Exploding Verse - Chocolate Lover's Prayer

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Carol Dunne
Carol Dunne

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Exploding Verse - Chocolate Lover's Prayer by Carol Dunne

Exploding Verse - Chocolate Lover's Prayer
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All the cuts on these cards are straight lines for those people who don't like fiddly cutting. This one has lots of lovely chocolatey things on the front which is an easy to make, just stick the layers on top of each other using sticky foam pads.

The pop-out verse reads;- A chocolate lover's prayer.God grant me the serenity to accept the things I should eat. The courage to avoid the things I should not eat and the wisdom to know that a little chocolate makes it all go down better.

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Jane Halton
Jane Halton

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Card Gallery - Exploding verse - Chocolate lover's prayer
I printed the design on to good quality smooth card stock and paper as instructed and cut the pieces out. The inside was very easy to construct. I then layered the front up wth DST and foam pads and mounted it on to a white card. A very unusual card which looks great.

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