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Card Verses in Birthday · Birthday Boy

Strum along on Your Birthday by Shelagh E Osborn Wright

Two guitars to strum upon
You know what to do...
Get the C.D. on!

Bring round a friend
There's a guitar to spare...
Switch on the music
the song's right there!

So strum "Happy Birthday"
along with the rest
I'm sure that this year
Will be one of the Best!

Happy Birthday!


birthday joy by rebecca watson

A very special birthday
For a very special boy
A day filled with laughter
A day filled with joy
Happy Birthday


THE SPACEMAN and ALIEN by Laura Nicholls

A spaceman and an alien
Are stood by their craft
The alien wants to sing
But he's a little bit daft

So we said it would be okay
To join us today
To wish our lovely Oscar
A thrilling birthday


A Prince Is Born by Belinda Ellingham

Prince George is born to Great Britain
A future King and third in line
History again has now been written
A beautiful baby that's so fine

Congratulations on your baby boy
Who's just as important and precious


Birthday Wishes by Susan Tither

Happy Birthday little boy

Sorry but there is no toy.

So instead i've lots of kisses

and a handful of birthday wishes.


great child by Julie McGregor

Wishing A wonderful Grandson!!!
A Birthday That's Better Than all
The Rest !!!

With Love!


Birthday Boy by Diane Vermeer

It's your Birthday today
Hip Hip Hooray
Have a Wonderful Day Birthday Boy


Birthday Boy by Diane Vermeer

It is a Joy to see
to see you grow into the Big
Boy you are
Your Birthday is a special day
For You the Birthday Boy


birthday boy by Tracey Richardson

Birthday Boy
today's your day
so i send this
special wish
just your way
Have A Happy Birthday


Pirate Party by Anna Jones

Come gather near !
This is something you?ll want to hear !
Celebrations are in order
the Captain does say!
C?os one of the crew
has a birthday today !
So all hands on deck,
set sail, here we go !
It?s party time

Have a great day !


Special boy by Susan Smith

You are such a special boy,
and special boys deserve,
a birthday that is full of joy,
and all the love on earth


Special Day by Susan Powell-Barton

What is it like to be a boy
On a very special day?
A boy whi is now ( ) years old. That is what I say.
Happy Birthday It's Great!


Nephew by Angela MacWillson

Because you're so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Birthday Nephew


Happy Day by Susan Powell-Barton

Its your Birthday, that's for sure.
A Happy Day with fun and joy.
I couldn't wish for any more
For my favourite little boy.


To our birthday boy by Sally McIntyre

To our birthday Boy
your birthday is near,
we wish you best wishes,
and hope to be near.
When you blow out your candles,
please think of us,
and open your present
we hope that you cheer
Happy Birthday
and best wishes


Yodas Birthday Wish by Lisa Griffiths

A Young Jedi You were...
A Birthday Today You Celebrate...

Happy Birthday Young Master.


Birthday BOY!! Enjoy your special day by ann cunningham

Hello there
Little Birthday Boy (or Girl)
It's time for having fun...
And you're so sweet,
Your 1st (age of child) birthday
should be
An extra-happy one!

Happy Birthday


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