have given us 40 years to treasure.
Happy 40th Birthday dear,we wish you all you have given us and more in your life.


To my darling Daughter on her Birthday by Diane Vermeer

I carried you for 9 months
I have watched you grow
through all the trials and tribulations
My love just Grows and Grows
So Happy Birthday my darling Grown up Daughter
i am so proud of you
Have a wonderful day
Your proud and Loving Mother


Happy Birthday by Diane Vermeer

First Baby for me
First Grandchild for both families
First Great Grandchild
How special you were and still are
Your Nana would tell everyone you face was the size of a teacup.
If she could see you now, she could see the inner and outer beauty you radiate.
My daughter I am so very proud of you
Have a very Happy Birthday


daughter by Tracey Richardson

my daughter
i look at you now
all grown up
so special so nice
your the apple
of my eye
i am so proud
watching what you do
knowing your my daughter
so i wish you the best
of birthdays yet
Happy Birthday


by Belinda Ellingham

To my beautiful daughter
To wish you good things today
Hope you have a wonderful birthday
In every single way



All Grown Up! by Janyce Cotterill

Music, make up, late nights is coming to be the norm,
My little girl is all grown up,
As she comes downstairs with a yawn,
She parties long, she parties hard,
She giggles all the while,
My little girl is all grown up,
But she sure does make me smile,
So wishing you on your birthday,
A day full of special things,
A day that you will remember,
For all the joy it brings.


daughter by Tracey Richardson


A daughter is an angel
sent from heaven above
to bless our family
with care and with love

My Darling (her name)
your the light in our life
your our angel
Your our daughter
so on your special day
we send you our love

Happy Birthday


Lipstick, Nail Varnish and Mascara! by Janyce Cotterill

Lipstick, nail varnish and mascara,
Will always be a part,
Of our darling, beautiful daughter,
Who we love with all our hearts,
But who cares about outward appearances,
What matters is what's in the heart,
And we know our special girl is someone set apart,
She's kind, loving and generous,
She deserves the very best,
So we hope this birthday is wonderful,
One of the very best!


To A Very Special Daughter by Mandy Russell

To A Very Special Daughter, Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday


Special Day by Janet Horne

Dear Daughter we could not forget
Today's your special day
So we are sending our Best Wishes
That it's perfect in every way.
We hope for you the pleasures you like
And the things you like to do
And today, because it's special
That all your wishes come true.
Have a day that's bright and gay
So full of memories to keep
And when it's done go off to bed
And have wonderful dreams in sleep.


Proud mum by Susan Smith

Im so proud to have you as a daughter,
and i love you more than words can say,
so i send this special card to you,
to wish you a very happy birthday.


Daughter Birthday by Diane Hannah

You are so special it's easy to see.
Daughter of mine, you are special to me.
On this day so long ago, oh you were so very small.
The years have passed and I want you to know,
you are still, my dearest of all.

Happy Birthday with love.


Loving & Proud - Daughter by Judith Flavel

We're sending loving thoughts your way
On this your very special day.
Those (insert number) years have fast flown by
As in the twinkling of an eye.
In you we have been blessed to see
a daughter who has grown to be
someone who has made us proud,
so we just want to say out loud,
with all our love and wishes too
Happy Birthday and good luck to you.


Special Daughter by Jennifer Swandells

With Love Daughter on your very special day

You are very special and that is how your day should be,
one that is filled with all the things that suit you perfectly,
so Daughter have a very happy day and remember when it is through,
the same warm thoughts and lots of love are always there with you.

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Daughter


To a very Special Daughter by Jennifer Swandells

Your birthday is a blessing because you mean so very much,
It is a chance to thank you for your very special touch.

It is the perfect time to tell you that now and all life through
There will never be a Daughter who is loved as much as you.

With Love and Kisses for a Wonderful Birthday


Happy birthday Daughter by Sally McIntyre

For our Daughter '
our wish for you today,
Is to have a happy birthday and enjoy your special day,
Birthdays come ,just once a year,
so celebrate with all that are near,
our thoughts are with you,
our wishes dear.
Happy Birthday


turning 50 daughter by Sally McIntyre

Fifty who would ever think
You dreaded being fifty,
it really isn't that bad,
nothing is really going to change,
You may wake up tomorrow,
with a few grey hairs or more,
but after that,your eyes will clear
into another day

Happy 50th Daughter


Happy birthday daughter 41 by Sally McIntyre

Happy birthday daughter
At 40 you turned the corner,
it seemed like such a big deal,
your birthday was a milestone,
and a mid life crisis was in order.
Now that you are 41
it is all just a memory
and every day one day forward.

Happy birthday
41 today


To my daughter who's turning one by Jan Barcelo

To my daughter who's turning one
when i look at you
i see the baby i frist held
i will always love you
no matter what you do


Birthday by Angela MacWillson

Only a perfect birthday will do
For a daughter
Whos as lovely as you
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest
To come through your way


non custodial dad to daughter 12 by Sally McIntyre

To my 12 year old daughter.
I know i can't always be there with you,
Circumstances prevent that through and through,
It doesn't mean I don't care an less,
It just means our life is such a mess.
I love you more each day we part,and want you to know,straight from my heart.
I love you with all my might,and want your birthday to be just right ,
Happy Birthday to my lovely daughter
All my love dad.


daughter 11 year old by Sally McIntyre

To Our 11 year old daughter
Your birthday is such a special day.
our wishes for you all year through,
We wish you good wishes, luck and fortune,and know your year will be full of fun.
We look forward to you being 12 next birthday

Love Mum and Dad


hello by Angela MacWillson

Start your day with a smile
And a cheery hello
You'll be amazed by the response
As people come and go!
Have a wonderful day


for you by Angela MacWillson

Tinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy bithday
Wishes to you!
Dear daughter


Special Girl by Angela Styles

This is for a special girl
Who spends her life in quite a whirl!
She likes to dance
She likes to sing
She likes to do most anything
She loves her friends
She likes to play
And this is why
we wish her a special day!


Daughter by Angela MacWillson

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Birthday To A Dear Daughter


Daughter by Angela MacWillson

You`re a very special Daughter
And this card comes to say
You`re a very lovely lady
Who is thought of every day
So these wishes that are sent
Are filled with happiness & love too.
Together with happy wishes
For today and you're whole life through


Our Special Daughter by Janice McFarlane

Our dearest daughter on this day
We wish wonderful things for you
For as you reach a milestone year
A few thoughts we know are true
You have been the most beautiful daughter
Any parents could ever wish for
Kind, considerate and loving
Generous, sensitive and more
You, our special daughter we look upon with pride
And we know the heart of gold you have
Brings out the beauty you have inside
So from us your Mum and Dad
We want to let you know
That the day you were born enhanced our lives
And forever we will love you so.


Happy Birthday by Angela MacWillson

To think of all the happiness
That you`ve treasured and known
Of all the warm and happy smiles
And thoughtfulness you've shown
So when you think of us dear daughter
And we know you often do
Just remember that we are all......
Always thinking of You.


the coming year by Nick Bowley

For such a lovely Daughter
who is held so very dear
this wish is for your Birthday
and for the coming year

To A lovely Daughter
Happy Birthday


Happy birthday to a special daughter by Sally McIntyre

Happy birthday to a special daughter,
you grow up every day,
we wish you all the happiness in the world,
and hope for a great year ahead


To Our Daughter by Margaret Jones

Cool and cute
Sweet and Sassy
Our little girl
Is oh, so classy

Happy Birthday to our Darling Daughter


To Our Daughter by Margaret Jones

A daughter is . . .
An angel wraped up in a grin
An imp wrapped up in a giggle
A tomboy wrapped up in a hug

Happy Birthday to our Darling Daughter


Birthday - Daughter by Tracy Priddle

Happy days are truely blessed for everyone , it's true!
But they are especially so because your bright and cheerful too.
Happy Birthday dear Daughter!


Birthday - Daughter by Tracy Priddle

Moments of pleasure
For you to treasure
You are so special
You are so dear
Remember dear daughter
We are here
Have a great day!
To our Beautiful Daughter!


To My Daughter by Margaret Jones

I love you for your sweetness,
Your gentleness and grace
I love the laughter in your eyes
The smile upon your face
I love you for your kindness
In everything you do
But more than all these other things
I love you 'cos you're you.

Happy Birthday, Daughter Dear.


To my Daughter by Margaret Jones

A daughter is . . .
a friend
a confidante
a secret sharer
and a loving carer
Thank you for being my daughter


To my Daughter by Margaret Jones

I'm so thankful that the Lord above
Sent me a daughter like you to love

Happy Birthday, dear Daughter


daughter in a million by Nick Bowley

Your a daughter in a million
and we think the world of you
your just so special in
everything you do
that's why were sending you a
card today
to wish you daughter
a happy birthday

To A Special Daughter


Princess by Janyce Cotterill

All glittery and pink,
All castles and crowns,
A birthday for a princess in her sparkling ball gown,
May you have a special birthday,
May you have lots of fun,
You're my special little daughter and your fun has begun!


happy birthday to our special daughter by Sally McIntyre

When you have a birthday as your parents we get to remember all your previous birthday's,and remember all your spills , falls and your achievments.
We love you
Happy Birthday
mum and Dad


Daughter you are Special by Janyce Cotterill

Our daughter you are special,
You've given us so much joy,
We've watch you grow from when you were small,
And now you're dating boys!
We feel so very proud of you,
You're hard working, honest and true,
So may this birthday be very special,
For no one deserves it more than you!


Daughter Dear by Jane Wells

Butterflies dance
And flowers bloom true
Which is why I am wishing
Happy Birthday to you!


Daughter's Attitude by Nick Bowley

It's my Birthday
time to celebrate
going out dancing
and staying out late!

Yes! .....No!
not to late
Happy Birthday


Happy birthday daughter by Sally McIntyre

A daughter is a special person
and your birthday is a special day
So here is hoping that your special day
is wonderful in every way
happy Birthday daughter


Special daughter by Julie McGregor

Daughters are so special
Especially one's like you!
That's why this card is
Sent to you with love

Have a wonderful


Special wishes by Wenona Elie

The sun is shining
it's a lovely day
sending special wishes
Happy birthday


Joy and Happiness by Margaret Tobin

May this birthday
be just wonderful
And may the year ahead in store
Bring every joy and happiness
And all you're hoping for


A Birthday Wish for My Daughter by Margaret Jones

D evoted
A mazing
U nderstanding
G racious
H elpful
T houghtful
E xceptional
R eliable

These words spell out a name, it's true
Of someone special, (name,) it's you!

Happy Birthday to my Beloved Daughter


Daughter by Susan Spencer (Quality Assurance)

We look at you and catch our breath
Your grow more beautiful each year
And ever since you were born
You´ve never caused a tear
You fulfil our dreams, make us proud
To us you stand out in a crowd
Everyday we thank the heaven above
You´re our miracle, and full of love

Happy Birthday


Little Jars of Powder! by Angela Styles

Little jars of powder
Little pots of paint
Make a cheeky little girl
Look like what she ain't!


Daughter is precious by Cindy Thompson

A daughter is precious
special and loving too,
Today is a magical time
and your wishes come true.
So blow out the candles
and close your eyes
it's time to make a wish
for that birthday surprise.
Happy Birthday
Dear Daughter


What a thought! by Rob Jackson

You're not getting
a year older...
You're getting
another year to shop!

Happy Birthday


Best of Everything by Rob Jackson

May your birthday
bring the best
of everything

Happy Birthday


Love you, Proud of you by Rob Jackson

My daughter (son)
I 'am so proud of you
You are such a joy
Such a beautiful person
The love I see in your eyes
is so moving and rewarding
And I hope you see and feel
The infinite Love I have for you
Whatever you do
Wherever you go
Always know I am here
in every way for you
I love you

Happy Birthday


My Beautiful Daughter by Rob Jackson

My Daughter
you are a beautiful person
with a full range of emotions,
ideas and goals.
I want you to know that
no matter what you do,
what you think,
or what you say
you can depend on
my support and love

Happy Birthday


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