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Card Verses in Anniversary · Anniversary Silver Wedding

Silver Wedding by Carol Cleworth

A perfect couple in so many ways
You've been Husband and Wife for 25 years
You were always meant to be together
Then, and now, and for the rest of your days.

Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary


25 Years by Laura Nicholls

You have been together for 25 years
In all that time there has been
laughter and tears
But you've both got through so you must be keen
To make it last
If you see what we mean

It only seems like yesterday
That you walked down the aisle
And you both 'I do' did say
How time does fly and what beautiful
Joys have those 2 words brought today

Have a lovely day


To My Darling Hubby by Joanna Swinton

Twenty-five years as one
With many years of love
We both could fit together
Like a hand inside a glove

I?ll never be without you
I loved you from the start
It was your patience, kindness
And love that stole my heart

Over time we grew together
We learnt a lot about life
It?s been great life with you
I?m glad I became your wife


Silver anniversary by Susan Smith

Todays a celebration
the silver years of life,
25years of love you've shared
since you became husband and wife



Twenty five years together
What a wonderful life
Congratulations and Best Wishes
To a lovely husband and wife


Happy 25th Anniversary by Diane Vermeer

Silver for you
Silver for two
Silver for 25 years
Silver for 25 years of Wedded Bliss
Silver wishes from me to you. on your
Silver Anniversary


Like Yesterday by Susan Tither

It only seems like yesterday we walked
on down the aisle.

Twenty five years of ups and downs
Highs and lows,
But the best times of my life.


Silver Wishes for You by Diane Vermeer

Happy Silver Anniversary
to you both
Enjoy the day and the next 25 years
To change from Silver to Gold,
Have a wonderful day


Side by side by Susan Smith

Youve walked side by side
for these past 25years,
sharing what life has thrown
through laughter and tears.


25 years of Love by Diane Vermeer

25 years of Love
25 years of Joy
25 years as Husband and Wife
25 years of Laughter and Tears
25 years since you said I Do
25 years more of Wedded Bliss we wish
For You
Happy 25th Anniversary


Twenty-Five Years by Belinda Ellingham

Twenty-Five years, has it been that long?
Obviously shows our marriage is strong
I wouldn't have wished for any better
This card is better than any letter

To have each other we've been lucky, I struck gold when I met you



Silver Wedding Anniversary by Mandy Russell

To Dearest darling Mum and Dad on your Silver Wedding Anniversary


25 years by Susan Smith

Happy 25th wedding anniversary
ive sent this card to say,
hope all the love and joy you share
last forever and a day.


All those years ago by Susan Smith

Who would of dreamt all those years
i could be this happy, when you came
you changed my world completely
you were my dream come true,
all because on this day, 25yrs ago
i fell in love with you.



To our Son and Daughter in law

Many congratulations and best wishes for your continued happiness.

With love.


Threads of Silver by Diane Vermeer

Threads of Silver in your Hair
Show the years of joy
Silver Anniversary Wishes to a
Wonderful Couple, as you celebrate Your 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary


You've Turned It Silver! by Janyce Cotterill

Let's celebrate your anniversary,
In a very special way,
For today you turn it silver,
Twenty Five years you've shared today,
Your love is even stronger,
Than when first your said, 'I do',
So we wish all kinds of happiness,
To a special couple like you.


Where Has The Time Gone by Belinda Ellingham

We met, fell in love, became an item
We had time together, got engaged
We married, had wonderful children

We've had twenty five years together
Can't believe it has been that long
It's all gone so very quickly
Where has all that time gone

Thank you for our time together



25 Anniversary Wishes by Diane Vermeer

You are two special people
Who have found the Silver Lining
25 Blissful years of Marriage
Have a Super Silver Anniversary and
Many more


Anniversary Silver by Diane Vermeer

Anniversary Silver
How great is that
Married for 25 years
What a Wonderful thing
In this day and Age
Hope you have another 25 years as
Good as the last 25
Happy Silver Anniversary


Happy Wedding Annisversary by Diane Vermeer

Silver today, twenty five years of Wedded Bliss
It is great to see how happy you both are after all this time
So enjoy today and the next 25 years
Have a very Happy Anniversary


Silver Wedding Bells by Diane Vermeer

We both got married on the same day
Over the years the friendship we all formed, has been cemented with all the "Sames" we have enjoyed, the birth of our first babies on the same day, living near each other, having the same ammount of children
And now a double Party to celebrate not only our Silver Wedding Anniversaries, bur the bond of Friendship between the four of us and our families
Have a Happy Day my Friends


Have a Happy 25th Anniversary by Diane Vermeer

Congratulations on this your 25th
Wedding Anniversary
Have a Wonderful Day and enjoy the next 25 Silver Years


Silver Wedding Wishes by Diane Vermeer

Silver, Silver, everywhere
Gifts galore we hope
You deserve the very best
On your 25th Wedding Anniversary
Enoy your Day and your Silver


Twenty Five Years of Wedded Bliss by Diane Vermeer

Congratulations on Twenty Five years of Marriage
We hope the next Twenty Five will be as Happy for you both
Love to you both


Happy 25th Anniversary by Jan Barcelo

Happy 25th Anniversary
we been though a lot my dear
but i would do it all again
and i love you more each year


Happy 25th Anniversary by Diane Vermeer

Congratulations to you both
Celebrating 25 Years together
May you have many more
Love to you both


The Good Witches! by Belinda Ellingham

Witch Bella, wearing a pointed black hat
On her broomstick in the night
Leaving at home her favourite pet cat
that give the mice such a fright

The full moon shines through the mist
Bella explores the ground below
Down she glides every turn and twist
She spots her sister Callow

With little patience they do not roam
Torn, worn clothes they're such a sight
Now both on the broom heading home
No evil they decide tonight

For the witching hour is almost done
The mist is starting to clear
Halloween over, folk had their fun
Now quiet, not a pin drop will you hear



Silver Sparkle 25th by Jane Wells

That magical number 25,
Is special to both of you.
It shows the love and commitment,
That sparkles loud and true.

We wish you a Happy Silver Anniversary!


Congratulations by Diane Vermeer

25 years together
25 years more
We hope your next 25 wil be as good
25 years a wonderul milestone
Have a very Happy Anniversary


25 years of Bliss by Diane Vermeer

25 years together!!!!!
Wow you hit the jackpot, being together and loving each other after all this time
We hope you have a wonderful day and may you still be as much in love on your 50th Anniversary
Congratulations to you both


Toeday we celebrate by Susan Smith

Todays the day we celebrate
with love, laughter and fun,
25 years ago we said, we do
and then our life began,
i'm so glad we married
and you became my wife,
i'm looking foward to the next 25
you by my side, always in my life.


Memories galore by Susan Smith

Cogratulations to you both
this card is sent to say,
we wish you all the very best
on this your silver anniversary,
25years now youve been married
with memories galore,
youve had your ups and downs in life
but memories you just store,
so we celebrate in style
this really special day,
youre truly perfect soul mates
you deserve the best in every way.


25yrs by Susan Smith

25yrs love came into your lifes
and then you became husband and wife,
youve both enjoyed your life and your love
walking arm in arm with your best friend in life.


Hand in Hand down Memory Lane by Janyce Cotterill

Hand in hand down memory lane,
We will walk with you today,
As you celebrate this Silver occasion,
And think back upon that day,
That day was such a joyous one,
The years they have been kind,
For a special love like you both have,
Is very hard to find.


A Special One for You! by Janyce Cotterill

It's your Silver Anniversary,
A special one for you,
How quickly time has flown,
Since you both said, 'I do',
The years may have changed many things,
But one thing's stayed steadfast and true,
The love you have for each other,
Will forever be entwined round you two.


25 years by Susan Smith

Twenty five years ago,
you walked up the aisle and were wed
and today we celebrate that day
that you became man and wife,


Simple Silver Wedding Anniversary Verse by Mandy Russell

Congratulations On Your Silver Wedding Anniversary


Wishing You a Very Happy Silver Anniversary by Mandy Russell

Sending our congratulations and the warmest wishes on your Silver Wedding Anniversary


Silver anniversary by Susan Smith

25years ago, you became man and wife,
and you share that love today,
with all your family and friends
on this your Silver Wedding Anniversary


25th Anniversary by Diane Hannah

Congratulations to both of you,
as you celebrate your 25th anniversary.
When you said I do,
You began a new life.
A life that combined two lives into one.
You started a new journey,
with hopes and dreams for the future.
You have shared love and have so many memories.
May you share many more years of happiness together.


25 wonderful years by Susan Smith

We have spent 25yrs together,
standing side by side,
and have so many memories
to look back, and smile with pride.

So i send this card to say
that youll always be deep in my heart
i love you so very much
each and everyday.


25 wonderful years by Susan Smith

We have spent 25yrs together,
standing side by side,
and have so many memories
to look back, and smile with pride.

So i send this card to say
that youll always be deep in my heart
i love you so very much
each and everyday.


Love and happiness (25yrs) by Nick Bowley

Wishing love and happiness
we're sending your way
a wonderful 25 Years
on your silver wedding day


Shout out loud by Margaret Swaby

Twenty five years together
You really should be proud
We send you special wishes
And we're shouting out aloud
"Happy Silver Anniversary to a very special couple".


25years by Susan Smith

We have had 25yrs of wedded bliss,
and have shared so many things,
Our life has been so wonderful,
with memories our marriage brings.

Happy 25th wedding anniversary


Silver Annniversary by Diane Hannah

Warmest wishes for a special silver anniversary.
You have been there for each other
every step of the way, twenty five years.
A life blessed with love and understanding.
May you have many more years together.
Enjoy a very special day.

Happy 25th anniversary


Anniversary wishes by Susan Smith

Happy Anniversary to you both,
for 25years of wedded bliss,
we hope on this your special day,
brings you plenty of love and happiness.


Happy 25th Anniversary by Jan Barcelo

Happy 25th Anniversary
we knew from the start
that everything wouldn't be easy
but we made it because of the love
in our heart


Hello by Angela MacWillson

Start your day with a smile
And a cheery hello
You'll be amazed by the response
As people come and go!
Have a wonderful day


for you by Angela MacWillson

Tinkey winkey
Blinkey boo
Happy silver anniversary
Wishes to you!


My Love by Angela MacWillson

I hope that we will never part
Ive loved you since we met
You have a place within my heart
My love you wont regret


Blessings by Angela MacWillson

You're more special to me
than a world of wealth
I couldnt be happy
with anyone else
Happy Silver Anniversary


Happy 25th Anniversary by Jan Barcelo

Happy 25th Anniversary
today as we walked down the street today
and you by my side
i never thought love could be so sweet


25 years ago we said i do by Jan Barcelo

25 years ago we said i do
and my love for you
gets deeper everyday
you make me so happy
and i am never blue


Happy 25th Anniversary by Jan Barcelo

Happy 25th Anniversary
you stole my heart
so long ago
and we will never part


Anniversary - silver - Wife by Tracy Priddle

She is not just for parties
She is for life
The girl that I love is my Wife
We've had 25 years and the things that I share
Is my heart, my love and my life
Happy Anniversary to my Wife!


Happy 25th anniversary to you by Jan Barcelo

Happy 25th anniversary to you
over the years we have made a lot of plans
and then we pray that they come true
but we are still here walking hand in hands


Happy 25th anniversary my love by Jan Barcelo

Happy 25th anniversary my love
i can't believe it's been 25 years
we've been though a lot
but i wouldn't change a thing
because you're my hero
that God sent to me from above


Silver Wishes by Angela MacWillson

Because you're both so special,
I hope your day holds in store.
Many happy hours that overflow,
With all you`re wishing for.
And hope the days that follow it,
Make up a year that brings,
Everything that you deserve,
Full of happy happenings.
Happy Silver Wedding Anniversary


Silver Wishes by Angela MacWillson

The seasons come and the years pass by
But love will always stay
And you two have the sweetest gift of all,
A Silver Wedding Day!


Your Silver Anniversary! by Janyce Cotterill

It's your Silver celebration,
Twenty Five special years,
Twenty Five years of sharing,
The laughter and the tears,
But hope no trears are shed today,
For it's a wonderful celebration for you,
For all the love you've shared together,
And all the dreams come true!


25 yrs by Susan Smith

We have been married 25years,
and have many more together,
on this day every year,
we celebrate, our love for each other.


25 Years by Angela MacWillson

25 years you have been wed
It'll never last was often said
Congrats to you both I want to say
And Happy Anniversary Day


On our Special Day by Linda Battrick

To wish you all the wishes
we had so long ago
To bring them up to date
Our hearts need only know
The dreams we shared
the hopes come true
i could never wish for one
as wonderful as you.


Silver wedding husband by Margaret Swaby

We've been together for twenty five years,
There's been lots of laughter and quite a few tears,
Through it all I'm proud to be your wife,
And you, my darling have become my life.
Happy silver anniversary


On a Day Like Today by Jan Barcelo

on a day like today
you took my breath away
when you walked down that aisle
to be my wife twenty five years to the day


anniversary silver husband by Sally McIntyre

Our love has never tarnished,our joy is always bright,I wish you happy anniversary my love ,to my special husband


Happy anniversary silver by Sally McIntyre

Our love has never tarnished,our joy is always bright,I wish you happy anniversary my love ,to my special wife


to my husband /wife by Heather Howes

Today's our Silver Wedding day
Reserved for just us two
those years brought so much happiness
and sorrowful moments too
Together we can ride the storm
Share our Joys and and when we're blue
You enrich my life each day i wake
and i will always love you.


On our Silver Anniversary by Margaret Jones

Twenty-five wonderful years
We have shared together
My love for you, Darling,
Will go on forever


On our Silver Anniversary by Margaret Jones

It may be our Silver Anniversary
But my love for you is pure gold


On our 25th Anniversary by Margaret Jones

After twenty-five years
Of married bliss
I still get a thrill
When you give me a kiss

Happy Anniversary to my Darling Wife


On our 25th Anniversary by Margaret Jones

Twenty-five years
Of married life
Guess we were meant to be
Husband and Wife


25 years ago by Tracy Priddle

25 years ago you said 'Yes'
25 years on and your still the best
With love to my wife
I love you for life
Your the best

All my love on our 25th Wedding Anniversary


Silver wedding by Wendy Harris

For two very special parents
Who are dear in every way
To wish them every happiness
On their Silver Wedding Day.

Happy Anniversary.


Silver wedding by Wendy Harris

Twenty-five treasured years of love,
Twenty-five years of caring,
Twenty-five years of happiness,
Companionship and sharing -
You've seen the realization
Of so many things you've planned,
Walking through these sliver years
Together hand in hand...

Happy Anniversary


Precious as silver by Jane Wells

We have seen your love flourish
Over the years
Bringing you laughter
And sometimes some tears.
But love holds you strong
And brings moments like this,
Only time can hold dear
In harmonial bliss.


Twenty Five Years by Janyce Cotterill

Twenty Five years have come and gone since you said, 'I do',
I hope the years that have just past have been kind to you,
And as you celebrate this silver occasion with friends both old and new,
I wish you all the very best in life will come to you.


Silver memories by Sarah Skinner

Twenty-five years have passed on by,
since you pledged yourselves together,
The day you made your wedding vows ,
to love each other forever.

The memories that you have shared so sweet,
Are never far away,
The laughter, the joy you two have seen,
Each and every day.

So let's raise a glass or two of wine,
to celebrate your anniversary,
To wish you all the best for life whatever comes your way.

Happy Silver Anniversary.


25 Years Husband by Joanna Swinton

Husbands are very special
You can tell them all apart
For there?s an individual one
Who has captured my heart

Today?s our Silver Anniversary
That?s special for us two
Twenty-five blissful years
Above all with loving you


s.i.l.v.e.r. by Sally McIntyre

S is for silver
I is for irresistable
L is for Loverly
V is for very special
E is for every ones friends
R. is for resplendent

To two beautiful people
Happy Silver wedding Anniversary


25 years by Diana Parton

For 25 years your world has been mine
With memories so many to share,
You knew every day ,that I was around
And I knew that you would be there

Happy anniversary (name) my love
May there be many more to come
we'll see every year as a gift to us both
Thank you for all you have done.


Silver Wedding by Sally McIntyre

When we wed
your eyes sparkled like a jewell,
your hair shone like the sun,
your smile lifted my heart,
now a quarter of a century later nothing has changed
Happy Anniversary
My Love


Twenty-fifth Anniversary by Margaret Jones

Our love shines even brighter
Than the silver ring
I give to you today.
Our love is more precious
Than any ring I could buy
From any jeweller
In the world.

Happy Silver Anniversary, Darling


Happy Silver Wedding my Love by ann cunningham

True love's the gift which God hath given, to man alone beneath the heaven.
The silver link, the silver tie, which heart to heart, and mind to mind,
in body and in soul can bind.


Lets Celebrate today by Rob Jackson

Because you're you...
...I'm celebrating today!

Happy Birthday


May love and happiness by Rob Jackson

May love
and happiness
be today's gifts
to you

Happy Birthday


Keep on shinning by Rob Jackson

You're love keeps on shining brightly
Through out the trials of life
You're a wonderful example-
Of a loving husband and wife
Happy Anniversary!
After many years
Pleasure is a golden hillside,
Passionate and still.
You're bedrooms and your hands are free,
After unshed tears;
Now much of life is tucked away,
No longer touched by will.
In your hearts a wilderness,
Vast and undisturbed,
Empty of all sentiments
Renews the moment's glory.
So may years of tenderness,
Also sung unheard,
Radiant beyond all sense
Yet tell love's ancient story.


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